Up Close: 2009 Hummer H3T

Hummer H3T

Hummer invited journalists today to check out the H3T before it’s officially introduced at the Chicago Auto Show. If assertive styling and offroad capability trump some of the more utilitarian aspects of owning a pickup for you, you might want to check it out.

The truck looks more impressive in person than it did in press photos. The doors cover the entire side of the crew cab — there’s no framing around them — and the roof has raised rails that run all the way between the cab and the bed. Most pickups leave an unsightly gap between the two. The H3T’s extended length nominally compromises its approach and departure angles — meaning your bumpers might take a few more hits negotiating that backwoods gulley — but Hummer assures us it will handle the same grueling trails as its H3 bedfellow.

Hummer H3T

We only wish the cabin utility were as impressive. The rear seatbacks fold down, but the cushions don’t lift up, which would leave more cargo space on the floor; the cushions in many competing pickups do just that. Worse yet, the rear seats in the H3T carry massive headrests, so unless you drive with the front seat quite far forward, they need to be removed for the seatback to fold down. As luck would have it, those headrests don’t come off easily, and you have to fold the seatback partway before there’s enough ceiling clearance to pry them out.

Hummer H3T

The dashboard and interior materials are identical to the H3’s, with a thick steering wheel and large A/C knobs. The well-padded leather in the loaded display model felt straight out of our favorite living-room recliners.

If the pickup drives anything like the SUV, you’ll want to upgrade to the V-8 — the five-cylinder is barely adequate at best. That should prove more affordable, as Hummer will make the V-8 Alpha available with cloth as well as leather trim. The only H3 Alpha SUV available comes loaded to the gills.

Hummer H3T

We’ve signed on for a brief drive in several GM vehicles next week, and the H3T looks to be one of them, so stay tuned for more impressions.

2008 Chicago Auto Show: 2009 Hummer H3T (KickingTires)

By Kelsey Mays | January 30, 2008 | Comments (6)



the 5 cylinder could be a good engine, if they would only engineer it better.

3.7 litres should be putting out at least 280 hp.

the same goes for Chrystler's awful 210 hp. 3.7 litre V6.

Aussie Boy

to be honest i dont know how american companys get such little power out of a motor, the new pontiac g8 which is aussie made has been engineered to get great power and great economy, this is really a shame for some companys because it gives them a bad rep, for engine power and economy

It all fine! It looks good! I bet those engine can be upgraded when the owner wants to. . .


GM's 3.7 I5 doesn't have variable INTAKE valve timing, it only has variable exhaust valve timing (primarily for emissions/mileage)
So adding variable intake valve timing should boost hp/torque to 250hp/250ft-lbs from 242/242, and definitely give it some mid-range power.
That is only one half of the equation, where is the 6 speed automatic?
The 6L50 would completely change the character of the truck. Fast off the line, and improved mileage because the torque converter would be locked up more often than not.

Right now Chrysler should just drop the 3.7 for the 4.0. Chrylser could have added a three valve cylinder head long ago [Mercedes had a 3.7 3 valve V6 in the ML & S-class, ML:232hp@5750, 254ft-lbs@3000-4500rpm], boosting power from 210hp@5200/235ft-lbs@4000 to 230hp@5500/235ft-lbs@3500.


JM, keep in mind it's a truck motor. How many truck engines make 75hp per liter? How about Toyota's 5.7L, or Nissan's 5.6L or 4.0L? No, no, and no. They are both overhead cam engines, just like the 3.7L, so it's a fair comparison. The engine's output is right in line with the competition.

Aussie Boy, where do you think the G8's engine comes from? Neither the G8's 3.6L V-6 nor its 6.0L V-8 were designed, or built, in Australia. Thanks for building the G8 and the Camaro though.

George, I agree with you. Finally some good criticism.


I just bought a 99 Isuzu Vehicross for my son's 21 birthday. I am a single Mom and what can I say, it took me this long to get a car for him. I went to get it inspected and the single cover is a little broke and they failed it. Now I have looked every where for this part and they say its no longer in the USA to buy..get of me to buy something my son can not use and I feel so bad..Can anyone plz help me to find part # 897213-872-0...if the company moved over seas..I can order from there, I just need to find this part and maybe many more if not her in te USA. Plz help!

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