2008 Detroit Auto Show: Mitsubishi Concept-RA


  • Looks like: It doesn’t know which way it's going
  • Defining characteristics: Porsche buttocks
  • Ridiculous features: Another concept with scissor doors — what year is it, 1989?
  • Chance of being mass-produced: 50/50; this could be a hint at the next Eclipse

Mitsubishi is using the Concept-RA to show off an intriguing engine. Yes, we also find it odd that it would go so over-the-top on the RA’s design if it just wanted to show off a potential new engine. It could’ve just thrown it under the hood of a regular Eclipse and been done, but no. The Concept-RA’s engine — under Plexiglas, no less — is a four-cylinder turbo-diesel with a ludicrous amount of torque — 301 pounds-feet, to be exact, to match 201 hp. There’s also all-wheel drive to add even more of a performance benefit. Fans have long begged for an all-wheel-drive Eclipse. Perhaps that will happen … eventually.

The turbo-diesel would get better mileage than a gasoline equivalent tuned for so much performance, and Mitsubishi uses a new catalytic converter system to make the engine 50-state compatible.

Forget scissor doors — just drop that baby into a Lancer and give us a call. More photos below.



I like this design with one exception (the same issue I have with the current Eclipse) the back end is too long. If it was any longer and I could remove the trunk lid and would have an El Camino.


It might be the 3000GT's revival instead of the next Eclipse.


Didn't they have a simmilar concept with an engine in the front AND the back?

Looks DAMN SEXY though. Eclipse replacement? Sure. Looks better than the plump one they sell now.

But what would REALLY be hot would be a mid-engine. Then maybe Jason wouldn't mind that long rear end. And maybe it wouldn't handle like a below average familly sedan.


I love this new version of the Eclipse Best thing since the 2nd Gen. Odd with a Dieasel engin. But interesting how it would run and sound. My Only concern with this car is that will it come with a Manual Transmission? Aint no Sports car without that. My Main question of all the cost and when it comes out to the public?

Car Fanatic


AWD and CVT transmission

= Winner

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