Jaguar Pulls the Plug on X-Type


AutoWeek is reporting that Jaguar will not sell its entry-level X-type sedan and wagon in the U.S. after March, when the more anticipated — and more expensive — XF goes on sale. The X-Type’s glaring failure to compete in an ultra-competitive segment — think BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Audi A4, Saab 9-3, Cadillac CTS — directly impacted Jaguar’s sales and bottom line.

New Jaguar X-Types will be built through December and sold until inventories are depleted. Last month, Jaguar X-Type sales were down more than 50% from September 2006. In 2006, Jaguar sold 5,214 X-Types, which was another 50%-plus drop from the year before’s total of 10,941 sales. Guess what? That was an almost-50% drop from 2004’s numbers of 21,542. The X-Type’s best year was 2002, when it was first introduced, with sales of 33,018. If there are any X-Type fans out there weeping from the news, feel free to lament in the comments below.

Jaguar Drops X-Type From 2009 U.S. lineup (AutoWeek)

By David Thomas | October 12, 2007 | Comments (14)


jim freitag

Too bad. Here in Olean NY, it is a go anywhere anytime car. All wheel drive, traction control, reasonably priced, needs a few more bells and whistles, but... It goes..

5 speed manual 3.0... quick.

It's look humbles most others..


reasonable price? you must have Benjamins growing in your backyards ...


I drove one recently...and was really surprised. Very rifend, heavy, sturdy driving vehicle that was quick too. It felt very Germanic like an Audi A4 (which I own). I've always liked the distinctive styling, in an era when most BMW and Mercede vehicles become more blobby-Asian-generic. Anyhow, that's my two cents. I'm sad to see it go.

But it is also another vehicle in a long long line of f-ups from Ford Motor Company... Blackwood, Lincoln LS, Capri, Thunderbird, 500...

They needed to have an X with more kick to compete with it's competitors. I am on my 4th jaguar, started with the S Type, had an Xk convertible, and then the couple, presently driving the new XJ and it is a blast to drive.
The X-type had potential, being all whell drive it handles well- it just needed a kick up in the horsepower department.


The x-type was cramped, plain and what might have looked good on paper, didn't add up to anything extraordinary. Like many cars out there, I think it has plenty of appeal until you realize that the name plate can no longer command the kind of premium that you are expected to pay.

Not really surprised at Jaguar's decision to pull the carpet from under the X-Type. I am a British Expat here in the States and used to live five miles from the Jag plant in Coventry. I saw the engineers test drive the X on public roads before it was launched and I must say I was underwhelmed at the time. It was simply an upmarket Ford Mondeo, built on precisely the same platform, but costing literally twice as much. They never really took of in the UK. People either opted for the Beamers, Mercs or the V6 3 liter performance Mondeo - which was still £10,000 ($20,000) less than the X. Let's all look forward to the XF now.

Josh S.

It is a nice car. I sat in one, and the interiors' contrast of plastic, wood and leather kinda turned me off, but otherwise it was a beautiful car inside and out...especially in the wagon form. All Jaguar had to do was make it look like a Jaguar inside. It's too bad though, nice car.

Josh S.

It is a nice car. I sat in one, and the interiors' contrast of plastic, wood and leather kinda turned me off, but otherwise it was a beautiful car inside and out...especially in the wagon form. All Jaguar had to do was make it look like a Jaguar inside. It's too bad though, nice car.


Was the X-type was built off the platform of the former Ford Contour / Mercury Mystique?? Both are gone so the X-type should have been put out to pasture along side those models and reborn on a new platform all it's own or possibly even the platform of the Mazda 6 which has made the Fusion Milan and MKZ such sales successes. But that's how Ford works

THANK YOU. I guess since the Tarus and Sable are back, you don't need an X-Type.

Bring back the Catera!!!!!!! lol.


From the moment I saw the exaggerated Jag emblem in the center of the steering wheel I knew this car was going to be a bust. The test drive confirmed it.


thats just it- the X-type is just average.the interior is nice, but thats all; its powertrain and handling are just average. it is losing the competition with similarly prices sedans from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes.

the XF though, looks as if it could be a real contender in the market.


I WANT IT BACK!!! I've bought a new one every 2 years since its release (I still have the first one an 02 sport in quartz. To make matters worse, I love the revisions Jaguar did on it but they are only selling them in other countries. I have a big problem with this...JAGUAR PLEASE BRING IT BACK - I'LL ORDER ONE THE DAY YOU BRING IT BACK!


We recently bought a 3 year old X type. We have owned dozens of new and used high end luxury cars but had never even considered any Jaguar due to reliability issues in the past. This car was a bargain for the money (30k miles, for under $16k) and has been as reliable as any small European or Japanese luxury car we have owned but more content for the dollar. Consider one if you are will be surprised.

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