Through Ian's Lens: 2007 L.A. Auto Show


The big winners at the Los Angeles Auto Show are usually the greenest, most-efficient hydrogen- or sea-water-powered cars. But the prettiest vehicles are found in the exotics wing. Although I appreciate many cars in my price range and slightly above, these astronomically priced cars are always the eye-catchers. Here are a few photos of what was happening below the radar and above six figures.

By Ian Merritt | November 19, 2007 | Comments (10)


Is it just me, or is the interior in the Spyker really tacky? Maybe they should have paired it with the orange paint from that Aston, and some lime green wheels.


The Spyker interior reminds me a 70's Trans Am.


who makes the spyker? is this a new brand? ive never heard of it before




Oh my gosh. The Morgen, the Spyker, the girls! I'm loving it ;).


Good photography, as always.


"Good photography, as always." - I think you meant stunning photography as always!

Ian... these photos are beautiful... beautiful cars call for beautiful photography and you do these cars justice!

Very good photographs of all the cars. Lovely.

Great Photography, The spyker cars are so amazing...

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