Dodge Avenger Stormtrooper Concept


  • Looks like: The fleet vehicle for the Galactic Empire
  • Defining characteristics: A white-out of add-ons
  • Ridiculous features: Um ... it’s named after a sci-fi institution
  • Chance of being mass-produced: Zero, mainly because George Lucas would sue

Earlier today we promised we wouldn’t post about the wild tuner concepts from SEMA that had zero shot of making it to production. We lied. This custom job of a Dodge Avenger is just so over the top we had to share. The company did such a good job of whiting out a regular Avenger with just enough black highlights that we think any rank-and-file “Star Wars“ geek would have to be impressed.

The lone feature we don’t understand is the “blue magic” tint to the glass. Perhaps some fanboy out there can help us out. Luckily Dodge did provide a number of photos of this homage to a galaxy far, far away.


Tom L

It wouldn't be produced because no one has purchased a regular Avenger anyway. Why have a specialty car when no one even has the regular?

This white package is just plain tired (yawn). It looks like a throwback to the old Miami Vice (circa 1984)days! Crockett and Tubbs, your car is ready!


Sure, it's formulaic, but I think it would sell, and the investment in tooling would be minimal. They could make a small fortune selling replacement front air dams. The first driveway would carry this one clean away. I don't think Lucas would sue. Anything that favorably reminds people of his productions is an ego boost. That's show biz.


The taillights r betting looking than the regular cars'!


A snow blower may accidentally blow it away...


Put a gold earing on this white car and it could be called the Mr. Clean-mobile.

Maybe they can do a commercial with Ted Nugent's Stormtrooper music playing in the background!

Terry B

Wow the interior looks awesome!!! Is it from last years SEMA show or is it from this years? I know it starts tomorrow in Vegas. Looks like it will be a pretty good one. The website has a lot of info on the show. I think they'll update it this week with some behind the scenes stuff from Vegas!


Tailights looks like stolen from 500, Taurus, Five Hundred, or whatever that dang thang is called.


as far as the Blue Windows, wasn't the working title of Star Wars 2 (now known as Empire Stikes Back) "Blue harvest" or "Blue" something?

Might be another injoke.

Who cares about an avenger. What ever happend to the CHARGER.

Per Olaf

It looks cool, better than most 92 civics with cheap plastics on the road.


I own two Avengers a white one and a black one. I think this one is a great looking one. I would love to own this one.


I love this avenger. If they dont produce it i would happily buy the only version because it's looks freaken awesome.

1997 Avenger owner

Please please please make more Avenger coupes! I'm just not a 4 door gal? Why don't the US car companies make fun sporty coupes with a decent sized backseat anymore? That's why I bought the Avenger in the first place. It was the only one that was roomy enough for 4-5 people to travel at the same time! The Mustang & its cohorts might as well be 2 seaters, since anyone with legs longer than 5'6" has to slide the seats all the way back.

I'd buy a Challenger if it weren't so dang expensive...


I can tell which of you who have posted comments about the concept being under-rated, don't know jack diddly about cars. For all of you who are into this concept you know that this car would be well sought out for. I for one am in the process of making this front end for my new avenger. I am reproducing this on my own car, and think that this should be reproduced anyways!

The blue magic tint, uh...well, it looks cool? Surely that's enough reason to have it, yes?

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