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If you’re unsure why VW named the slightly revised SUV the Touareg 2, you won’t find the answer in our review. You will discover — through the written word and a video — its pros and cons and whether or not there’s any anticipation for a Touareg 3. 

2008 VW Touareg 2 Expert Review (

By David Thomas | November 1, 2007 | Comments (1)



I thought the V6 was a pretty good value, considering the interior, exterior, and engine. Its 10K less than the V8 and has pretty good performance. Its not going to put you into 1st in drag races, but it has enough power to pass etc. DVD navigation isnt that adding a portable navi system (like a TomTom etc.) can save quite a bit of money. I will admit that the seats are a little tedious to fold, but I would rather go through another extra step or two and have nice headrests that will acctually protect the occupants without having to be raised than little ones that allow the seat to fold forward into the front like many hondas and Toyotas. Many people forget to raise the in-seat headrests and can get seriously hurt in a rear impact.

after watching the video though, it seemed like most of it was negative. They said that the interior was nice, but it still didnt have the depth that some other models, namley the Accord, had. The Accord may be a bigger seller than the Touareg, but still.

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