It's Official: Chrysler Cuts Four Models


Chrysler announced today it will cut four models from its lineup: The Chrysler Crossfire, Pacifica and PT Cruiser convertible, and the Dodge Magnum. The automaker also announced plans to cut some 9,000 jobs at assembly plants that produce a number of other models: the Chrysler 300 and Sebring; Dodge Avenger, Caliber, Charger and Nitro; and the Jeep Commander, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Liberty and Patriot. Though those 11 models – as well as the regular PT Cruiser – will still be sold, expect production to be scaled back. For shoppers, that likely translates to fewer cars with massive discounts clogging showroom floors.

The decision has been coming for several weeks now, with rumors brewing that Chrysler could cut up to five models. The Crossfire and Pacifica have trailed the competition for years, but it’s a shame to see the Magnum go. With the Hemi V-8, it was one fun cruiser. If they’d asked us, we probably would have advised canning the latest Sebring instead – or at the very least taking it back to the drawing board.

Chrysler spokesman David Barnas told us 2008 would be the last year for all four models. That means in about a year’s time there should be some steep discounts to clear the last of them off the lots.

By Kelsey Mays | November 1, 2007 | Comments (12)
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This is sad. The Magnum though? Why couldn't it have been the Sebring!!!

David in Houston

Well, with the Magnum gone, Pontiac should CERTAINLY build the G8 Wagon!! It'd be the only thing like it on the market.

The other Dan

The Crossfire was no surprise. Cool car but even BMW's way cool Z3 Coupe couldn't sell. Then they offer the Z4 Coupe at a ridiculously higher price! This one will be even more rare and die an earlier death. Mark my words.
The Pacifica surprised me though. I thought it was a nice van. Nicer than the MBZ GL Van. God, that thing is ugly!


Dan, you mean the M-B RL Class, right?

My guess is to why the Pacifica is going away is because it is probably too exensive to build. Theses days, cars have to share platforms and lots of other parts to be profitable. That being said, it seems very strange to me that the magnum is leaving since the charger and 300 are not. One would think it would have a higher profit margin than the "entry level" (of the three) Charger.


that leves pretty much only the Subarus and VW Passat as wagons.

Chrystler is going into survival mode, especially after Diamler-Benz told them good bye (finally)


Well, we have a Charger and I am surprised the Magnum is more expensive. But then again it probably costs more to produce. It's sad to see it go though, especially since it was just refreshed!


PT convertible was never a good idea to begin with, then again, why did they kill the Magnum instead of the Charger which competes with the 300.
The Sebring should have gone big time, instead of the Magnum.

I am not surprised to see the Crossfire go, because I can get a Z cheaper and outperforms it.


So they spared the PT, very good.

I was looking into a used Crossfire since they're so striking yet unloved.

What gave me pause was seeing a guy at Sears shelling out $200 for ONE tire.

19" rims are pretty, but they're pretty expensive to maintain as well.

Too bad for the Magnum. Americans just do not get the wagon thing and automakers do not do enough to promote them. They are more economical than SUVs and crossovers which are essentially wagons at best anyway. As an owner of a Mazda 6 Sportwagon (also discontinued) I can attest that they are indeed more fun to drive than SUVs/crossovers. I guess we still have the more expensive European models to choose from. I certainly hope Pontiac gets it right and people support the G8 wagon. I know I will be in line for one!


My daughter's company car is a Pacifica. She can't wait to be rid of it. Always in recall and the blind spots bother her.

She had a van before and will return to that. The alternative choice is a Camry, nice, but she likes to utility of a van.

I'm sorry to see the Magnum go. It may be impractial - I don't know - but nothing looks as mean and unique as a properly trimmed Magnum.

Used Crossfires should be a great buy soon. For weekend cruises, not drag races. But the original owners will keep the best ones off the market.

Too bad. Chrystler is my favourite brand of american cars. :-( But they'll be back..- R.J.

Ford Owner

The PT cruiser is one car that I could not understand. It's wierd looking. There is only one vehicle that I would buy from dodge. That vehicle would be the Dodge Viper. That is a sweet ride right there. My favorite year... 1999. I also like the 2010 ACR Viper. The Dodge trucks are nice, but my family has had nothing but problems with dodge trucks.

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