Sales of Redesigned Cars Soar


It sounds like a no-brainer, but guess what? New and redesigned models sell, especially if they get good reviews. Sales figures for September — widely projected to be a slow month for automakers — are in, and redesigned models like the Honda Accord, Cadillac CTS and Mercedes-Benz C-Class are selling well. Really well.

Unfortunately, the automakers don’t break out how many of the cars sold are 2007s versus 2008s, but we were able to glean a few tidbits from the numbers. The Cadillac CTS did the best of the three in terms of percentage increase, showing a 73.5% sales increase over September 2007. If you look at the CTS’ sales in August, they were down 9.1%.

Another well-received entry-level luxury sedan, the Mercedes C-Class, had a redesigned model hit the streets last month. Sales of the C-Class were up 42.8%. In August, they were down 1.9%. We’re stressing August’s numbers because they’re a good gauge of how incentives affected sales of leftover 2007 models in September.

Taking into account the fact that the Honda Accord had a huge ad campaign and positive reviews for the 2008 model, sales were up 31.2% in September. Last month, when incentives were high on the 2007 Accord and there were no 2008 models available, sales were up even more compared to the previous year, at 37.3%.

All three models have broken into’s list of the top five cars with the biggest increase in consumer searches as well.

These three cars are vital to their respective brands and all seem to be doing well out of the gate, though the Accord is harder to gauge than the others. Regardless, we’re always intrigued to see buyers following what research and independent car reviews are saying. 

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Same for Lexus:
LS 460/600h L (2007: 2,918) (2006: 898) (+237.9%)

The xB doesn't work out so well:
SCION xB (2007: 4,842) (2006: 5,535) (%-9.0)

Those two are probably more examples of supply issues than anything else. The LS600 is finally getting into all those preorder hands and building an inventory and the xB is probably still getting sorted out on trim levels etc. I did a local inventory search and most xBs were really expensively equipped. That's probably hurting them. Strange though since Scion is supposed to be all a la cart.

IMHO the new xB is worlds better than the old. It is just better on every level, style being subjective that is.

The demand for the xB is high, it's just that dealers can't seem to get enough of them. I recently test drove the xB and the dealer only had two on the lot, one was sold. He said that it's been that way since May and they only get one or two at a time.



Please look at the JDM bB. Why can't we get that hip car instead of the ever uglier xB here?


if they only get one or two at a time, then they sell out pretty fast no matter what.

the xB isnt the best out there. it does have a pretty roomy rear seat, but other than that, there arent many positives. the three biggest mistakes are the center mounted guages, "wealth" of hard plastic, and the enormous blind spots to the rear.


So I don't see the article talking about scion. I am happy for the automakers having good sells with their redesigns. I am looking forward to seeing how the '08 Malibu does. When does the new Mazda6 go on sale, I think it will sell well too.


You can't blame the xB numbers on "ramping up". They've been on sale long enough (since the Spring). Scion missed the mark with the xB by making it too big and too thirsty.


This is what I love about the internet, any twit like LM can post pure bs and no knows the difference. I'm an analyst for a major insurance that tracks trends in the auto industry. Ziggy is right in that the sales of the xB (or lack of) are directly correlated to their lack of supply. I personally don't like the new look, however that's not what is limiting the sales.


No need to resort to name-calling. I posted a fact about monthly sales. There shouldn't be a supply problem on the xB. It's not like they needed a new factory to get "ramped up".

Instead of throwing insults, why not list a source stating a known supply problem? Just because you work for an insurance company (no sympathy) doesn't make you god.

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