2008 Detroit Auto Show Video: Toyota A-BAT Concept

Toyota A-BAT Concept Video

One concept that surprised us at the Detroit auto show was this compact hybrid pickup from Toyota. The A-BAT was a terrific size when you were standing right next to it. You don’t really find trucks this small anymore, and a hybrid power plant would certainly up its cache if it ever came to market. Check out the video with me as your humble host for a better look.


garry wilkins

What is toyota doing with the up and coming toyota x runner trucks.


Still another train wreck design from Toyota - they should look to the Chevy Avalanche for design and function. It's sad to see that Toyota wants to be nbr 1 so bad that they're willing to to sacrifice quality for quantity. You want an example of this? Just look at the new Tundra or Camry.

f guilliams

i think it great, would like to be the first to have one. frank



Where do your comments come from, Toyota a train wreck? Are you kidding? Look to Avalanche for styling? While the second gen looks somewhat better, the first generation looked like a float in a cardboard box parade. And where do you get the idea that there is something wrong with how it functions?

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