2008 Detroit Auto Show: Lincoln MKT Concept


  • Looks like: Lincoln actually has a design direction
  • Defining characteristics: Nothing says show-car like a wild grille, and this one’s wild
  • Ridiculous features: Four airplane-like seats
  • Chance of being mass-produced: Very, very good. It won’t be this luxurious, but expect the MKT to go on sale by the end of the decade

The Lincoln MKT is the next generation of crossovers for the Lincoln brand. While Lincoln may not be setting the world on fire, it does sell well with SUVs and crossovers. The Navigator continues to be a strong seller, no matter how high gas prices get, and the new MKX has done sold briskly as well.

The MKT looks to be a car-based crossover that’s larger than the MKX and smaller than Navigator. The concept has four seats, captains chairs like the kind that you'd find in the first-class cabin of an airplane. We expect those to be sacrificed for a third row of seats if the MKT goes into production.

This concept also shows off Ford’s new EcoBoost turbo engines. A V-6 version in the MKT puts out V-8 power, 415 hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torque. That type of power will come with less pain at the pump, Ford claims. We like that this concept has an actual engine planned for it, but we really like the looks. Check out the photos below and let us know if the MKT is worth adding another SUV to the Lincoln lineup.



Can this seriously be called a Crossover? It just looks like a large hatchback/station wagon car to me. There are no SUV styling clues at all, which I thought was a defining characteristic of Crossovers?


Its too bad Ford can push out a new Jaguar and sell the brand at the same time but won't give Lincoln the in-house dollars to build this and the MKR concept right now. These would be excellent alternatives to the luxury class. While they are saying this new "V-6" will be turbo charged with 400 hp, some buyers will skip it without a V-8 at least as an option (see Acura RL sales). Gotta have it to be a real player in the luxury market and they should know this. Also, the fact that this vehicle is 2 years away, this will gurantee it will have the same effect the MKS has right now (ho-hum).

How would the MKS have any effect, its not out yet.

I think the RL isn't a sales success because it is invisible. It is nice looking, but so are all the other cars it competes with, plus everything (except AWD) can be had in a TL for a lot less money. Hopefully these extra months are being used to truly differentiate the MKT from the Flex. From the looks of it, they are only going to be platform mates (like highlander, RX) instead of corporate twins (like fusion, milan), which hopefully rings true when it debuts.


Aussie Boy

This looks really great its a shame they dont sell lincolns in Australia, and the fleet sedan from Ford Australia (Fairlane/LTD, see link below) has recently been dropped



I don't get it is this off the 500/Taurus platform? It looks good for a Wagon/Sedan. Don't really care if it's a crossover.

Don't know why this isn't ready for production next year either. And is this another sign of the impending demise of Mercury? (Sable Wagon or Moutaineer replacement?)

And the Interior looks funky and space age like a concept should, but those pics were snapped at an odd angle, and the dash is barely shown. What gives?

Bob Wilkins

I like the windshield. A good idea. Pderhaps the a windshield like this one could be added to the Verve. Or perhaps accross the line.

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