UK Takes on Carless Community Planning


We recently wrote about how more compact community development could cut down on the number of cars on the road. More tightly organized neighborhoods lead to less driving, which in turn leads to less traffic, fewer accidents and lowered carbon dioxide emissions. Now the British government plans to take this principle to new heights.

As Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his government plan the construction of “eco-towns” across the English countryside, they plan to make at least one of these hamlets a completely car-free zone. The town will serve as a prototype, and if all goes well, others may soon pop up.

Basically, residents of the 10,000-home development will have to either walk or use public transportation to get around. Those who own cars will have to keep them in designated parking areas on the outskirts of the village.

A carless community of this size raises some questions: What about the handicapped, invalids or others with mobility issues? What happens in the event of an emergency? And if you can’t call it a one-stoplight town, how are surly teenagers — angry that their parents moved them to a town where they’ll never get a driver’s license — supposed to complain about it?

Let us know what you think. Could you adjust to living in a town that banned cars?

Cars Set to Be Banned From Entire Towns in Environmental Crackdown (The Mirror)

By Stephen Markley | February 15, 2008 | Comments (7)
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Another typical government "idea". Totally useless as all this would do is reduce the amount of countryside left in a country that is seriously beginning to run out of. The only way to do what he is suggsting is to utilise the existing towns and villages, which could be made car free quite easily, but only by providing a greatly enhanced public transport system, especially buses. However in order to that they would have to run them at a loss for the first decade and actually make people use them as opposed to making it optional. As for angy teenagers, who cares, they're always going to be angry so give them something to be angry about :-)

Mike P

I love cars, but I just hate the way American cities are built. I dont want to drive my car all the time, but here in Arkansas I have to.

Man, you get sick and tired of driving everyday all day. We have no sidewalks and no public transportation. People never really leave there cars, we are completely isolating ourselves behind the wheel. I wonder when walmart will introduce the world's first super center drive thru.

This British example sounds horrible boorning, but the idea of making cities more compact is great. We need to stop this urban sprawl that clogs our highways so we can enjoy driving and socialize more.


*starts figuring out how to build a drive though Walmart*

I prefer older US cities. The kind that were based around a rail hub or river front. As the well to do move out to the suburbs these cites have been abandoned to crime, neglect and poverty. But frankly I think the time has come to start investing in these spaces.


Quick comment... your displayed Union Jack flag is upside down and as such is a sign of distress, or maybe you meant it to be as a comment on Gordon Brown's idea.

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What I can say is they have to think twice about this because it will creat a big impact on the residents' lifestyle.- spiritual gifts>

Excellent idea I would like to live in such "eco-town" but probably it is impossible to achieve.

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