Recall Alert: 2007 Toyota Tundra


More than 15,000 four-wheel-drive Toyota Tundra pickups are being recalled due to a faulty drive shaft that can separate at the joint. Only one incident has been reported, with no accidents or injuries, but because the potential problems from the defect are so serious, owners should get their trucks serviced immediately.

The recall comes amid numerous problems with Toyota’s redesigned Tundra, a vehicle the company hoped would take on Ford’s and GM’s stalwart Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado. While Tundra sales are improved from the previous generation, the company has said it will fall short of its first-year projections. Because of recent economic trends, it’s hard to say how much impact technical problems, like the one highlighted in this recall, have impacted sales. They certainly can’t be helping.

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By David Thomas | December 17, 2007 | Comments (15)
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This is the price you pay, when you try to become number 1 at all costs. Cost crappy product!!!!!!


At worst, this Truck will be as reliable as any of the domestics. AT WORST.

That being said, Toyota has made a mistake by trying to become no. 1, instead of just making the no. 1 best vehicles. It's obvious that they are having growing pains.

Hopefully for all of us consumers, they will pull it together and return to the Toyota of old.


no inside information here, but im guessing that the people inside toyota are giving themselves an f for how well their re-designs such as this, the v-6 camry, and the lackluster corolla. But, toyota is still a good brand, and will still be a top tier automaker

"At worst, this Truck will be as reliable as any of the domestics. AT WORST."

The F-150 is one of the most reliable vehicles made (in 2wd form) according to Consumer Reports


That's because the F150 (2wd) basic truck has nothing special - it's basically been the same for 30 years. I would hope it wouldn't have problems.

Toyota should have just stuck with the last Tundra making it slightly bigger. Not only is it a new product, it's a new factory and engine, bound to have a few glitches. In a year these stories will be history.

The Corolla has never had luster, so the 2009 being lackluster is what should be expected. I don't know why people expected it to be something a Corolla has never been.

Hyundai sonata was a new model, in a new plant, built in the USA and has not had all of these issues. So it can be done. Toyota is a big boy now- please stop making excuses for them.


People shouldn't make excuses for any companies, simple as that. Yes, new models will most likely have more problems than a model that hasn't changed for several years.

Then again, that's what Quality Assurance and Control are there for. If they do not have the proper test cases or if the test cases are not adequate enough, then they need to get that figured out.

Fanboy-ism and fanaticism does not help anyone, even the companies that those people defend until they die.


Toyota, like other car companies, will eventually stumble. They've been on a roll for quite some time, but good products and good luck don't go on forever.

Troy in Ft Walton Bee-otch

I don't worry so much about recalls. I worry when a manufacturer doesn't do anything about problems.


there's alot of factor to consider: 1)this is just an effect of building cars in AMERICA 2)this is Toyota's relentless push for #1 worldwide 3)toyota's quality is going down. they need to be more like Honda(fcx clarity) and look to the future and stop trying to match gm and ford model for model

Pester Lester

Good point the comparison with the Sonata, brand new car, build in America in a new factory... and no troubles up to date.

Anyway Toyota doesn't have to worry, they have the baby boomer over 60 market for themselves and the people who drives the Tundra doesn't work with it, so it will be good preserved unit in the used market soon.


Not much in the Sonata was new - it was a new body style, sure, but no major new engine or underpinnings. The 5.7L is a brand new engine, on a brand new "from-the-ground-up" truck.

One incident and everyone's panties are in a wad. Out of tens of thousands made.

Call me when the tires explode and the things start rolling over and Toyota claims there's no problem whatsoever and they aren't fixing it.


Yeah, American, German, Jap, this time it will be the S. Korean. This will be our next generation of automaker.

JW Trucker

I think /toyota is just fine except for the dash lights ..I can's see them in the day time ..they are sunk in too far on my Tundra

garym marzouca

has anybody experienced a drivetrain problem 2007 Toyota Tundra. rear wheel drive.cational clicking noiseI was told its normal

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