BMW 1 Series Convertible Coming This Spring


  • Competes with: Mini Cooper S, Audi A3
  • Looks like: A slightly smaller, less aggressive BMW Z4
  • Drivetrain: 230-hp, 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder or 300-hp, turbocharged 3.0-liter  six-cylinder
  • Hits dealerships: 128i this spring, 135i later in 2008

We went gaga over the 135i coupe when we first saw it and learned that it would indeed be coming stateside. Now that we know the lineup will include more affordable 128i coupe and convertibles — in both 128i and 135i powerplants — we’re even more excited.

How can we get excited without ever having driven a two-door 1 Series? Because BMW promises a pure driving car without too much gadgetry getting in the way. However, iDrive is available with the navigation system.

The convertible top can be retracted in 22 seconds at speeds up to 25 mph. Raising the roof takes the same amount of time. There’s a standard soft-top in black or taupe, plus an optional version in black with shiny metallic fibers that the company says shine silver in the sun. The optional sun-reflective leather found on the new 3 Series convertible is also offered here.

BMW says two golf bags will fit in the trunk when the top is retracted, but we’ll believe that when we see it. Keep reading for more photos.

By David Thomas | October 1, 2007 | Comments (5)
Tags: BMW, Forecast



I want it! Too bad I'm 6'3. Any word on whether there's more room than in the MX-5?

I was just in a meeting day-dreaming about the 1-series. What irony!


I would take a MX-5 over this any day, no questions asked.


first thing close to a decent looking bmw since the last time the phillies went to the playoffs but still that upside-down arch across the doors makes it look like a bent-backed old horse. when will bmw realize they perfected style in the 80's and went downhill from there. bring back the 2002!


personally, i like the coupe better. looks a little sharper to me. Im 6'3 also, and the coupe would fit me better anyway.

BMW shouldve offered a smaller, 2.0L I4 that had like 150-200 hp (something like VW's I4). It would probably get better gas milage and sell better because it would be cheaper and would get better mpg.


I still think BMW missed the oppertunity to remake the 2002 for,,,,2002.

I don't know if this is a worthy successor 5 years to late or an admission that the 3 series has gone to far upmarket.

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