2008 Geneva Motor Show: New Ford Fiesta Heading to America

Ford Fiesta

  • Competes with: Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Accent
  • Looks like: A futuristic minicar
  • Drivetrain: 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine (1.4- and 1.6-liter turbo-diesel engines for world markets) with five-speed manual or four-speed automatic
  • Hits dealerships: 2008 for Europe, 2010 for North America

If you think the all-new Ford Fiesta looks like the Verve concepts we’ve been seeing over the past year at various auto shows, you’re right. This production car takes those concept car cues and turns them into reality. Don’t take our word for it, just check out the interior, which closely resembles the concept car.

Ford says this is the first car that will truly be a global performer, going on sale in Europe, Asia and North America. Yes, Ford will start producing the Fiesta — it will not be called Verve anywhere it’s sold — in North America for sale in the U.S. in 2010. Ford officials confirmed that with Cars.com today.

Engine choices in Europe will include two small, efficient diesel power plants and two gasoline engines. We expect the largest of the two gasoline engines to make it to the U.S. — a 1.6-liter four-cylinder producing roughly 115 hp.

The Fiesta’s crazy center console has an auxiliary jack, USB port and a 12-volt outlet. Bluetooth will also be available. Since the new Sync system isn’t offered in Europe, it’s not included in this release. Again, though, we’d expect it to be an available upgrade in a U.S. Fiesta.

Other features include a tilt/telescoping steering wheel, ambient lighting and Ford’s new capless fuel intake. Ford hasn’t released full specs — like official dimensions — but says it retains the same footprint as the current Fiesta. We could also see a sedan version in the future. Our only complaint is that we have to wait two more years for it. More photos below.

By David Thomas | February 14, 2008 | Comments (26)



Wow - it looks great! Just like the concept in fact. Colour me impressed. Fiesta's have always been fun to drive (well, since the mid-90s anyway - i had one for a few years) and hopefully this'll carry on the good work Ford of Europe have been doing on that front too.

It'll certainly boost the small car market over here...

Jean-Marc Azarfar

First bloody ford I ever imagined I would even think to drive. "Crazy" control console? You mean a nice looking one that isn't cluttered or made had to be made unimaginative for the american fodder?

Fiesta was fun to drive?????
At least this one doesn't have corporate radio setup


Finally a concept interior makes it to production! (at least in Europe)

My only two problems; 1.) We have to wait 2 years as Ford tries to move the last of the Foci 2.) ANOTHER car named with an "F"

It gets old people

Mike B.

This is the first Ford that I would seriously consider purchasing. Way to go, guys! (And if you can bring it sooner, please do so. =)

Per Olaf

The Fiesta has been one of the best cars in Europe during the last 30 years, good prices, good reliability and good prices with awesome fuel economy.

I used to drive the older model when I was living in Europe, and I loved it. Good work.

By the way, the Fiesta is way better than the Accent or the Yaris, it is not a basic econobox.


Nice, but the taillights aren't as kewl as concepts. They should use the "Verve" name for North America, "Fiesta" is very old school sounding...IMHO

Hmmm, the exterior seems like a clear winner in the states. I'm really not a fan of the interior, its too much like a space ship. If Ford offered the turbo diesel in the U.S., I would actually consider this one. Imagine the fuel economy! Unfortunately while other manufacturers are ramping up diesel offerings in the U.S., Ford will once again be left behind.

I like Ford; they produce the only full size trucks I would consider and I have a Ford powerplant in my 6. But I don't particularly care for the Fiesta name, the interior or the fact that Ford is always behind the curve.


Ford should have been planning to bring this car here a few years ago. Would be a nice competitor to the Civic and Astra. Looks like a good step in the right direction...


Wow, this car couldn't possibly be a Ford for it actually has style and good looks. Based on the other comments here it's understandable why no one buys Fords, they only rent or lease them.


Jay, this is MUCH smaller than a Civic or Astra. This is a Yaris and Fit competitor. Sure, it ;ooks long and lithe in pics, but I think we'll all be surprised how small it is when it finally gets here


Amazing how Ford always finds a way to fall short. The name Fiesta is simply bad.

Strange how the Fiesta name sounds so bad to Americans. In Europe and other parts of the world, the Fiesta name represents reliability, efficiency, and a fun-to-drive package. However, the Fiesta nameplate has been continually sold in those countries and has become a much prettier car over the years. In America, the last Fiesta sold was also an European import, but that was way back in 1981. Americans may also confuse this with the Festiva, a small Mazda-sourced econocar from the 80's and 90's. Although reliable and rugged, this car was badly suited to American tastes at the time being tiny and underpowered. I don't blame Ford for keeping the Fiesta name, but I hope Americans will warm up to it like in other countries.


Two years is along time wonder if they will keep their pledge. If gas continues to go up which everyone assures us it will, this is a no brainer. How about a real compact suv now?


I like how North America is starting to get the nice cars like the rest of the world.
Like the Pontiac G8 and 2010 Chevy Caprice(or Impala SS) in fact I have a 2008 Chevrolet Caprice its a nice car. When I went to the US(with my father) we had a chevy imapala and it wasn't as nice as here in Saudi Arabia. So back to the fiesta...
I rented this car as a 2007 and it was better than I expected. Im sure the 08 is better.


yay for a cool looking hatchback/economy car from Ford.


Finally the world car Fiesta, huh? When will we get the Mondeo?



I have had 5 previous models of the fiesta and loved them all! Every new model is better in every way! My one question was how will ford make a brill car even better... here you have it!

Can't wait for the new ST (Sports Technologies), The current model is the most fun i have ever had in a car! ;-)



I know the Ford Contour even without looking into the link. But I meant the new one, not the old lackluster one.


Good move on this one. Ford is smart to bring this stateside. The Focus has reached it's end and this will be a great replacement. A new design direction inside and out is sorely needed and this will fit nicely into the changing American market.

Regarding the name, I hope Ford goes with Verve. The need to name all of there models, except the Mustang, with an "F" is unimaginative, derivative and honestly takes away from the idea of a new direction or vision. Fiesta is a poor choice. The upcoming Flex will be hampered by it's name as well. The Taurus was actually better off with Five Hundred however. The name wasn't the problem. Taurus X is a ridiculous name for the Freestyle (which is also ridiculous). I think the only company that does a poorer job naming their vehicles is VW.


Love the car, but hate the name. Please call it a Verve.


Beautiful. Here in america im ready to buy one anyday.

But i think they should call it "festiva" like the ones from early 90's

paul richarson

i hate it it looks ugly
it makes me think of a really old person driving a nissan micra the present shape is over poweringly better, sportier,sleeker and certainly a better looking car

by the way fiesta is a wicked name and all americans should stfu.

Finally I can retire my old 89 Mercury Tracer. I have resisted getting a Focus as they only get up to 36mpg. My Tracer A Mazda 323 clone and cousin to the Fiesta's of old has hit 42 at times. I commute 100 miles a day and now have 370,000 miles on this car. Never had any engine work done other than timing belts and it uses barely a quart every 1k. I have heard similar stories from my Fiesta friends and have seen many of these cars restored and brought back as they are so fuel efficient. Hopefully the new model will be here before I go over 400K.

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