GM to Build Hummer H3T Truck


In an unusual move, GM confirmed today that it would build an all-new model for Hummer based on the H3T truck concept shown here. It will be based on the popular H3 SUV and feature a pickup bed. Unlike some SUVs with truck beds, the H3T will be a full-fledged pickup, bigger than a midsize (Chevy Colorado) but smaller than a full-size (Chevy Silverado) and will go on sale in the third quarter of 2008, meaning sometime next fall.

We say the announcement is unusual because most car companies won’t announce a new model without a public unveiling of some kind, like at a major auto show. We expect to see a production version of the H3T at one such show this season, most likely Chicago in February. More H3T concept photos below.   

By David Thomas | October 30, 2007 | Comments (17)



If I am not mistaken, isn't the H3 based on the Colorado/Canyon twins?

Then why would GM want to make it into a triplet?


While Chrysler is dropping models,GM is adding more? I cant picture this truck doing any serious work beyond driving down Main Street as an ego trip.A few might see some off road duty (mainly by car magazines),but I cant see construction companies,loggers,plumbers,snowplow operators snapping them up anytime soon.



People stopped buying trucks for their actual purpose a long time ago. It's total bling, that's all.

the H3 isn't an exact twin of the two pickups but they share a platform. The H3 is also a lot more popular than the two trucks which never really caught on with the public, mainly because of the engine choices. I find the size of the H3T intriguing.

Surprising but great, a hummer as a truck. the question is: who is gonna buy one? the hummer customers wont switch to it, a real hummer coolness factor isnt to beat with this one.



i'll admit that i have a huge bias against SUV's and especially hummers. i therefore think the reason that this piece of work was not "unveiled" because, just like crappy movies they are insecure and did not want crappy reviews before they unleashed it to the public.

i also must admit, like whatLM and Surya said, that certain people thrive on the Bling factor; Navigators were really "cool" when they first came out, but look at the Blackwood! GM made the same mistake with this thing -- it looks crude, barebones and pathetic. why can't the same company that makes the hotcake Escalade and the EXT use the same formula? this little slug just looks SAD. sorry, no bling here


Hummer needs to be stopped



Would you mind explain in further detail in regard of the following statement?
"the H3 isn't an exact twin of the two pickups but they share a platform"

My guess are: HUMMER offered a different powertrain, inside and out cosmetic surgeries, and what else? Ah! Must be that HUMMER H3T badge.

Troy in Ft Walton Beach

For the expected price, people will expect more than two seats.


I really like it. After all I'm running out of SUV's to key.

this is just a concept. I'd expect the production version to have at least an extended cab.



The H3 shares only the initial starting chassis as the Colorado/Canyon. It has additional structural cross-members to increase the frame strength. The suspension mounting points were moved out to the corners to increase the approach and departure angles, and the transfer case is a standard two-speed all time 4wd versus the driver-selectable type. The 4:1 transfer case offers much better gearing and a better overall ratio.

I've taken the truck over the Rubicon, several trails in Moab, and Dusy-Ershim. I've also raced in Rod Hall's stock-class H3. These trucks will do a lot more than most people use them for.

Check out Rod Hall's racing site at

Like N said they did a lot of work to make the H3 a Hummer and handle off-road duties. This wasn't a simple rebadging effort. The essential reason to keep it on the same platform was to give it an assembly home and save money that way. It's kind of like how the Volvo S40, C70, C30 and Mazda3 are on the same platform but are quite different vehicles.


Then I just don't see why would they want to make it into a truck. If you are going off-road cross country, wouldn't it be better to have a hard top instead of open bed?
If you want to have a truck that can work off road, why don't just beef up the Canyon instead?

Platform sharing is a good thing, supporting 3 different brand is not.

Max Reid

H2 SUT have 2 rows of seats with 5 passenger seating.

H3 SUT has only 1 row of seat with 2 passenger seating. Will someone buy this for 35K to seat just 2.

Or it will seat 3 passengers.
Yes Chrysler may drop few gas-guzzlers, no idea why GM is adding. Gas prices are close to 2.9 / gallon.

Max Reid

GM expects to sell a lot of vehicles in China (I guess Hummer as well).

Now China is increasing the price of gasolene/diesel by 8 %.

BTW, does the H3 have 6-speed transmission like H2 or 4-speed.

jack z

if gm is smart they will add a diesel to the h3 pickup.i know for one 1 would buy it tomorrow if so.

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