GM Scores Among Award Finalists


Perhaps marking GM’s reemergence from the automobile wilderness, the domestic car giant makes four of the six finalists for the 2008 North American Car and Truck of the Year award. Even better, the automaker now finds itself in a position to score wins in both Car and Truck of the Year a feat no other company has achieved two years in a row, a feat no other company has achieved. 

Truck of the Year finalists include GM’s Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid SUV and Buick Enclave crossover SUV, with Mazda’s CX-9 crossover SUV filling the third spot. As for Car of the Year, the Honda Accord will compete with GM’s Cadillac CTS sport sedan and the highly praised Chevrolet Malibu midsize sedan.

Now if the world’s largest auto manufacturer could only transfer this success to sales. While its vehicles continue to improve, the perception of domestic cars in terms of quality and design still lags behind Japanese and European makes. Earning awards is nice, but earning back car shoppers is obviously GM’s more pressing goal.

Vote is in: GM Rules (Detroit Free Press)

By Stephen Markley | December 13, 2007 | Comments (20)
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"Even better, the automaker now finds itself in a position to score wins in both Car and Truck of the Year, a feat no other company has achieved."

Someone please give those guys come caffeine...
Didn't Honda achieve it just 2 years ago in 2006 with the Civic and the Ridgeline?

BTW, unless the Malibu and the Tahoe Hybrid win at the same time, or else it is just the same company, not the same brand like what Honda did.

The Civic and Ridgeline won the Motor Trend awards last year (or the year before). This is the North American car/truck of the year awards- I think the Aura won it for car last year- not sure which truck won.


Good for GM - I hope they win.

Didn't GM sweep last year's awards with the Aura and Silverado?

It's still a feat no *other* company has achieved.

Yes, General Motors did sweep the North American Car and Truck of the Year awards last year with the Aura and Silverado. And Honda swept it in 2006 with the Civic and Ridgeline. I don't think it really matters if its the same brand or the same company, all the engineers and designers in General Motors probably work on a Chevy one day, and a Hummer the next day and so on (I'm assuming)

Stephen Markley

The comments are correct. The passage should have read: "...a feat no other company has achieved two years in a row, as GM stands to now."

Juan Carlos

just today i told a person that thinks they know about cars that bmw isn't all that and spends tons of time at the shop and is ranks at or below brands like chevy and ford (forget about telling him that buick is #1 along with lexus according to jd powers), and he was looking at me like i had a million heads.


I don't place too much faith in these awards.

Many builders receive lots of awards and their homes stink. It's mainly PR.

I don't have much faith in corporate America. Look at all the dishonesty, graft, and corruption. For all I know, a few bucks could be exchanging hands.


Those same "few bucks" can be changing hands with ANY company.

Juan Carlos

yeah, the ridgeline a truck? let alone truck of the year? seriously.

btw, buick enclave/mazda cx9 a truck? aren't they a cov? nice to put on the lot. we are not a truck, but we are truck of the year. priceless.


The Toyota and Honda executives must be laughing their asses off. Let GM win all the awards while Toyota and Honda laugh all the way to the bank via their sales.

Has anyone seen the sales numbers on Toyota's Lexus division? I haven't seen many new ones on the road but the sales numbers say otherwise accord to the WSJ. Lexus is whipping MB, Audi and BMW. Quite a surprise.


These awards are a lot of hype. Just because an auto journalist praises a car/truck doesn't mean a thing.

It's a lot better to sell cars than win awards. The best deal is to sell awards and win cars.


How about put it this way, Honda swept the North America awards and the Motor Trend awards at the same time?
Who won the MT COTY last year? Aura? Nope. It was the Camry.

But who cares? Just go buy whatever you like.


If the Malibu wins then GM is in bed with those folks. It's practically the same car as the Aura.


That's one of the reason why I don't just trust one source of auto journalists.

What did the NA COTY said last year was different from what MT COTY said. But in 06, it was a clean sweep, therefore I got my Civic over the Mazda3 which I think I would like better if I got it.


The Mazda3 is the best Ford ever. the Civic is ok, but too polarizing of a design. I honestly think the Mazda3 is the best looking car in its class, ever.


But, in reality, I have to deal with a higher insurance premium, higher fuel cost, higher maintenance cost, and the tires are 17" which costs more to replace if I've got the Mazda3. (The Civic uses 16")
Polarizing is not an issue, I can care less about how the car looks on the outside, as long as I can live with it on the inside.


It's not polarizing to some on the inside? ha.

Winning twice in a row won't be an issue. The Accord will win car of the year and the CX-9 will win truck of the year. The accolades have been pouring in from all the major magazines and websites since both were introduced. If GM pulls it off then you know it's rigged.



I actually loved its inside.
Especially the digital speedo, I can't get used to jumping back in some analog speedo now.

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