Video: Suburban Dad vs. Chief Mom

Chief Mom vs. Suburban Dad

KickingTires collides with Mother Proof at the Chicago Auto Show, as Chief Mom Kristin Varela takes on Suburban Dad Patrick Olsen in a test of wits, cunning and parenting skill. The contest pits the two parenting heavyweights in an epic race to quickly and safely load a Hyundai Veracruz with a kid and a day’s worth of shopping. Sure, Kristin’s children are closer to the “loading” age, but Patrick has years of seniority and experience on her. Who takes the top prize in this battle of Goliath vs. Goliath? Check out today’s video to find out.



Suburban Dad lost because his motion was restrained by his own weight.


suburban dad is still GREAT with car REVIEWS!!!

Kristin from mother proof is an IDOIT...

she quotes in her review "my friends call me the gadget queen... i know how to use and fix their technology problem"

SHE COMPLAINS about the Honda Navigation systems saying that its too complicated!!!!!!!!!!

its one of the easy navigation to use..

she said that the REGULAR 2005 honda accord navigation is a GREAT NAVIGATION

while the 2005 honda accord hybird navigation is HARDD

what the heck??? the are both exactly the same

lol!!! I go for the chief mom! gogogo . . .

Hi Matt,

Kristin Varela, our Chief Mother, didn't write either of those reviews. Actually, Emily Hansen is our resident gadget queen. Emily wrote the review of the 2007 Accord, praising the navigation system. The 2005 Accord Hybrid review was written by Alicia Collins. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Sara Lacey

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