Buick Enclave Flying Off Lots


The Wall Street Journal compiles a “Hot Off The Lot” list every month that marks how long a car stays on a dealer lot. In September, the new Buick Enclave crossover tied the seemingly undying Toyota Prius atop the list. It was followed by luxury SUVs like the BMW X5, Lexus RX and Mercedes-Benz GL.

Other interesting tidbits drawn from the numbers include the most popular color: white; the most-traded-in model: the Buick Rendezvous; and that the majority of Buick buyers were young — at least for that brand: 36 to 55 years old. 

Hot Off The Lot (Wall Street Journal via GM InsideNews)

By David Thomas | October 12, 2007 | Comments (16)
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So does this indicate that Rendezvous owners were trading in for Enclaves enmasse?


Can't blame them, the Rendezvous was hideous. The Enclave is so much better in every way. At least this shows a lot of brand loyalty for Buick.

I actually rented a Rendezvous nto too long ago. Besides the outdated exterior and interior the ride and engine were quite nice.
To answer LM

I would hazard a number of guesses as to why it's the #1 trade in.
1. It's dated and people who own them are ready for a new vehicle.
2. Buick owners will always be more likely to buy another Buick (as any brand out there) and Buick has gotten very high scores for customer service and reliability.
3. Perhaps dealers are reserving this hot model for loyal customers.

Those are just guesses though.


I think they're good guesses, DT. I wonder if the Accord will top next months' list. People have been awaiting that car.


its hard to say if the accord will. some are just going to buy it because its an accord. others are going to look at the vehicle itself as if it didnt have a brand, and see that there are some steps back (like some of the interior materials) that will take away from the sale.

they cant even get them on the lots in my area. the dealers can only keep one on the lot; the one that they use as a test-drive vehicle. there is a waiting list in my area that is pretty long.

It's still a very tragic situation... walking into a Buick dealership and seeing a great vehicle like the Enclave, and then looking to the left and seeing the LaCrosse... Although i love the front end, it all goes to hell once you get into it. The final nail in the coffin is driving it!



Driving a LaCrosse is that bad for you? I finally drove a Camry for the first time and all I could feel was my hand weepings on the steering wheel from having to drive that numb brick.

Great news for Buick. The Enclave is a great vehicle. Epsilon II LaCrosse and Zeta Park Avenue cannot get here fast enough.


Is anyone else bothered by the inconsistent styling on this vehicle? Specifically, the thick, glitzy strip of chrome that runs under the side windows but then is missing from beneath the rear window, leaving a naked-looking hatch.



With the one day off the lot life,I would say no.


The truth is that Buick has not ever had a problem selling cars. The Rendezvous is still a relatively popular vehicle (albeit used, and very affordable). And, the LeSabre was the best selling full size sedan in the country for like, 12 years). Granted, the LaCrosse replaced it, but I have a hard time believing that the LaCrosse isn't selling well. The Enclave is hot because it's a Buick and clearly Buick loyalists are buying the Enclave.


The fact is that LaCrosse is not selling that well. I own a 2006 CXS and am very pleased with it, but year over year sales are down for the model. They also never approached the combined sales for the Century/Regal vehicles it replaced. It is unfortunate because it is a very competent family sedan that drives well. I have never understood how Impala can be well reviewed and this not. Oh well. They will be lucky to sell 65,000 units this year with a healthy fleet percentage to boot.

Juan Carlos

what i want to know is how many young people turn down or settle for an gmc acadia/saturn outlook.


I have been seeing lots of Enclaves in houston and I have yet to see one piloted by the steriotypical, old, stodgy person. I have seen lots of very young- maybe thirties couples driving them, and a lot of very attractive younger women. I doubt they were driving a buick before this, which leads me to believe that it is not just buick loyalists buying it. I'm sure more than a few sales have been taken from the cadilac crossover (can't remember the last time I saw one of those) that cost more and isn't as pretty.


bottom line, GM really did their homework when they designed and executed this new vehicle, and that's basically all that you need to be successful in this industry.

It's no wonder they are flying off the lots this January because there are up to $4,750 in rebates (Michigan)! This was a hot SUV even before GM threw a bunch of rebates at it.

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