The Year in Cars: March 2007


We truck on as winter moves to spring, auto show season moves to Geneva and a certain madness that has no relation to the month begins. 

The Year in Cars: 2007

By David Thomas | December 12, 2007 | Comments (7)



The Great Car Faceoff was the best event of the year.

Not because we love the Crown Vic, but because it unseated the Camry in the first round.

Unscientific? Absolutely, but by the time the Toyota Loyalists got word it was too late. And the traffic and publicity it drew was preobalby a boon to the site.


Thus, making the site a game site instead of useful info.

This has been an interesting year. As I read these articles I am reminded of the new Ford book I just read- Ford and American Dream by Clifton Lambreth.Everyone should check this one out.


The Great Car Faceoff just showed how immature and catty the people who come here are, and was of really no value. :)

re: The Great Car Faceoff
Since the 350Z won does it get seeded against the Crown Vic next year? That would be fun.


Well Tom, since the CV is NO MORE, I don't think it will be included in any further competitions.

It's so great it retired at the *ahem* top of its game.


"Well Tom, since the CV is NO MORE, I don't think it will be included in any further competitions."


The Crown Vic is still being produced but only as a fleet vehicle. The Grand Marquis is still being sold to the general public and could be in future competitions.

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