Hyundai's Super Bowl Ads Show Revised Genesis

Hyundai Genesis Video 1

Hyundai has unleashed both of its planned Super Bowl spots. Narrated by Jeff Bridges, the subdued videos try to hammer home the message that Hyundai is indeed bringing big-car luxury at small-luxury prices.

At that it does a good job. But for us, we’re dismayed that the car in the commercials is sporting the Korean market’s grille and not the grille we fancied in Detroit, nor the alternate grille with the big H on it. Ho hum. Let us know what you think. The first ad is to the left, the second ad is below.

Hyundai Genesis Video 1

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Although if I had the money I wouldn't touch this with a bargepole, I think this grill is a nice compromise.

It has a badge on the front, which makes it look much less generic, but isn't quite so generic as the Sonata-alike grille that was the alternate at Detroit.

The fine print at the bottom of the ad says "Korean model shown." I would assume that means the US-market grille is still up in the air.


What do they want me to think about?

Seeing the car in a video really makes me think they benchmarked (or just plain copied) Infiniti's M in the back and the G sedan everywhere else on the exterior.

Not just copied. Imroved it!
This car looks complete. Infinity looks... funny


What's with the winged badge?


The winged badge is the actual Genesis badge used in Korea. Looks like a Bentley or Mini's....

This car will be a hit. For those who want a little piece of luxry without the high price and do not care for a "Blinged Out" Chrysler 300. My quess is the V6 will be the value leader. Is the Azera still going to be sold?


They are using the grill on the Korean version of the new Genesis. A huge oversight! Let's get back to the "seagulls" as shown at the Detroit auto show. What is their ad agency thinking?

I assume their ad agency found it easier to get access to Korean production cars than North American preproduction prototypes.


Saw car today myself....
It's nice

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