New Nissan Rogue Third-Best-Seller for Company

2008 Nissan Rogue

Update: Oops. It seems we can't read spreadsheets too well. The Sentra is actually the second best seller for Nissan, with the Rogue coming in third. In other news, the redesigned Sentra saw a 2% rise in sales in November. Go Sentra.

The Nissan Rogue debuted in October as the company’s first attempt at the compact SUV market. After its first full month on sale in the U.S., the Rogue racked up sales of 5,650 units in November. That comes in behind only the popular Altima sedan and coupe, and the Sentra compact sedan in Nissan’s lineup, with sales of 19,811 and 8,180 units respectively. The compact Versa is still selling well and came in just behind the new Rogue with 5,561 units sold.

This means Nissan has early evidence that it didn’t make a mistake trying to compete with the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 in a crowded segment. However, those two vehicles still sold 16,498 and 12,354 units, respectively, last month. Nissan still has a way to go before upsetting either one.

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By David Thomas | December 3, 2007 | Comments (10)


Now if they would put their 3.5L V6 in it.. they could sell a lot more... I would buy one if it came with a V6!!!


I wish to know how many V6 and I4 were sold in the RAV4's number. So that we can point out if Nissan should offer the VQ or not.

Amuro Ray

1 thing that the sales of the Rogue is so much lower than the CR-V or the RAV4 may be due to the fact that Rogue is solely imported from Japan from the N. American market, whereas I'm pretty sure that both RAV-4 & CR-V are built in N. America. As a result, the production volumes are much higher for Honda & Toyota, hence much larger supplies. As for the Rogue, since there are just so many units you can ship from Japan each time, this may create the vision that it's ONLY selling 5600+ units. IOW, there could be a supply of 6000 units of Rogue/month from Japan, and Nissan is selling almost all of them.

Now, of 'coz, this is just my own stipulation...but if it is a fact, which I've no way to verify its creditability, Nissan is actually doing very well on both its Rogue and Versa. That's because these 2 are "world" vehicles (Rouge in NA = Qashqai in EMEA = Dualis = APAC, Versa NA = Tiida everywhere), there are just so many units you can get for each market. For the Rouge/Qashqai/Dualis, it's reporting strong sales in ALL region, yet it's only made in Japan & U.K.; for the Versa/Tiida - again strong sales all over the world, but it's made mainly in Japan (for Japan & Australia), China (for most of Asia), and Mexico (for N & S America, Africa - I think, Middle East, and some European countries). It's not like that NIssan can't sell more of these 2, but more like Nissan can't provide more of these 2 to sell.

Good job, Nissan!


Based on the sales numbers, it seems like the about 75% of the Rogue sales are coming from the CRV and 25% from the RAV4 I4.
The new I4 Outlander may put another small dent in the CRV and RAV4 I4 sales.


Based on the sales numbers, it seems like the about 75% of the Rogue sales are coming from the CRV and 25% from the RAV4 I4.
The new I4 Outlander may put another small dent in the CRV and RAV4 I4 sales.


I don't care how good the Rogue is, I will not buy it. I owned 2 Nissans and they were junk. My family has owned 4 Nissans and they fell apart or stopped working for one reason or another. My money will not be gambled on a Nissan.


I'd like to know how one determines that 75% of Rogue sales are coming from the CRV and 25% from the RAV4. My wife just purchased a Murano, at first we looked at the CRV-RAV-Rogue class and hands-down the CRV is the higher quality vehicle.

so, rogue will not be exported to middle east? too bad :( .....anyway i'll buy is better than nissan, right?

interesting information, but if you seeking used car please visit for full carfax report and autocheck report.

I saw a Rogue up close on the road the other day. It looks much smaller in person, and was in my opinion, not an attractively styled car. It was downright ugly to my eyes.

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