GM to Finally Add Bluetooth in 2009


For years, GM has stood by its decision to omit Bluetooth from its cars, trucks and SUVs because of the availability of OnStar, which offers a paid call-out feature. In a recent blog post on GM’s FYI blog, a GM representative let fly an amazing tidbit:

“We (General Motors) will offer the broadest rollout of Bluetooth in the industry by making it available on more than 30 models across all eight North American brands by the 2009 model year.”

While the 2009 model year will start in calendar 2008, we still think GM is late to the party, though not every automaker out there offers Bluetooth across its range. Regardless, we’re happy to learn that one of the world’s largest automakers has figured out that people like their cell phones, their cell phone numbers and not having to pay for one more service.

Looking for Your Input (FYI Blog Via Autoblog)

By David Thomas | December 19, 2007 | Comments (4)



I just bought a 2008 Chevy Avalanche LTZ. I was surprised to find out it didn't have Bluetooth. I was even more surprised to find out NONE of the GM vehicles had Bluetooth. While I understand GM wants to maximize sales of OnStar, they're only hurting themselves by not offering features on vehicles that consumers want.

Good to hear they'll be putting it in the 09's...won't help me much, but at least other consumers will have the option. Now, if only they'd announce you can attach your AT&T Wireless account to OnStar, I'd consider buying OnStar after my free year.


yeah, that blows, doesn't it? I also just bought an 08 Avalanche LTZ and am really enjoying it. I went through the trouble of activating Onstar and getting an account with Verizon because you really can't beat the handsfree solution and the fact that it is integrated with the audio system in the Avalanche. I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll see some good third party solutions when the 09 models start shipping. I wonder if this means that Onstar is going to be OUT of the 09s? We'll see.



GM did not place bluetooth in its 2009 G8 models as advertised. It just neglected to take it out of its brochures, the manuel and advertisements!!! Some 09 got it and others did not and even the dealership was not sure. This is fales advertising at its best.

db, but it got people to buy the cars, and that's really all that they cared about. False advertising wins again!

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