Hyundai Genesis Goes Naked on the Grille


The wait is over: The new Hyundai Genesis will debut in the U.S. without the Flying H company logo on the grille.

You may remember that back at the Detroit auto show Hyundai asked journalists and consumers visiting the show to offer up their two cents on which grille they should use. Our choice? We argued that Hyundai has no reason to be ashamed of its logo, not with all the vast improvements it's made to its cars over the past decade, but that the logo-free grille was an instant classic that would serve the Genesis well.

Then Hyundai muddied the waters even more by running Super Bowl ads with a third version, from the Korean model.

Well, Hyundai seems to have embraced our point of view, though it tells us it was a point of view shared with a good many people. The automaker announced this afternoon here at the Chicago Auto Show that the logo-less grille will adorn the Genesis, a model we think has a lot of potential for Hyundai.

By Patrick Olsen | February 6, 2008 | Comments (5)



Isn't the Korean version jus tthe one with the Dynamic Laser cruise control on it? I thought the U.S. version would have that for option as well?


I still don't really like this car's styling. Too many other cars' styling themes cribbed into one car (Lexus, BMW, Infiniti, and even a little older Mercedes). It makes for a design that's not very cohesive and definitely not original.

I do find it funny that the same people that threw fits about the G8 and it's politically incorrect V8 are gushing over this car.

The sedan model is the first of a potential series of Genesis vehicles from Hyundai. The company has already confirmed plans for a coupe, and there are rumors of other variants, too

Marvin McConoughey

I'm seriously interested in buying the Genesis and will decide after I see and sit in the car. Mercedes, Cadillac, etc., may not know it, but I don't buy cars to impress my neighbors, display my wealth (or credit rating). I don't care about brand names.

What I want is reliability, quiet, comfort, a very smooth and nearly silent engine, and safety. My present experience with my now-four year old car made in Korea has been highly favorable. Fuel economy is not critical but should be respectable considering car weight and power.

I've recently looked at V8 Cadillacs and was disappointed both by the car and by the salesperson's apparent lack of technical knowledge of their product line.

So, Hyundai, you have not sold me a Genesis yet, but I am listening.


What kind of car do you currently have, Mr. Marvin?

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