Lexus Prices 2008 GS Line: 52 More HP for $245


Lexus made some revisions to the GS model lineup for 2008, including changes to the exterior and interior. The GS 350 and GS 450h hybrid’s prices remain unchanged at $44,150 and $54,900, respectively. The GS 430 has been replaced by the GS 460, which sports a new V-8 engine with 342 hp — 52 more than the outgoing GS 430. The price increase is a modest $245 to $52,620. 

While we find the GS an underrated model when it comes to performance, it‘s also one of the few cars in Lexus’s stable to score poorly in reliability ratings. Consumer Reports recently removed it from its list of recommended models and the AWD version scored especially poorly.

Toyota Reliability Plummets in Consumer Reports Survey (KickingTires)

By David Thomas | October 19, 2007 | Comments (10)
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the interior is also extremely cramped for a vehicle of its size, and the quality is nothing special.

the new engine may add more HP, but the GS is not going to be more agile or fun to drive.

I thought the GS was plenty big inside. Compared to a 5 Series it has roughly the same interior space.

It wasn't really agile, but for a sedan of its size it wasn't a slouch either.

Was it a 550i? no but it starts about $7K less.


I am 6'3", so that may have contributed to it...


it mainly had to do with the driving position also. for me it felt like the steering wheel was to far away and with the sunroof i had less than 1.3 in. of headroom, a little less than my tastes


Did they put in the 8 speed like the ones being sold in Japan too?

Tom L

8 speed? I always thought that was just way to many gears to hunt through. Sure its an auto, but damn, I imagine in 30 years I'll be reading this site again about 16-20 speed transmissions.


16 speed, huh?
Aren't they already being used on semi?

Max Reid

GS 430 sold less than 300 / year and GS450h sold in very low #, recently.

$2.8 gas price should be biting along with Housing problem.

Toyota should apply the Hybrid system in smaller vehicles like Corolla, Yaris, Scion or Lexus IS (small) models instead of those gas-guzzlers.


Almost $42,7000 for a base GS350? I'll take a well equipped 2008 Cadillac CTS and save a few grand. Oh, and not look like I am driving a car designed for 50 year old Botox fans.


The big problem of Lexus are the cheapo models, they are cramped inside and look like a Toyota in disguise.
My father in law has one, and it is really bad to be inside one for a long trip, and we are talking about an EXPENSIVE car.

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