Recall Alert: 2009 Nissan Murano, 2008 Infiniti EX35

2009 Nissan Murano, 2008 Infiniti EX35

Two major new products from Nissan are being recalled due to a software glitch that could cause passenger airbags to fail during a crash.

The recall affects 11,511 2009 Nissan Muranos, which went on sale just this month, and 4,854 2008 Infiniti EX35s, which went on sale in late 2007. Nissan will reprogram the software to fix the problem; it should be an easy fix to a potentially dangerous problem.

First-year models often have growing pains with problems like this, but sometimes news of a recall can sway potential buyers of a new model.

Owners can contact Infiniti at 1-800-662-6200 and Nissan at 1-800-647-7261 for more information.

Nissan Recalls Murano, Infiniti SUVs for Airbag (Bloomberg)

By David Thomas | February 20, 2008 | Comments (13)



Wow, that's pretty fast for a brand new model, and it might hurt Murano and EX 35's sales...

BTW, the number of those recalled models are the ones that they sold already?

Recently, there was discussion about cars and quality and we recomended some model to somebody. Then some other person came in and said, "what about Nissan? They guarantee a good quality..."
For which I say that the only thing Nissan guarantee is bunch of recalls for your car.
So, nothing new. Earth is spinning, Moon goes around, Nissan has another recall. All is well.

Juan Carlos

i think consumer reports has nissan/infiniti as one of the worse when it comes to realibility.


Well, at least they found out now rather than 2 years later.

they just change the name or totally fix the problem . . . air bags are really important!


Actually consumer reports typically rates Infiniti reliability much higher than Nissan.


Had a 2001 Altima for 5 years and only replaced a faulty window motor. That seems pretty reliable to me. The car drove like it was new until we traded it in. Talk about reliability issues...Look at Toyota right now. The 4cyl camrys are terrible. Oil sludge and Trans issues.


Had a 2001 Altima for 5 years and only replaced a faulty window motor. That seems pretty reliable to me. The car drove like it was new until we traded it in. Talk about reliability issues...Look at Toyota right now. The 4cyl camrys are terrible. Oil sludge and Trans issues.


Once Nissan brings out a new model, you guys always have to condemn it. No one sees that the Toyota Prius and Camry have real issues. The brand new 2008 Toyota Prius stalls in the middle of the road and it isn't the first one. There have been many Piuses that have this electrical problem which disables its safety features and no one has issued a recall. No one had issued a recall on the Toyota Camry for having wheels that fall off and you lose control of steering. no one issued a recall on the VW Jetta for the sunroof motor and power window motor being faulty and oil leaking at low mileage and new model year. So SHAME on YOU!!

You hide the truth about TOYOTA!! You just love to state how bad others are. Toyota has faulty and defective vehicles that no one issues in the media because it is your beloved Toyota which copies other products so much!! SO SHAME ON YOU!!


What did people do when there were no air bags? What did people do when there was only the driver’s side airbag? There is a switch for you to turn off the air bag manually, and then you forget and then you blame the auto manufacturer.

So why don’t you stop criticizing vehicles. Everyone has the right to choose what vehicle they’ll drive. If someone wants to buy a certain vehicle, they don’t care about what someone says; that the vehicle has air bag problems, doesn’t steer very well, or other BS that’s made up to create propaganda against a certain vehicle brand. There are many cars out there on the road that have other problems that no one has issued a recall on, such as the fuel-filler release being broke, or the timing belt screeches at low mileage.

Since you expect vehicles made by certain brands to be perfect, while vehicles made by other brands that you love can have as many recalls as it can and you don’t condemn, then why don’t you start posting comments in the Porsche Cayenne recall. Porsches have serious engine problems. Their engines malfunction at 50,000 miles and BMW’s smoke oil and need new engines at low mileages. Volkswagens leak motor oil at low mileage when they’re brand new.

The Toyota Yaris doesn’t have 6-standard airbags and no one says anything about that; how “airbags are very important”. Oh yeah, it’s your beloved Toyota. I see how it is. It ain’t Nissan, so it really doesn’t matter. “We’ll let it slide, its our beloved Toyota” that’s what you certain-brand bashing people think in your evil little brains. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

By the way, the Chevy Aveo & Kia Rio is the same thing, except re-badged. People still buy them, despite their low-quality and medicore safety features and designs. Bad braking and steering as well.

Now that you’re bashing Nissan in order to decrease the number of customers, SHAME ON YOU!!! Don’t have them blinders on when there are Toyota/Lexus/Scion recalls. You just make fun of Nissan on how Nissan guarantees recalls on vehicles–that’s what Toyota guarantees for all of their vehicles. Stop blaming your own problems on other automakers!! Reason things out for yourselves.

“Ooh airbags are very important ooh airbags”-(sarcasm)
If airbags are very important like you write they are, then why don’t you complain about all these vehicles that don’t offer safety for everyone and that don’t even have a passenger-side airbag?? (high-performance sports cars and specialty vehicles excluded)

The Murano nissan airbags are very expensive as I've had two sets deploy. I bought the airbags used from

Nissan _08

I am not sure 2002 Nissans but surely 2008 does have problem.. I own Nissan 08 and it does have vibrations which Nissan informs me is normal ... 08 car with vibration is Normal ? I am not happy with ride quality of the car , i never could test at high speed at dealer place but i guess i should have done it. Multiple visits to Dealer and Calls to Nissan consumer affairs have not helped.
And ya their dealer and Consumer affairs sucks.. they write down your complain everytime you call them and do nothing .. glad they dont call it helpdesk cause they provide not much help.

Thanks this is really something very interesting.

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