Indian Company Bringing Diesel Hybrid Pickup to U.S.


Mahindra, an Indian automaker, is planning a U.S. invasion in 2009 led by a diesel-powered midsize pickup about the size of a Toyota Tacoma. The company is already planning a dealer network of roughly 300 by 2010, with a few dozen stand-alone stores to sell the truck. It’ll also be made in the U.S., possibly at a plant in Ohio.

After the diesel goes on sale in 2009, a hybrid version will go on sale in 2010. The regular diesel will get an estimated 30-35 mpg with a 2,600-pound payload and 7.5-foot bed.

The truck won’t be “Chinese junk,” according to an executive close to the deal. It will have an interior designed for American tastes and a price tag starting around $22,000.

We’re not sure if there’s a giant consumer market for such a truck, or even for a hybrid version, but small-business owners might be more than enough of a segment for Mahindra to prosper in the U.S.

Mahindra Promises Diesel Hybrid Pickup by 2010 (

By David Thomas | February 11, 2008 | Comments (20)



Bring it on! A lot of folks will opt for this diesel with stated economical mpg. If it's a mid-size, tough, dependable hard working light p/u, it will sell. Too bad Ford cannot see the light and make a Ranger with a 4 cylinder turbo diesel.


Ford? None of the big makers here are looking in this direction. Welcome to America, Mahindra!


The proportions look a bit odd, but it's hard to tell from the picture. Is the greenhouse a little tall?

Also, why not add 6 inches onto the bed and increase its usefulness tremendously?


I agree Ford should do this for the Ranger like in all the other countrys it's sold in. I think this truck will do well if they live up to what they are talking about. I also think this truck will be popular with off road people do to having a diesel engine.

Troy in Ft Walton Beach

Remeber when the Japanese brought the Civic over during the gas crunch? Look what happened....

The Big 3 are "possibly" looking to be left behind again.

Per Olaf

I believed that the first Civics were not very impressive, rust and things like that, and it took a while to sell them until the eighties.

Anyway, diesel is the best idea for these pick ups.

Troy in Ft Walton Beach

Per Olaf,

You're right on with the diesel. My point on the Civic is that helped transform autos from gas hogs to fuel misers. Rusty and unimpressive or not, it left the Big 3 behind and pretty much still does in it's current form.

Amuro Ray

Funny thg here is that small, compact, PUT are VERY common in Japan and in Asia (including India). At the moment, both Koreans & especially Japanese manufacturers have tons of different models on CPUT. Don't blame them for NOT importing here though...we complain 'bou the "small" size continuously and buy nothing but BIG trucks all these years...

yup! I hope its cheap!


Curry is a renewable resource.

Tom Jones

Mcdonalds can only be eaten a certain amount of times before it kills you. I much rather buy a car from India than from most countries. They are a democracy and we need them agaist China's growing threat.

The other Dan

What surprised me was it being built here in the states!?
With their low cost labor over there why build it here? Are the import duties that high? Those folks over there average about (not 'bou Ray) $10/day.

The other Dan,
Yes there is a large tariff sometimes called the Chicken Tax that makes it more affordable to build here. It's like 25%


What do they mean by "Chinese junk"?!


This truck is the very thing I've been dreaming about, maybe I won't need to mate a mercedes 300d motor to an S-10 pickup after all! I hope that they offer just the diesel and to hell with the hybrid. The repairs of all the fancy electronics will eat up the savings.


This truck is the very thing I've been dreaming about, maybe I won't need to mate a mercedes 300d motor to an S-10 pickup after all! I hope that they offer just the diesel and to hell with the hybrid. The repairs of all the fancy electronics will eat up the savings.


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Thanks this is really great info.

Hybrid vehicles end up costing to much to run in the long run. Diesel engines are now alot quiter and give even better fuel economy of a hybrid with lower running costs and longer engine life. Unless battery technology advances alot then hybrid wont make a very big impact on the current car market.

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