Smart Pricing is Here: Mini Car Under $12,000


The tiny car that’s one of the most popular ongoing topics on this blog finally has a price tag: When the Smart ForTwo goes on sale in early 2008 it will start at $11,590 for the base or “pure coupe” — all lower case names here because little letters relate to little cars, we guess. Those come with an automatic transmission but no A/C. For unnaturally cooled air while driving you need to move up to the “passion coupe” for $13,590. For that price you also get power windows, electric heated side mirrors, a CD player, a panoramic roof and alloy wheels. A convertible “passion cabrio” is available for $16,590. Leather heated seats are part of an $850 option package.

All three models feature a miniscule three-cylinder engine with a scant 71 horsepower. There are still no confirmed Smart dealers in the U.S., but the company says to expect that list sometime this fall. The company is taking deposits, however, via its website.

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By David Thomas | September 5, 2007 | Comments (14)
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13,500 for the air coniditoning version? curtain air bags come with that? what about reliability? might sell well, but for my money ill get a honda fit and get the safe reliable choice thats still good on gas

Juan Carlos

get the yaris or the aveo instead too.


Too bad we won't get the roadster.


Actually the Smart passion seems to stack up well against the elentra/accent, and other small cars at its price. When you add extra safety features on other small cars their price increases greatly. Plus if you add ac to base on the smart you may as well just get the passion. I think its a good package at its price point. The only confirmed dealer that I know of is the Penske group so they should be in most us cities. Milleage wise I think it matches up with most vw diesels and hybrids. Although vw diesels have taken a year due to emisson standards.


Helping to clean another European big fiasco.


Don't forget the Civic coupe is right around the corner for just $14,810.


The biggest draw might be heavily congested urban areas where street parking is an issue. Or, maybe partner with the car-share companies as part of the introduction. Like I-Go or zipcar.


Wow, the top option package adds 50% to the price of the base model. It's not too often that you see that.


i wouldnt ever drive one. just to small for my taste. its only got two seats, and a minescule trunk. plus the engine barley goes.

BTW, the passat diesel is supposedly goes 62 miles on a little over a gallon of gas. it doesnt matter if its a diesel or if its over 30K, it will sell. Plus, it gets better gas milage than the Prius and has an interior that is much, much nicer, and is more fun to drive.


This car is useless, most of the buyers will be rich people with a big car in the garage.

Why don't we bring the TDI from Europe? All makes in Europe make them. They can get a mileage close to any Prius and you can make diesel of anything.


The Smart ForTwo has been in Europe now for a decade. When I first saw the car and I must admit that it was tiny. I didn't say that it was cute. To say that the Smart ForTwo is cute is rather embarrassing-unless you're a man wearing hair gel,with whitened teeth and a murse. (purse for Men).

Comparing the ForTwo to the Mini Cooper S. I'll take the ForTwo,for it's futuristic styling cues that comes from something out of a Japanese Anime. Yes, I have passion for Japanese Anime, especially Ghost in the Shell.

However,the basic model is just not enough to suit my tastes. I prefer the Brabus Tuned version that puts out 110 hp from a TDI engine!

Can you tune a Prius to 110 hp Mean Green Machine from it's meager 1.3 litre engine without touching the electric motor? No.

You can with the Smart because it's Diesel...a proven technology that has been with since the dawn of the horse-less carriage.

Muhammad Faisal Mughal

Good Day
Please tell me about the price of this car if you have in used cars also send me the detail. i want this car new or used no problem please first send me the detail ok thanks



I don't know which Prius you are referring to, but I am pretty sure it is powered by the 1.5L not 1.3L.
And if you are comparing the Prius to the smart, better count the motor's power on the Prius too.
And according to, its combine power is EXACTLY 110hp.

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