Video: 2009 Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla Video

The Corolla has withered on the vine as far as technological updates go over the past few years, but it sure hasn’t slowed down in the sales department. Managing editor Patrick Olsen gets a closer look at the redesigned 2009 model, which will go on sale early next year.

By David Thomas | November 19, 2007 | Comments (6)



100% boring.


If you are 6'1", please don't tell me that you have to be stuck at the back sear at a COMPACT car.

The new XRS is a joke to the XRS name. The new car looks exactly like the old one, good luck finding young buyers who are buying it because of the style.
Who wants their parents' Corolla?


I couldve sworn you guys already posted that vid


I don't know about the flak the XRS is getting. It's a Scion TC with 4 doors and 400lbs lighter. Come on J, this isn't your parents''re thinking of the rounded edges Geo Prizm/Corolla. Styling is always a matter of opinion though. I'm afraid the Civic Si Sedan might be a better buy...40 more horses, similar gas mileage. I don't know if the XRS takes premium fuel or not (as the Si does).


I don't think a Corolla XRS will cost as much as a Civic Si. It'll be hard to sell a Corolla past 20 grand, while the Si and Mazdaspeed3 are well over the 20k mark.



When I was talking about the parents' Corolla, I was referring to the 03-08 model.
Sorry that I didn't clear that up.

Just to add one more point.
When someone 6'1" complaining the backseat in Corolla is not comfy, try the other compacts too.

Just happened to look at my classmate's Cavalier today, the back seat is not even for kids, but pets.

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