Ian's Pretty Pictures: 2008 Dodge Viper


While the editors here at Cars.com spend their time writing about innovations in horsepower, upgrades in headroom and the institution of usable third-row seating in crossover SUVs, I spend my time making sure the photos look good for our users. When it comes to my job, all cars are created equal. Makes and models are given the same amount of respect in front of the lens, so as not to sway potential car buyers, but some cars certainly catch my eye more than others. That’s why we came up with this new feature on KickingTires. This will be where I can better show off the aesthetically interesting cars that come into the fleet. Here, their looks speak for themselves. You can browse all my shots below.

The 2008 Dodge Viper is something of an enigma to me. The car itself is not known for groundbreaking looks or forward-thinking design — it’s an All-American muscle car, for crying out loud — but it does has a gravitating pull to it. I still picture the first Viper, with its hokey, smiling grille and its matching TV show, and it makes me guffaw. But after 16 model years and a couple of slight redesigns and makeovers, I’ve decided that I love the look of this car. The ‘08 Viper has one of the sleekest sight lines of any car on the market under $100K. At any speed, your eyes flow from the serpent badge on the front, over the wheel wells and vented hood, past the driver and low-profile windshield, and on to the slightly rounded rear end. The air intake in front of the rocker panels emotes the idea that a jet engine just might live under the hood. With grittier angles and aggressive headlights, this beast is just waiting to get out there and burn some rubber in the closest parking lot. Any way you spin it, this is a pretty car. Who cares if I’m a sucker for a red convertible with racing seats?

2008 Dodge Viper Expert Review (Cars.com)

By Ian Merritt | October 2, 2007 | Comments (23)
Tags: Dodge



awesome pics.

you should get some of a red Audi R8


I hated to say this, but I don't quite agree with the sleekest under 100K comment. I have to say that there are some better looking cars out there under 100K.

Name one.

Name one that would turn heads at the site of it even years down the road.

Ken L.

I'll name 3.

Porsche Boxster S, Cayman and Mercedes SL will always will be a beauty, even 100 years from now.

All Porssches look to alike though. And look down the line of the Mercedes SL is the older ones still a thing of beauty? whats to say the next redesign won't make the SL look old in less then 100 years.


The new Nissan 350Z will always turn heads.


And you can also get a nicely equiped 350Z for around 30k. I think they definatly look nicer than the Viper.

Porsches will probably still look alike 100 years from now. If they still around that is. Anyway im bettin that the Viper will still be a head turner who knows how many years from now.

Ken L.

The current SL will become a collectible classic when its time is due. Car designs will always change, some more pronounced than others. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, remember? One can easily say that the Viper has the headlamps of a S2000.

Oh, you guys are hating on domestics again by citing all those 3-class imports (350Z compared to a Viper? LOL!) and those typical German crap. This will smoke all of them, and the only car that (I hope) looks as good as this is the upcoming Corvette ZR-1

Ken L.

Nobody is ripping the domestic on this one. The question that was proposed by Anonymous was, “Name one that would turn heads at the site of it even years down the road” presumably for under 100k. I named 3. Yes, we all know what the Viper stands for, and that’s crude, brute power. Anonymous wanted something that will turn heads and in my opinion, the Boxster, Cayman, and SL are all 3 vehicles that will turn heads even 100 years from now. When people think about those cars, they think about the elegant beauty and performance. When people think about the Viper, well, it’s all about the 8.3L V-10 engine and what it can do. You even acknowledge when you said, “This will smoke all of them.” But Vipers does look nice in its own way.

I love this shiny red car... It looks sporty and very stylish..


Is there any way to get these pictures for desktop wallpapers?

When you're on the photo thumbnail you like just click "photo link" and it will take you to where the desktop size is.


Audi R8 looks better than this viper...this design is definitely in your face but not necessarily the most beautiful car out under 100k.

not to be nitpicky but the R8 is $102,000 ;)

I agree though if you can afford $85K for a viper, why not $102K for an R8 right?



Yep, the Viper will smoke all the others. So? We are talking about the look, not speed. BTW, a car that can't tackle a corner? No, thank you.
With that price, I can get 2 Elise, or 1 NSX, or a Supra; Oh! Even better with a RX-7(FD)!
Can't wait to see someone will put the new Nissan GT-R against the Viper.


Why can't I just edit the post...?

If Commodore still don't get it, this is a good example: This is a beauty contest, and no matter how nice a personality the contestant is, how well she does her work, etc. As long as she is not pretty, she is not winning the contest.


Cool only there not anything really.


I have new dodge viper, guys let me tell you, you dont get 1/10 atention in porche, corvette, mercedes audi8 and...us much us in this car, even who drives porche still looks at me passing buy. children, old people, guys in camero's, z350, why because its diferent, you see mercedeces, porshes, corvetts .. evry day its borrring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a lot of people dont even now the diference in these cars mercedes is mercedes, to whem nice...borring!!!!!!!!!!!!
o by the way did I mentioned the girls....you not gona belive unles you have this car

p.s. sorry about misspeling english is my 5th language, but I have Viper :) good day

I like vipers, they are COOL

hello how much do vipers cost?

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