2008 Ford Sport Trac Adrenalin


  • Competes with: Chevy Avalanche, Honda Ridgeline
  • Looks like: A faster version of the Ford Sport Trac
  • Drivetrain: Exactly the same as the regular Ford Sport Trac
  • Hits dealerships: January 2008

When the Sport Trac Adrenalin concept hit the auto show circuit way back in 2005, we thought it was a good idea. Now, seeing that Ford is finally releasing a version of that concept with just cosmetic changes, we’re wondering where the last two years went. Doing some research, though, Ford vice president of design J Mays said way back when the concept debuted that it was planned for 2007. Of course, that concept had a supercharged version of the 4.6-liter V-8 the production model has.

Instead of a go-fast version of the Sport Trac, this is a looks-fast version. Ford announced the starting price of the Sport Trac Adrenalin today as well — $29,775 not including $720 in destination charges. That’s really the price of a Ford Explorer Sport Trac Limited with the Adrenalin Package price of $2,995 already added. So you can opt for either a 4X2 or 4X4 Sport Trac with either the V-6 or V-8 engine. Nope, no superchargers here.

The extra $2,995 goes to new body work, mostly. The new front of the Adrenaline is massive and quite aggressive. We miss the concept’s centered pipes, but the front end is actually bolder than the concept’s. When was the last time that happened?

Twenty-inch wheels also help a lot in trying to explain the added cost. They’re actually the same wheels shown on the concept back in 2005. Interior changes are minor, and the Adrenalin comes in limited colors: the Copper Red you see here, White Suede, black and silver. As always, more photos below, along with a shot of the concept for comparison purposes.

Ford Sport Trac Adrenalin Concept (Cars.com)

By David Thomas | October 25, 2007 | Comments (36)
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J Mays is part of Ford's problem, he should have been shown the door long ago. My neighbor bought a Ridgeline and at first I thought it was a poor excuse for a truck. However, compared to my 06 Explorer (which I really like) I must admit it's a superior vehicle in just about every way. I do save on gas though because whenever we go out he always drives.

Adrenalin? Sounds like a yawn, LOL. Without the blower, whats the point?


Looks like Ford's copying the shape of the huge Audi/VW grill, but without the chrome. Is that next?


Another miscalculated step for Ford. This may have sold a few years ago but not now. Nobody is looking for a "high performance wannabe" truck. A better move would have been to slap a body kit on the boring Ford Edge and add a supercharger...




The reason for why is this thing called Adrenlin is because it pumps all of them out from you in order to make it feel fast.

Troy in Ft Walton Beach

This reminds me of the punishing comments by Domestic lovers to Import tuner car builders. Tuners were shunned for puttng body kits, big wings, funky head/tail lights and any other bling that could be had on thier rides. Of course none of this added to the actual performance of the vehicle. Now look who's doing it? Ford..... To those tuner bashers... Your plate of crow has been served (compliments of Ford).

I actually do like this concept but think it was poorly executed or, cheapened.

Troy I don't think it is anti-import thing. Most would laugh at Focus or Cobalt with the same crap taped on to it. One thing to modify a Civic or whatever to make it faster but a completely different thing to leave it stock and tape on crap to make it look "fast". I myself find it a riot to put on an exhaust pipe opening the size of a softball (it will never utilize), tack on a wing the size of hang glider(no real sports cars have wings of this sze) and put on cheezy ground effects that are most often broken since they are about an inch from the ground. I have friend who was a true import tuner and we would both laugh at silly stuff like that, it was at least as funny on a Focus, Neon or Cobalt. Its your car do what you want just don't be sad when others find it funny.

This Adrenalin is pretty much a joke, everyone knows that reading this. I don't care if it was a Ridgeline or an Avalanche with this junk, it is still a joke. Hopefully no one buys it but just like the "poser" tuners its your car do what you like.


Talking about the tuner crowd, there should be a dividing line separating the tuner and the ricer.
A tuner should be defined as someone that mods their own car for a real purpose of going faster than it was.
A ricer is simply put, someone who would put a GT-R badge on a Metro without doing any work to actually make it fast.

I personally think this is an awesome looking truck. Sure it would have been nice to have that supercharger. However, if you use this vehichle for praticular purposes instead of a garage ornament it makes more sense. It saves on the price tag and the fuel bill. I think the interior could have been doctored more and I'm curious about the sound. The former Adrenalin had a nice sound system. I'll wait until the actual unveiling and see what's available. I think most of the posters here are only here to be negative anyway and really have no interest, past or present, in the Sport Trac line.


I like the truck. It needs a moonroof and some chrome around the front would be nice.

Ford needs Adrenalin right now!

J. Everett

I love it. I was already interested in the Sport Trac, but the gaudy chrome on the front end is a major turn off. The Adrenalin front end is much more appealing to me. And since the engine is identical to that in a Mustang GT, there are at least 5 blower/turbo options on the market by reputable tuners like Roush Racing.


Well, I kinda like this truck. I have had 2 Sport Tracs and liked them both - they are the MOST functional & practical vehile I have ever had. The lowered look is more agressive and with the 4.6 V8 it hshould have some kick - if you want more kick, you can add your own supercharger - for those who are happy, the price is lower without the blower.


I'm actually a Lincoln Mercury Sales Consultant. I've been following Ford for a long time and this excites me. I've had one 2003 Sport Trac in the past and I loved it's utility. I traded it for a reg cab FX4 F150 in 2005 because it didn't have the power I wanted. Back then you could only get a 4.0L V6 that really wasn't very powerful or good on fuel. I put some money in a lift kit, rims and tires. Now that I see they are actually going to build this I'm a little annoyed.

I'm pumped that the Sport Trac can be purchased with a 292HP v8. Its power to weight ratio is already better than a 5.4L F150. It should see superior fuel economy because of this.

Most of all it's realistic. The Adrenalin offers some serious bang for the buck in the cosmetic department. It comes factory installed. That is HUGE. If you had to replicate that look yourself you can rest assured it would cost over 3gs unless you did your own labor. Most people cannot.

I think this truck is perfect for me. V8,4 doors, floor shift, 20s, body kit...all from Ford.

Who cares about a supercharger? Where the hell can you really enjoy the horse power legally other than a track? Horsepower doesn't turn heads unless it is in use and that usually means your risking somthing.


Wow. I just find it hard how someone cannot like this truck. Just look at it. It looks EXTREMELY aggressive. Its a badass looking truck. Look at the Ridgeline (if you even call that a "truck") and the avalance. They are incredibly ugly. Stupid fake roll-bars and plastic that isnt even painted all over it. They look rediculous. This truck is VERY appealing. It'll haul 5 passangers, all their gear, AND pull a 7000 lb trailer. All w/o a supercharger or monstorous displacement engine. Dont get me wrong, large engines w/lots of power are great, but for the midsize market personel out there, I couldnt find a better looking truck. Agressive, muscle, AWD, and comfort. You couldnt ask for a better truck. All you haters just are not looking close enough. This truck is a thing of beauty. Im planning on getting one and damn proud to say so. I'll put it up against your ridgeline anyday of the week. And like Henrycarman said, there's a ton of supercharger and turbo kits out there for it. Since mustang parts are cheap, it wouldnt be hard to add some more muscle. And I wouldnt be surprised to see in the short future a 450hp roush or saleen version of this truck. And I bet that if they never said it would come supercharged, none of you would bash it so much. They said they would and didnt and you all take it like its a bad thing. Remember-when it first came out, it was a CONCEPT. Many things change from concept to production. Badass truck, looks incredible, two thumbs way up Ford. Keep up the good work. Built Ford tough. And they mean it.


It's a very agressive looking truck, and I think it looks great. Would it be nice to have all the bells and wistles the prototype had, hell ya! But that's the way business works, they will sell way more with a looks package and a lower price, than they would with the full blown more expensive model.

And speaking with experience, I agree with Carey, it's way cheaper to get the cosmetics already installed on a vehicle from the factory rather than trying to replicate it yourself.

The best rating I could give this truck is, I'd buy one!

dane christian

i think this truck is a work of art. i love everthing about it. just wish i could afford one.


I've been looking forward to this truck for some time and when you go on the Ford Website they have a release date of Jan 2008. Does anyone have any updates as to when we can expect to see one of these beauties roll into a local dealer for a test drive? I like a lot of things about this truck but I need to see and drive it before I make my decision.


I have owned this Adrenaline truck for the last month and a half, and everyone just turns heads or just comes up to me when I park and just love the looks . I had a 4x4,07 limited and traded it in on this. The only thing that I feel is that the power off line was better on my 07, I don't know why. However I have found a cold air intake for $321.00 and will put that on to see how it performs.
It handles better and is a little bit smoother the the last one. I also got Nav. and Sync just love it...sticker was about $37000.00
I just had wished that Ford would have given it atleast 20 o so more horsepower to set it apart.
Also, it could have easily accomadated 22" instead 20' but it looks great.


I just got the one I ordered back in late March after I made one of my posts above. I felt it was more powerful than my F150 I traded. It's amazing. It won't have the power that the 4x4 will off the line because AWD actually steals about 10% more power than the 4x4 left in 2wd. AWD always loser energy over a 2wd. The difference is made up in performance handling. If you buy the 2wd version of this truck you will not notice any difference. The truck's weight is higher than a XLT v8 2wd. I believe that the 20" rims actually weigh more than the 18" stock wheels from the XLT and Limited pkg. That will steal some power also. However, no other model will out perform this vehicle in handling and AWD.

I do miss being able to do a burnout though!

I bought mine with the Amenities pkg ( dual zone climate control for the wife's sake), the Audiophile sound system (really no place for my dual 12" subs in the back seat), AWD, V8, Red/black like the pics (same colors as my F150) and I also opted for the hard bed cover even though it doesn't look that hot imo. It stickered near $36,550 I think but I'm a Ford employee so I got it for a lot less with a "D-Plan" discount.



Add a High Flowmaster 50 SUV performance exhaust (not duals because you want that spare tire and duals look lame imo) w/ custom one piece tip, K&N FIPK and SCT X3 with a custom tune.

I researched allot. I have a friend who has the 2wd version in black. He can actually but his truck on our local Dyno (2wd dyno not for AWD use) and he and I did the exact same mods. I gain 15hp from the exhaust, about 15 from the intake and probably 45 from the programmer. It's a little less than 75hp and you feel ever bit. Costs about $1000 or a little more to do but you push the truck into hemi hp ranges.


Could someone please answer this question? (Ford seems incapable of answering it!) Does the lower ground clearance on the Adrenalin effect the payload or towing capabilities of the Sport Trac?



No. The truck itself isn't lower. It's a body kit that gives the appearance of a lowered look. It doesn't not change the vehicles towing or payload cap.


For all you owners, how is this puppy on gas?? Two months ago I wouldn't have thought twice about gas but now that is a major sticking point for my future purchase.


It's about what you would expect from a 4700LB vehicle equiped with a V8. I get 12-14 city so far. But mine only has 200 miles on it. All my driving is city.

I also just got mine Dyno tuned. I changed to a Magnaflow 5"x8"x14" Oval offset/offset exhaust. My wheel horsepower was not as high as I'd thought at all. In fact, I'm not even going to put a number on it for you! :)


Carey, I would really appreciate it if you would state what HP numbers you got at the wheel. I know that Ford states the numbers as 292HP / 300 ft-lbs of torque, but I'm sure that's at the flywheel, and not to the ground. It would also be interesting to know if you had dyno numbers before and after the exhaust upgrade. If you don't want to post the data publically, please feel free to send it to my email. I'm really interested in this vehicle, so any information I can get would help in deciding what to do. I also am wondering if Ford will simply have this model out for the year, and then actually put an SVT engine into it next year depending on how the sales go and what kind of feedback they get.

M.A.D. Yeti

I am an onwer of the Adrenaline and love everything it has to offer. I was set in the look when I first laid eyes on it!! I would have preffered the charger added, but know i can add on myself insted of the crap you usually get from the factory. THE V-8 has very little on bottom end, but comes alive around 50mph. Its a very fun truck to drive and gets looks everywhere you go!! The one of the best features is the vinyl floors for easy clean and the awesome sound system.. although would have been nice if they could have added and lcd with nav. DONT THINK YOU CAN HATE UNTILL YOU DRIVE OR OWN ONE!!!

Johnny Cseresnyes

I never used to be a Ford kind of Guy but since I got a ford van I loved it and all that it's got.Anyway I saw one of those Adrenalins the other day and made my head swing.Like what is that beauty,I want one and I'm going to get one if they keep makin' them.They're hot.Way to go Ford.


It's been an excellent truck. People can complain all they want about the lack of the supercharger. I like the truck. There isn't another like it anywhere near me. It turns heads like a Roush Mustang. I've got 3000 miles on mine now. I've had some trouble with the transmission shifting a little weird but that's an adaptive learning/ metronics issue not the tranny itself.

The 3:55 gears are kind of gimp right off the line. I've priced out swapping them to 3:73 or 4:10s and since it's AWD it would cost over $3000 so screw that. That would probably net me the wicked take off power I want. It would also decimate my fuel economy. Not a good thing since it's my daily driver.

In addition to my Magnaflow custom exhuast (post above), I've added a K&N FIPK, Zabtek throttle body, and a SCT Xcal3 w/ custom 93 octane tune from fastpartsnetwork.com. I plan on doing a 15 or 20% underdrive pully system and thats about it.

Then comes the next Dyno run in Lake Placid, NY! I'm hoping to see at least 220-250WHP this time.

I luv the 08 Adrenalin, I had an 01 Sport Trac with the 4.0L V6 and traded it in, the 4.6L V8 is more than enough to get you around and if you really want to ramp up performance there are plenty of after market kits available, overall the 08 is not much different than my 01, feels like the same wheelbase and curb weight, handling is better but I figure thats due to being new plus tire size, overall the HP it came with is plenty for daily use.



It's a completely different vehicle from your 01 in ever way. The suspension, engine electronics, interior, exterior, frame...everything is different for the 2nd generation explorer. The Adrenalin pkg offers an exclusive AWD system that's common on v8 Mountaineers 07+.

I've added an electric exhaust cutout to give me another couple hp on the top end and a lot more noise on the low end:)

I can't tell you enough about the truck. It's the best vehicle I've ever owned.

For everyone hell bent on having a supercharger http://www.blowbyracing.com/20ad400hpsus.html is making one and it's not a bad price. You can bet that the SVT Adrenalin would have cost more than that!

For anyone that wants to see my 08 Adrenalin and the mods I've done check out this page:


Jack wrote

"J Mays is part of Ford's problem, he should have been shown the door long ago"

J Mays designed the new Mustang and Jaguar XF and other cars. He's no Jack Telnack in my opinion but he's very good at what he does.

M3 wrote

"Looks like Ford's copying the shape of the huge Audi/VW grill, but without the chrome. Is that next?"

J Mays used to work for Volkswagen.

On to the topic. This one looks better than the regular models and 292 hp should be more than enough to get this truck moving.


I'm a potential first time ford buyer and have been looking at used sport tracs and related blog comments. Found a so-called 2005 XLT w/ Adrenalin package, V6, w/ 49k and loaded. Reading the overview and comments, everything suggests that this was a newly introduced 2008 model based on a 2005 concept. Readers please fill me in on how there could be a used 2005 Adrenalin available and if so, how where they? Also projected sales price for a used one. Thanks to all.


My husband has a sport trac in red and very rarely do we go some place that he dosen't get a thumbs up or a "nice car" or a "Is that your car?" comment.
It drives me crazy! He will even call me at work and tell me that someone else was literally hanging out their car window and telling him what a nice vehicle it is! but NEVER does he hear any negative comments.


Can someone tell me what is the dimension between the wheels in the bed? Can you put a sheet of something there? What about the length of the bed - with the tailgate down?

I have to be able to get some materials for my guys now and again.

I was looking for these specs but couldn't find them.

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