2008 Detroit Auto Show: Jeep Renegade Concept


  • Looks like: A dune buggy, plain and simple
  • Defining characteristics: Open roof, barely-there doors
  • Ridiculous features: Interchangeable rear deck lids for storing different outdoor gear, like kayaks or … water scooters?
  • Chance of being mass-produced: About the same as Britney retaining custody of her kids

Jeep’s Renegade concept takes green traveling outdoors. The dune-buggy-inspired concept features an electric-diesel hybrid engine that would bump the rock-crawler’s range to 400 miles when fully charged and filled with diesel. The company says its equivalent fuel economy would be roughly 110 mpg.

The electric motor would produce 268 hp, with another 115 hp coming from the diesel engine. Torque numbers would have to be pretty impressive, as well. Of course, there’s a 4x4 system too, to live up to the Jeep moniker.

There’s a roll bar but no roof — not even a canvas number, like a Wrangler has. Instead, Renegade owners — if it ever went on sale — would get a choice of rear deck lids they could install depending on their activities. Lids for mountain bikes, kayaks and dual water scooters are all envisioned.

Check out the photos below. 



I know it's never gonna see the light of day.

But they should build this RIGHT NOW on the Compass platform (actually an IMPROVED Compass platform please) ditch the rear seats, AWD raise the ground clearance. Get a single panel removable roof like Honda did with the Del-Sol a dacade ago (goes from passenger roof to targa cover with two latches) Try to keep the curb weight under 2700lbs.

140hp base engine with CVT or 5-speed under $18k and an SVT or R/T version with a 2.0L turbo over 200hp for about $25k.

Neil Homb

RE: Concept Jeep Renegade
I am proud to say that I have owned Jeeps for 30 years. I am glad to see a new Jeep that is not Chrysler or Mecedes. I am an engineer. I hope that the new owners of Chryler realize what they have here. If they dressed it up for winter weather, including a roof, and test the engine and drive train in winter conditions for realiabilty, they could sell boat loads of these. The safety of AWD and the combined fuel economy that would actually have an impact of gas prices. What if they made an announcement that these 100+ mpg vechiles were going into production in 2009? Where would the line start or how do you get on the list.
This evidently could make the Prius obsolete if the gas mileage checks out. Hey, I also liked last years JEEP Nighthawk....where did that go?


The only things that I think would need to be changed for production is 1) a roof (canvas wrangler roof would be great) and 2)the seats would need to be raised. Unless your 6'5" and over like me I think it would be rather difficult to see over that long, high hood. Other than that I would kill to have one of these say, next year or so haha.




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