First Drive: 2008 Chevrolet Corvette


We continue our look at the 2008 GM lineup with the latest Corvette.

More than anything else on the 2008 Corvette, I enjoyed the new two-mode exhaust that opens up during heavy throttle to let the 430-hp V-8 exhale with a gnarly, loud, addictive sound. The 'Vette is easy to drive fast on the track, but still has a few interior quirks that put me off — like those goofy buttons that release the doors instead of actual door handles. — Joe Bruzek,

I took this out onto the track and could certainly feel the added power and exhaust upgrade over the 2007. At least I think I could. As always, the Corvette is a joy on the track and still livable as an everyday car. The convertible even has room for a real set of golf clubs in the trunk with the top down. However, as everyone will most likely mention, the interior is a bit of a dog. I cannot wait until the next generation comes along. If they kept everything else identical to this car but threw in an interior like the one in the new CTS, I’d be very, very happy. Oh, and I like the push-button door handles. — David Thomas, KickingTires editor

To an untrained car reviewer like myself, the 2008 Chevy Corvette sounds a lot like I would expect it to sound: a freight train mashed up with a 747 jet engine. It drives even better. Joyriding in such a powerful vehicle on a closed track is like winning a cake-eating contest or parasailing: it only lasted about 90 seconds, I almost threw up and it made me want to buy one (although I guess you can’t purchase a cake-eating contest). And I never even got it out of third gear. — Ian Merritt, staff photographer

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By David Thomas | September 4, 2007 | Comments (2)
Tags: Chevrolet



Ian confirmed my suspicions about this Corvette -- if it made him throw up and he still wanted to plunk down some 50k of his hard-earned money, it must be one amazing machine!

Love the 2008 Corvette and a buddy I work with is buying it in orange.....if his wife will let him. She wants the red!

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