GPS and Breathalyzer All in One


We don’t need to tell anyone that drinking and driving is not a good idea. A Portuguese GPS company’s latest handheld navigation unit not only tells you how to get where you’re going, it also tells you if you should even get behind the wheel; one of the settings is a breathalyzer.

You simply blow into a small sensor on the side of the unit and it tells you your blood alcohol level. The price overseas is 200 Euros, but because the company only sells its products in Portugal, it’s unlikely this one will come to the U.S. However, it seems like a good idea for domestic GPS companies. Keep reading to see a video of the unit in action — in English even.

NDrive's G400 PND Knows When You're One Sip Over The Line (Engadget)

By David Thomas | February 21, 2008 | Comments (0)


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