Isuzu Closing Doors in U.S.


Isuzu began notifying its dealers Wednesday that next year the Japanese automaker will stop selling its entire consumer lineup, including the midsize Ascender SUV derived from the Chevrolet Trailblazer and the midsize i-290 and i-370 pickup trucks derived from the Chevy Colorado.

One source said he wasn't sure consumers would even notice, since Isuzu only sold 7,098 vehicles in the U.S. last year. Isuzu sells only SUVs and trucks here, no cars.

Sales will stop after Jan. 31, 2009, but service will not, the automaker said. Consumers who own an Isuzu SUV or truck will continue to be offered service and warranty work, company spokesman Chip Letzgus said. He wouldn't provide details on how that will work until all dealers have been told how the service program will work.   

There are 200 Isuzu dealers in the U.S., but only about a dozen are stand-alone Isuzu stores. The rest are duals with other brands, many Chevrolet, which is why those dealers can continue to service the vehicles; both are rebadged Chevrolets.

One Chicago Isuzu dealer said his store got a phone call this morning advising them of the action. He said his business has basically been limited to service — rather than sales — for some time.

It doesn't help that Chevrolet is expected to sell its own version of the Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook crossovers, called the Traverse, for 2009. That car will cater to those who previously shopped for the TrailBlazer SUV in Chevy’s lineup, thus taking away Isuzu's source for its SUV.

There has been speculation that the slow-selling Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon midsize pickups’ days are numbered, though Chevy insists they are still in the product cycle for at least three years.

Letzgus said Isuzu will continue to sell some commercial vehicles in the U.S.

By Jim Mateja | January 30, 2008 | Comments (25)
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The writing has been on the wall for years.....


What took them so long???


I wonder if will still be able to get parts for my 99 rodeo.


to bad. the trooper and axiom would have been decent cars if GM would stop messing with its foreign divisions...


So they finally exits the US market, huh? They do make really good industrial trucks.


Just to clarify (I am the Chip Letzgus quoted in the above entry):

This action in no way affects Isuzu Commercial Truck of America. I am not a spokesman for that company, and I never said Isuzu would continue to sell "some" commercial vehicles in the U.S.

This action applies to Isuzu passenger vehicles (SUVs and pickup trucks) only, which are distributed by Isuzu Motors America, Inc., a separate company.


To ermatthe:

Yes, you will still be able to get parts for your '99 Rodeo. Isuzu is not leaving the U.S. market; we are simply discontinuing the sale of new product here effective next January 31. We will still have a nationwide network of dealers for parts and service and will be here for many years to come.

And thank you for buying a Rodeo.


So does that apply to those who bought a Honda Passport / Acura SLX, since both of them are rebadged Isuzu. :)

I have had a very bad experience with my rodeo I brought it brand new and within 30 days I started to have problems. Now I'm in a situation where my motor is gone I still have 2 years left to pay on it I took it back to the dealer several times and they gave me the run around until my warantee was up so if you not going to make any more that would be good and will save people alot of money for repairs.

Who wants Isuzu if you have Toyota!


used cars,

"Who wants Isuzu if you have Toyota!"

Industrial truck drivers.


i really thought this had happened years ago. stupid strategy of only selling trucks was inferior long-term to subaru's decision to only do AWD.

Lu Ng

Hi...question for Chip. am locate in Vietnam. Was going to buy a Isuzu D-max diesel PU truck (engine package is best for price here in VN). Does this means Isuzu will get out of building personal vehicles completely worldwide (2009 or eventually), or is this just USA? I may not buy if it is world-wide, as it definitely would affect resale price.

Lu Ng

Hi...question for Chip. am locate in Vietnam. Was going to buy a Isuzu D-max diesel PU truck (engine package is best for price here in VN). Does this means Isuzu will get out of building personal vehicles completely worldwide (2009 or eventually), or is this just USA? I may not buy if it is world-wide, as it definitely would affect resale price.


I really hate to hear people bad mouth one of the oldest Japanese car manufactures. They make great automobiles as long as GM keeps their hands out of the company. Just as a side note its to my understanding that GM is the reason Isuzu does not have cars in the USA. I have a 1988 Isuzu Trooper (not a trooper II) that was built in Japan (this is based on the VIN#) and it has been the best SUV that we have owned It has 228,000 miles on it and it is still going strong. My biggest concern is if I will still be able to get all the parts I need, because I am rebuilding the truck to look like new, though the truck still looks very good for her age. Here is a link just to show you what my original well kept Trooper looks like.


What do us people who have an Reodeo SUV do if you still owe on the truck and there is only one dealer in your city that will even work on it? You know the parts will go sky high and wow the labor just to work on it will be pay their price. Most people will soon get rid of the truck just to save money on repair and parts. STUPID move on Isuzu part. Just somthing else to woory about like we don't have enough already. Good Bye to my Reodeo ASAP.



Good decision.
If thing are not working than it is good to move at some other place where it is worth.

It was great decision to move from USA. As USA is known to be very competitive market for automotive. Inspite of increasing cost and making loss it is good to move at some other place.

Isuzu Owner

I bought my first Isuzu in 2001 and am still driving it with well over 100000 miles on it. The only thing I have done is routine maintenance and oil changes. It has been driven hard and never been stuck. As with any product I guess there will be naysayers as they have a bad experience. I can tell you that as a former car dealer (not Isuzu) that they made a very fine vehicle for the money and I personally will regret not having the ability to buy more in the future.

michael s davies

in 2002 Ibought a holden frontra ISUZU SUV in Australia,do my own servicing,still running no problem April 2013.

For what it's worth, I've had two Isuzu Rodeos and both were real workhorses over many years with no mechanical problems whatsoever. I would have bought another in a minute if Isuzu SUVs were still available.

Jeffrey Meek

Isuzu is a superior diesel choice. Izuzu d twin 2.5L is a dream.The available regular cab is an outstanding value. Available below
20,000 USD on the road. London Public Transportation is free for me. Warranty is something ridiculous like 5 year 125k kilometers. Can you tell I was Houston, native pre - retirement @55. Don't believe fear promotion of a National Health Service. GBP goes up Dollar goes down. Yes 600 square feet is $200K. How much crap do you need? Sweats, Jeans a Ramones,Beatles,CBGB's t-shirt. One black suit. Rockport black lace boots. White socks raingear and you are golden. Plenty walking and you are no longer the fat American. My wife is size 6-8 134lbs. Shags like a shool girl. Please visit. Brits love Americans and Texans and oil.

kyle long Odessa Fl

We purchased our 2001 Rodeo LS V6 brand new and still drive it today. It currently has 299843 miles. I wish they were still around to see this SUV.

alexander panzek

I am really surprised that Isuzu did so badly in the US, remember my friend in Texas, he had the trooper SUV and he loved it, very reliable.
I live in South Africa, and drive the new Isuzu pick up truck, its one of the most reliable and economical diesel money can buy, Isuzu has got a excellent reputation for decades here in SA / check out the truck /most of these 'bakkies' have driven 400000 miles and more without any big problems...

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