Ford's New Backup Camera


Rearview camera systems that allow drivers to see what’s immediately behind the back bumper are nothing new. However, most require the addition of expensive technology or a navigation system in order to get them on a new car. Ford is now adding a rearview camera as a stand-alone option, at a price of $450, to a varied list of Ford, Lincoln and Mazda vehicles.

Rather than sticking the screen somewhere on the dashboard, Ford’s system places the image in the left corner of the rearview mirror. This allows the driver to look from the camera to the mirror and back again with minimal jerking of the head. The intent of rearview camera systems is to make backing up less of a hazard, and having the screen inset in the rearview mirror makes using the camera more intuitive than its predecessors did. Hummer has a very similar system in the mirror, while Toyota has a small stand-alone screen mounted into the roof or high on the dash.

Ford’s image also gets overlaid with a grid that shows drivers the direct path of the vehicle to help them align the vehicle with a trailer, or a tight parking spot.

The rearview camera is available as an option on the 2008 F-150 King Ranch, F-Series Super Duty and Lincoln Mark LT pickups, as well as the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and Mazda CX-9 SUVs.

Ford Backup Camera Nothing Short of Visionary (Autopia)

By Stephen Markley | December 7, 2007 | Comments (21)
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not a ford guy at all, but this feature that is very handy at a reasonable price. Now if ford can get other things right, they would be ok


One place I'll give ford props is the accessories department, I love all their new accessories because they're stand alone and pretty reasonable, like the Sync, which you know Toyota would have charged $1000 for.

Amuro Ray

Look @ the vehicles that Ford's putting the "monitors" in - they are all BIG vehicles (unless there are more than listed).


That a really bad Machine-Human Interface design. With all the space available on the dash (again, these are BIG vehicles), Ford can't find a suitable location, and must put it in the small tiny rear view mirror. That's gonna be a toughy for those that requires to wear reading glasses to read...


I know gadgets sometimes sell cars, but should Ford be spending millions to develop this type of technology when they're cash-strapped.


I think the question of why they put it in the mirror is answered in the article: because it's in the field of view of the driver who will be already usin gthe rear view mirror for reversing. It makes sense to me. In terms of it;s size, if you need glasses to see it then you probably should be wearing them to drive in anyway.

Makes sense to have them in the big cars too. If you can't park a Focus you probably shouldn't be on the road...

Amuro Ray


Try this as an experiment. While reading my post right now, see if you can make out the words on the previous posts without looking at the previous post directly (you sight should be focused in THIS words still). My guess is that, no, you can't. Human brain - eye coordination is pretty primitive - in the sense that we can only have 1 focus point and not two. As a result, we will always on see 1 thing and and a blurry image around it (not exactly blurry, but relatively unclear compare to the focus point). Now try another experiment, time how long it takes to shift from THIS word to an object on your desk that's 'bou 20 cm from your monitor...less than a fraction of a sec, right?

I know that the answer is in DT's post, I'm just saying that the guy who "design" this should really go to take a course call Human-Machine interface and learn everything 'bou it. 1 reason why we want a BIG screen is because we can see it clearly! Our heads don't have to move if you position the screen correctly on the dash; our eye balls can do that job satisfactory, and for our eye ball to move from 1 focused object to another one within a close enough proximity, then refocus on the new object, takes less than a fraction of a sec. My point is, if you look at the rear view montior (and not the back up camera), and with the super small size monitor, all you'll see is a very blurry image of the monitor. If you look at the backup camera, then whatever is reflecting in the rear view mirror is blurry too. We can only focus on 1 object, not 2. Now think 'bou a larger monitor on the dash in a correct position - and the rear view mirror. Hope you do see my point now.

Finally, yes, it's closer and less eye moment if the 2 are together, but those who need READING glasses - they have sort of normal vision, and can see things clearly...EXCEPT WHEN SEEING SMALL OBJECTS. They'll need to have the small objects magnified in order to see them clearly, or be a long distance from the object (but the image will become less detail due to the distance). Thus, it's a BAD idea to have sthg like this in a small size rear view mirror. However, if you've a big screen monitor on the dash, then u can see 1 or the other very quickly & ver clearly. Some inventor in Asia has actually invented a rear view mirror monitor - what it does is that, rather than having the camera integrated into the rear view mirrror, it's an attachment that attached to the mirror (so it looks like you've a very long rear view mirror). Because of the extension, you can have a larger monitor, so things are clearer too.

1 thing that you might had misunderstood me was that I too, agree that this is a good thing for big vehicle. I was just trying to point out that with big vehicles, you've lots of spaces on the dash, so why not use those spaces effectively?


So, for those of us who uses a mirror extender, that means it is useless.

I mean, come on, let's face it. The rearview mirrors are too small.

Ken L.

There are aftermarket 11-13” or even bigger panoramic mirrors you can buy to clip on the standard rearview mirrors. Having one of those is like having eyes behind your head, it’s that amazing. With that said, I think offering that tiny screen on the standard rearview mirror is simply not ideal. It makes more sense to have it near the top of the center console.


The screen may be small, but this and any rear view camera is designed to allow you to see what is behind the car, such as a child. In this case the positives include the fact that can be ordered as a cheap al a carte option for people who may not be able to afford, or want the navigation option. The parking structure in my building is really tight, and I have hit the car behind me three times this year- a back-up camera (no matter where it is positioned) would be a Godsend. lol

Troy in Ft Walton Beach

Ford will not win me over as a customer by simply adding electronic goodies to thier vehicle lineup. They need to "man up" in the quality, reliability and fit and finsih departments first.


Ken L.

That's what I am using, so that this "gadget" will not win me over to Ford.

The screen is in the mirror on the Hummer h3 also- even when equiped with the navigation. Apparently ford is not the only one that thinks it should be up there as I'm sure it would be easier and cheaper for Hummer to use the screen that is already in their ute for this yet they choose to put it in the mirror.



Brian Meagher

I work for GM in the mortgage division but prior to that i was on the retail side of the auto industry for 23 years. I have an idea for this invention that will make it work considerably better and make it a salable to more types of cars and trucks. I am also an inventor with a paten and ave some knolage of these things. If the inventor or paten holder would like some ideas that i think will make this more usaable please email me and we can talk.

Thank you


I bought a used 08 f250,i'm also wondering if anybody knows if the rearview backup camera could be added.not really interested in an aftermarket one,would prefer the cleaner look of an oem.

Features of ford back up cameras are probably at a much higher price. mmm..
Now back up cameras in the market are becoming diversified.
As we all know, there are various car electronics sold in the market. Car gadgets become so popular with the people who love cars. Many car owners prefer to buy some good car gadgets, and install by themselves.

Learns how to install a back up camera is an interesting practise, we may try ourself to deal with it ourselves.
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The backup sensor warns us of anything that may be behind the car that we can't see it. It gives a warning when we are about to hit something. The backup sensor is important to our driving for parking and reversing.

Hello, I am rashmi. The parking sensors will work automatically to detect the obstacles at the rear of your car at any time while the car is in reverse. The Tork Parking sensor system is weather proof.
Parking Sensors


I love the ford expedition. My 2010 has this feature and i love it.. All of my 4 kids are more safe with this option... Go go go ford..

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