Toyota Adds 13 New Trims for 2008 Tundra


Covering trucks is a headache because there are so many cab and bed configurations on top of the standard trims, like Touring or Sport, that you see on cars and SUVs. That makes the 13 additional trims for the 2008 Tundra a bit dizzying. The reason Toyota is adding so many new offerings is to make the Tundra available at a lower price, thereby expanding its market share.

To that end, there’s a new “Tundra Grade” in double cab and CrewMax versions of the truck. These Tundra Grade trucks slot below the SR5 models. You can get a regular cab Tundra Grade 4x2 with the standard V-6 engine and five-speed automatic for $22,290, which is the same price as the 2007 model. The Double Cab Tundra Grade will start at $24,715 with the same equipment, and the CrewMax will start at $27,685 in Tundra Grade with a V-8 engine and five-speed automatic. 

The 2008 Tundras will arrive at dealerships later this month. We’ll have full pricing on all the trim levels on shortly.

By David Thomas | October 3, 2007 | Comments (34)



How do you get a poor selling truck to sell better? Why make more of them of course!

They have 10k off the tundra where I live. True truck owners won't touch them because they have unknown reliablity and they would be made fun at on the job (where a truck is needed) for having one.

It's called "the pretty boys" truck. It does not look like it can tackle anything a F series or a Silverado could do. On top of that think how uglier this truck will be when all banged up from ______ work.


I was thinking with the quality issues that had been reported so far on these trucks that Toyota has admitted to adding more configurations is only going to make it harder to get those issues sorted out. I have seen a fair number of these Tundras in New England but Toyota does especially well here in MA. They certainly are getting more of a chance to do the real work since the less serious previous generation.

Max Reid

According to an article in USA Today, it seems Toyota is offering around $3500 discount on each Tundra. Ford offered around $4300 and Dodge around $6300.

Those who want trucks for their business will buy it, but the households dont want Trucks anymore. People are jumping on the CUV bandwagon.

The gas price of $2.75 / gallon in October is too high. If it increases further, people may start trading the Trucks.

And Toyota is NO-MORE a Green Company.


Because people are just too afraid to try out new things.


this is another Starbucks drinker's pickup IMO


Here in Texas you can get 10k discounts in the big Tundras.
But they are still week end warriors cars to transport bikes to the park.

Troy in Ft Walton Beach

Out of the haters who posted here, how many of you have actually driven or taken a ride in one? I have. I have also owned Fords, Dodges and Chevys. The Tundra is a nice, very capable truck. Did I buy one? Nope. Bought a Ridgeline instead. I like to actually be comfortable when driving/working in my truck. My point is this: Don't judge a truck by your percetion. Judge it by the driver's seat.


Ridgeline, truck? Don't you mean minivan with the butt cut off?

Troy in Ft Walton Beach


Ridgeline is actually a truck... You know.... Truck of the Year 2006. Your crow has been served.


I think I understand why you bought the Ridgeline and why you think the Tundra is a good truck, Troy in Ft. etc. But, I think the point that the others are making is that this truck hasn't earned the reputation that it may deserve. If people buy it, maybe it will.

I like the truck, but it doesn't seem as rugged as the other three. Overall, I'm sure it's a great truck. Maybe if Toyota made a dually, it would help the perception.

There are big discounts in TX for all truck manufactureres right now. The fuel thing is probably the issue. But, if that's the case, I wonder why they're aren't big discounts on Tahoes, Yukons, Expeditions, Sequoias, etc.

Troy in Ft Walton Beach


You get my point perfectly. I also agree with you 100% on why there are so many discounts on all trucks. Gas prices and the hideous MPG figures.

Max Reid

Automakers will keep increasing the discounts on the trucks until they end up in a loss.

Then they will reduce the Truck models just like GM and Ford are phasing out their Minivans.


That's what I am saying.

You people are TOO AFRAID to try new things.



Like a typical import owner, you have no idea what is under your sheet metal. Your Ridgeline chassis is the same as the Odyssey. That would make it a minivan. Enjoy. Don't let the kids drink punch in the back. It stains you know.



TOO AFRAID to try new things? How about Tundra, the truck nobody needed? Domestics trucks have a long history of reliable, competent performance; therefore there is no need to try new things. Especially when the new thing is a $30,000 purchase. Imports got their shot when the domestics boned up their sedan quality.

Even though domestics have returned to making solid vehicles again, many import sedan owners will be TOO AFRAID to try new domestic sedans again.


Imports 0 Domestics 1.


My motto..."the bigger the truck the smaller the brain", oh and lets not forget the other small thing...ha ha. "Bigger and stronger than yours" only indicates a very low self-esteem.

PS: I love the looks of the Tundra, but would never own one.


It's funny to watch the predictable Jap-haters post their predictable dribble. I loved my 2005 F-150, but recently I purchased a 07 Tundra due to an accident w/ my F-150. My Tundra, though two years newer, is light years ahead of the F-150 in terms of refinement. I gladly took advantage of the discounts that Toyota offered me, but they are no where near what Chevy, Ford or Dodge are offering. I almost bought a Silverado, but at the end of the day the Tundra V8 is second to none. I'm glad a bought a real American V8 pick-up.


I am by far NOT an import person. but if i had to choose from a Ridgeline or a Tundra as a truck. i would choose the Tundra seeing that its actually a truck built on a frame and with a V8. not a unibody V6.

Troy in Ft Walton Beach

Peppy, hitman1970,

The Tundra is an awesome truck! You should also check out the Ridgeline. It has a hybrid truck boxed frame/unibody frame combined. It's much more torsionally stronger than a regular truck's frame. Benefit: It eliminates the jiggles/wiggles and rattles/squeaks that are typical with body on frame trucks. It also has 4 wheel independent suspension which truly gives it an Accord up high" ride and quietness. Not to mention the 8.5 cu ft trunk in the bed, swing out tailgate, on demand 4WD and a no slouch 247 hp V-6. Much more comfortable for daily use and won't beat you up on that mountain trail to the hunting lodge while towing your camper with your 4 friends riding in the cab with you.

hitman 1970,

The Ridge does share some atributes with the Ody. IE.. roomy interior, smooth ride, quiet ride, and general comfort for all who ride in front or back. Please explin whay that's a bad thing?


I'm not a domestic basher. I grew up riding/owning them. But.... after traveling the world on several occasions, and "commuting" in aircraft, vehicles of various makes/models, boats, trains, heavy equipment etc. I've learned what is refined, comfortable, mechanically sound,innovative,reliable and properly engineered to my eyes. It's not a domestic hat's been made over the pat few years. Maybe again in the future.



The "import" sedan drivers actually got screwed by "domestic" sedans, therefore their panic is understandable.
On the other hand, truck drivers haven't try the "import" trucks, but just afraid to try them out.
See the difference?
Plus, the Ridgeline rides more comfy than those "real" trucks, and gets better fuel economy. So what is not good? Are you saying that trucks needs to be like a penalty box with less than comfy ride?


I am not some blind import hater. I drove nothing but imports for fifteen years. Japanese, German, Korean. I have been to 17 countries. I have flown several "Aircraft" for Uncle Sam to, Troy. I do not see Tundra or Ridgeline offering anything that domestics do not already offer in well made packages. Words like refined, smoother, high quality plastics, etc. are subjective. A certain import manufacturer,Toyota, flat out lied about engine HP for years. I do buy the alleged foreign autmaker superiority after fifteen years of real world ownership anymore. The best I can say about the experience is I must have missed the worst of Detroit, because the best vehicle (ride, refinement, value) I have ever owned is a GM product.


Last rant should have said. "Do NOT buy alleged foreign automaker superiority." Let the flaming continue.


Is the Ridgeline still in production? I hardly ever see one here in TX.
Tundra will have its chance when you see a 15 year old truck with 250k in the second engine...


I've had my Tundra going on fourteen months now and can say it's the best truck I have ever owned. My 2005 Silverado pales in comparison in every way imaginable. I test drove Ford, Dodge, GM, and Nissan before buying the Tundra as it was a no brainer. Lexus V8, Toyota quality - refinement - reliability. Now this is how a truck should be.

You bought a truck because it was comfy? how smart is that. At least the silverado will last way past 100k miles.

I had a 90's silverado and I managed to get 264,381 miles out of it before my wife crashed it during a hurricane.

The past few floods that we have seen here only REAL trucks were out saving peoples lives. Heck there was a Tundra owner that didnt want to take his out because it might get damaged.

Comfort,Style,lexus. Those words don't belong with work truck. Neither does American and Tundra. A real American car is built here or elsewere(depending on agreements and contracts) and the money stays in the states to help our own economy. Sure the tundra is built in America.But the sales from it only help other countries get better then the United States. You can't sit here and complain about this countries current state and drive your little import car. Support America, Buy Domestic.


Seriously, I really don't want to reply any "nameless" folks.

With that said, here is one thing I will reply: The Silverado only lasts over 264,381? Well, Honda's engine should last more than that, I've personally seen some 300,000 plus.

The Toyota's number lies are more related to how power is being measured. Remember, they are a foreign company, and the way they measure is more than likely different from us.
Just how many countries out there still uses lb over kg?
Did you just simply avoided the part about the panic/afraid to try?

Ok J can't read. That Silverado was crashed during a hurricane. Thats probably why it never got anymore miles on it. Of course you just want to try to mention honda somewhere in this.

Lies are still Lies. Do the math Our way instead of just half ass doing it. Arn't people suppose to catch mistakes like this? Did they? No. Hmmm Lie.

Panic and avoid to try. Oh boy here goes some fun.

Import sedan owners who are "paniced" by domestic sedans won't "try" another domestic.

Domestic truck owners won't "try" a $30,000 cash investment because they have "panic"
against losing out on that money.

Ridgeline "truck" owners "try" to be tough with Real trucks out there but in the end the Minivan inside and the puny V6 shows its head. If anyhing the ridgeline is no more powerful then a Dakota. Compare against other V6 don't try to say you can take on the power of a V8.

Troy in Ft Walton Beach

Well, the Ridge doesn't have a V-8. Why would it compete against trucks that do? It does however fair very well against v-6 powered trucks (think Tacoma, Ranger, Mazda, Fronteir, Dakota) as well as with some v-8's.

Let's not forget how many people actually use the full capability of thier truck? Most people buy a truck for what it is capable of doing but rarely, if ever, exploit a mere fraction of it. That's the target audience of the Ridge. Combine that with some innovative thinking (in bed trunk, swing out/drop down tail gate, independent suspension, unibody/reinforced box frame, on demand awd, power to tow 5000 lbs, haul 1550 in the bed, transmission cooler standard, and actual room for 5 in minivan like comfort, handling/ride characteristics of a car)etc.., what's not to like? if the Big 3 offered that at a reasonable price I'd be driving one. lets face it... When is the last time The Big 3 put that much ingenuity and thinking into one of their trucks or other vehicles for that matter? IMO that's why they are loosing market share. They build what they think people will like. Importers listen to what people want and then build it. What a concept!

Detroit puts out some fine sheetmetal. no doublt about that. The importers however, are better at sculpting that sheetmetal.


Thank you for serving your country. You have my deepest respect for that. 3 more years before I retire. Hope you take no offense to any of my comments.



No offense taken. Your welcome. I have 14 in and will probably go ten more before hanging it up.


Do you honestly think when the Japanese were visiting Ford every two weeks in the 50s and 60s getting assisted in how to make automobiles that they skipped the "How we measure HP Class"? Really? It is called misleading the consumer, end of story.

See you all on another thread.

"No horse too dead."

Troy in Ft Walton Beach

There should be the pluses and minus of Domestics and Imports thread. LOL.

I suppose one benfit for everyone is competition. Competition tends to make products better for the consumer. I'll take that any day.



Thanks for your service as well. I asbsolutely agree with your last statement.


I own a 02 Dakota with a 4.7 V8 that would blow the doors off that ridge-stain of a vehicle, stock too. I am just sticking up for my truck. Yes it is a domestic, and I am proud of that. I own the best, most powerfull, most underated, versatle MID sized truck on the market... and I get 18 mpg, beat that... oh and I spent 14k, bye-bye


Toyota Tundra is the best!

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