Through Ian's Lens: 2008 NAIAS Highlights


The North American International Auto Show in Detroit is gigantic. When I say gigantic, I truly mean GIGANTIC in terms of the number of new cars on the floor. It took me close to three days to see everything I wanted to see, and if I had stayed another day I probably would have found even more to look at. Here is a “Best of the Best” gallery I’ve put together from those three days of stomping around Detroit and the Cobo Center. Next year I’m bringing my Segway. A full set of photos is below.

By Ian Merritt | January 26, 2008 | Comments (7)


Amazing, as always Ian!


*hums music to 2001*


I've seen all of the vehicles in the show as well. The pictures' quality are awesome just like looking at the real thing.
But I don't seem to recall seeing that green jeep-looking vehicle anywhere on the showfloor. Plus, it seems like I have totally missed the existence of Ferrari as well.
BTW, how did the picture from inside the SLR taken?

The layout of the Auto Show during the press days is different than the layout for the public so the Ferrari may have moved around a bit. The old Jeep looking truck is an antique Land Rover either Series I (1948-58) or Series II (1958-61). It was up on the stage when the Land Rover LRX Concept was rolled out. As for the Mercedes Benz McClaren SLR, I just asked politely.


That is possible (The SLR) is due to the fact that you are an auto journalist. And it will never happen on the public show. :)


Gorgeous, Ian! I love the SLR pics... and that shot of the ferrari makes it look like a toy car in one of those clear boxes... LOVE IT! R8... could be a poster in the 10 year old me's room! The Mitsubishi ones or hilarious... but the best, I must say, is the one of the Lamborghini girls checking you out!


Absolutely loving that gold Alfa/BMW ripoff Mitsubishi!

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