2008 Honda Accord: Through Ian's Lens


We’ve changed the name, but rest assured this photo blog has gotten some great enhancements since we debuted it a few weeks back. This week, I tackle the love-it-or-hate-it styling of the new Honda Accord coupe. You can browse all my shots below, along with commentary on the design.

The 2008 Honda Accord coupe is a progressive design for a model that has never been cutting edge, at least when it comes to looks. The aggressive shape of the hood, the sharp contours of the rocker panels, the flat backside and the pronounced nose give this coupe a menacing look that really brings the Honda flagship model into the 21st century. Gone are the smooth curves of the 2007 model, only to be replaced by sharp line after sharp line. The 10-spoke hubs on the wheels create a performance feel, and the elongated headlight casings and sleek turn signals help turn this car into a German-esque racer. It’s still a wedge coupe, but with a bigger presence up front; a FACE instead of a visage. And guess what? The interior does the same. Aluminum-like trim accents and the two-tone color scheme make the interior of the model I drove almost a dead-ringer for a 5 Series, which screams class, class, class.

By Ian Merritt | October 26, 2007 | Comments (34)
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Is it just me? I find that I don't like this particular color of car.

I really liked it. It got lots of looks on the street too. I'm not sure what color I would go with though. Haven't seen one in black yet. There's a nice blue.


beautiful car, good to see Honda's still got it, cough...cough Toyota!

They're going to sell a lot of these!


Why didn't they just imitate the BMW badge, as well, while they were at it? Seriously, were all the honda designers cheating off the Germans in engineering school? I liked Honda better when they had the guts to go their own way, like the first generation prelude or the 92 civic. Now its just clone car after clown car (no typo).


At first I did not like it, but now it is really starting to grow on me. Sister has an '04 Accord coupe that she loves, and she agrees with me that the new front end is hot. The back end still looks too droopy to us though.


Honda cars are designed by Honda and designed around previous generation Honda's. Honda doesn't copy from BMW. If BMW copies Honda Civic lines and Honda Prelude lines, then that's a different story. You can't just say that Honda copies when it clearly doesn't. Hyundai copied the tail lghts for its 2006 Hyundai Sonata from the 2003 Honda Accord. BMW copied the Honda Prelude many times, so don't start saying anything.



Do you smoke crack?

I mean seriously High end BMW copying this accord? You know how most BMW's of now time have looked like that same accord for a while and you know how THIS ACCORD JUST CAME OUT.

just continue your ignorance then.

Honestly this looks like a Beamer from honda. It cost around the same too. I think I'd go with the real thing rather then an imatation.

Besides 5 years down the line when teens get their hands on this car used you know they are going to put fake beamer tags all over it.


The Accord doesn't look like a BMW, it looks better than a BMW.

Then again, anything looks good with Chicago in the background. Thanks for the different locations.


To KJ...apparently you haven't seen a BMW or have yet to develop a decent sense of taste.

The Accord is big and whale-like. The closest thing is price is the 328, which is a very hot looking car. No comparison.

The 5-series even looks better, and isn't bloated up.


the front ends look like BMW's, but the rears look like Audis. The new Accord has a rear end that is reminicent of the A6.

Dont forget Acura either. The taillights on the MDX look like they were ripped off of a Q7 or A3


The images with the Chicago skyline in the background are beautiful!!
The Accord looks is kind of pleasing aesthetically too :)


These pictures look very professional, I would have thought they were photos from Honda website.


Wow! The pics are stunning. They are much better than what's on Honda's own website. I just found a new screen saver...

Tom L

I agree with the other Tom: Ian can take better pictures than the people Honda hired. Cars.com should pay him more, or risk losing him.

Anyway, yes the car is great, all those saying it looks to German should take a second look: yes it has a little Bimmer (not "Beamer" as some of you mistake) in it, but most German cars have a little Japanese in them. The world of automotive design only has a handful of designers in it, leading it to be called the worlds most exlusive professional club. So really it should be no surprise that most automotive design looks a little inbred, it is.

The only reason I won't buy one is FWD: if I wanted a sports car (and what else are coupes for?), I'd get rear wheel drive. It just does not have the understeer problem, and for whatever engineers do to correct it, I cannot imagine a FWD car will ever loose its understeer just due to the nature.


To LM....I have a decent sense of taste, just not a indecent sense of waste that one would spend on a BMW.

I do agree that the 4-door Accord is big and whale-like....heck, even a bit bloated. It would make a great land-yacht.


The white ones definitely look good. The black ones are even better for a coupe.
As for sedan, I prefer the gold ones and the blue ones too.


If the background city is Chicago, then why in the world does it have California plates?

To me, the coupe looks like honda bought back the Acura CL and named it an accord.


27 photos of a brand-new coupe and just ONE interior shot that is an exact copy of the Honda marketing brochure. Nice work Ace!


Hate the "finger line" that runs from the front wheel, under the door handle, on it's way to the tail light, looks cheap. Saw wht. 4-dr. on the street and it reminded me of an old Saturn for some reason. Not good! Judging from comments Honda will sell all they can make; just not to me.


still think the tail, esp the light treatment looks like a variation on the Saturn Ion. now the middle also reminds me of a Tiburon. front and interior look pretty handsome though. does the 4-door handle as well? why do car makers think those who drive 4-doors don't need sporty? i still take my Mazda6 over the Accord any day


But the interior definitely looks like from a BMW. Expecially the instrument panel and the dash altogether.


this car looks brilliant from most angles however it is appalling from the side angle. they seem to have made it longer than the concept version, which i thought was spot on for a coupe.

anyway i won't have to deal with it because its not coming down to Australia


You know "calandar season" is upon us again and I STILL cannot find a decent car calander.

It's always the same old deal, drag some trailer queen out of the garage, snap a pic on the curb and slide it back in. Or go to a studio drop a black cloth every where, use sparing florecent light then drape a young girl over a six figure showpiece.

I'd like a decently photographed calander, maybe with a choice of "top cars THIS year" with some sense of context in the photography.

Really there's some great work in the catalogs and brouchures but if some one did one for the whole market? it'd be nice for Christmas.


I have to agree with a previous posters observations that this Ian person takes amazing shots. As a loyal Accord driver, i've been looking for some good pictures of the new one and it took me till now to find them, so good work Ian, keep it up!

As for the car, I think the front ends looks good, but not so sure about that back end.

hey guys.
I'm sure Ian will be happy to read the Kudos. We've been very happy to have em on board.

The plates are from the manufacturer so some makes like Honda have Cali plates, others like GM have Michigan. Euro imports often have Jersey plates. They ship them all over the country for journalists to test out.

We'll have more interior shots from now on as well.


my problem with this car is the same with the new altima coupe..the rear end looks to beefy. anybody agree? other than that i love it. except i dont really like the accent line that every car company is putting on the side of every new car it produces. it makes the car look choppy.

The Honda Accord 2008 looks a VERY MUCH like the BMW 5-Series at a glance..even when starring at it..& it deffinately has alot of Lexus IS300 2008 characteristics...Is Honda starting to copy? or is it just a co-incidence that wuz totally unintensional.. Classic car tho..

The Honda Accord 2008 looks a VERY MUCH like the BMW 5-Series at a glance..even when starring at it..& it deffinately has alot of Lexus IS300 2008 characteristics...Is Honda starting to copy? or is it just a co-incidence that wuz totally unintensional.. Classic car tho..


The Honda Accord 2008 deffinately looks like the BMW 5-Series from the side,at a glance..even while starring at it! The interior (seats) as well..the in-dash screen looks just like the 5-Series' one..it is practicaly the same shape..It also has some strong Lexus IS300 2008 characterisitics..Is Honda starting to copy? Cant believe it..after they've been copied by the Hyundai..this Honda is a classic car tho

james ferere

i have been driving accord coupes year 99,and now o4 EXL. i really like my 04,and looked forward to the 08. i have now been to the honda dealer three times,i really want to like this new model. i just do not like it. i found myself walking into a nissan dealer,took one look at the altima coup and said wow. jim

Jan from Holland

I'm a Honda fan, driving a european version of the Accord at the moment. But this American 2008 Coupe version in my opinion is ugly. And yes, I can see a copy of a BMW in it for sure. Maybe because of the global financial crisis they play on safe mode. That's what european followers of the market also do when they play safe. They make no special weird nice design models of their own.

Wayne Motlatsi Chauke

We can go to the end of the world. The truth remains, HONDA does not design cars anymore. The latest Accord is like a Merc in the front and a Beemer at the back. Please guys, just be decent enough to develop.

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