Buick Bringing Riviera Concept to Detroit


Buick will use the Detroit auto show in January as the stage for the U.S. debut of its Riviera gull-wing coupe concept, first unveiled in China earlier this year.

Buick says the Riviera, which borrows styling cues from the popular Buick Velite convertible concept of a few years ago, shows the styling direction Buick will take in its future cars, starting with the next-generation Buick LaCrosse, which Buick says is "coming soon."

The Riviera concept will move from the Detroit show to the Chicago Auto Show in February. Buick says it has no plans to produce a Riviera, which borrows a popular name from the past. The concept’s U.S. auto show circuit travels, however, could certainly influence a favorable verdict, especially if show-goers give it an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

By Jim Mateja | December 14, 2007 | Comments (13)



Any words on FWD or RWD?


After looking at this latest Buick Riviera reincarnation, I think Buick should move on to other things. Very strange-looking car!

Riviera was once a stylish, classy car but that was 30-years ago. The 1963 Riviera was a beautiful car, which started a long run of classy cars but it was over in the early '80s.

To find a niche here, I think Buick has to have a better-looking car--something like a Chrysler 300. The Riviera's redesign in the '80s was a disaster and it spelled the end.

The Buick Reatta was a failure in the '80s. It was nothing special and I guess the Reatta's electronics were hard to figure out.

I really don't see how Buick can forge a niche here. They seemingly haven't learned from their past mistakes, and creating magic from a so-so looking car ain't going to happen.



I would assume it's a RWD car.

Juan Carlos

i actually love it. obviously it won't be the same, but still do its thing.but if they do it right and focus on younger buyers, it just might work.

Troy in Ft Walton Beach

I like it. It's fresh. Something Buick needs IMO.


The days of the coupe are pretty much over at Buick.Forget about the best selling Regal in the 80s,along with its Grand National cousin..the downfall began with Somerset Regal,continued on with the awkward "Skylark" (Achieva in ugly clothes/dash),and the hacked off 80s Riviera.Buick seems to love SUV/Crossovers now (and the ho hum LaCrosse/Lucerne),and much like Chevrolet,Pontiac and nearly everybody else,2-doors are yesterdays news.I mourn the loss of the coupe,but if they are going to look like this,they can keep them buried.


The coupe may be almost dead but it still may have a little life left. It's hard to predict the future, and nothing lasts forever. Volkswagen was king for a long time, and General Motors was king for a long time, too. Toyota is currently the king, but it will eventually fall. Eventually! Not one company accurately reads the market year-after-year.

Personally, I think the SUV craze is waning and waning big. Baby boomers are aging and the kids will gone in the very near future. Aging baby boomers don't need a huge vehicle, especially with high gas prices. A coupe may be back in style.

A Riviera may have a future again, if it's a good-looking car. At least to me, strange-looking creases at different angles doesn't make a good-looking car.



But there hasn't been a RWD buick for so long, therefore I am finding some interest.


So they claim they won't produce it... maybe not exactly like the concept, but I bet it's coming to China and NA in some form. Riviera is a Buick icon! Anyway, if they have no plans for this, do they have anything better? (I'd doubt it. The young choppers at GMInside News and Cheers and Gears have, in some instances, come up with better Buick designs than GM shows to the public.)

Chrysler 300 looks to much like a cinder block, this car is much sleeker and not made by Chrysler :P At least Buick is at least making an effort to move away from the bored cars of yester-year.


I think a new Buick Roadmaster is supposed to be coming out in the next couple of years. Maybe Buick has changed the names?

It's a RWD, and I've seen pictures of the 2-door and 4-door. It's a good-looking car, and I was surprised when I saw the pictures. Generally Buick makes cars that aren't too exciting, but these cars appear to be hot.

Chrysler hit a home run with the 300. I do admit it is a little boxy but it's a distinctive, exciting car.

Juan Carlos

they must do something. they must at least compete with the g series/nissan z350 and cars of that nature. and if they put any real power, watch out. and if it fails, they tried.


please buick latest cars look better than most all the other cars give me a break

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