Nearly 300,000 Dodge, Jeep SUVs Recalled


Chrysler announced today that it’s recalling almost 300,000 SUVs from the 2006 and 2007 model years due to potential brake problems. This includes more than 156,000 2006 and 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Commander SUVs, more than 90,000 2007 Jeep Wranglers and almost 50,000 2007 Dodge Nitro SUVs.

There have been 20 complaints about the SUVs’ brakes, which suffer from a delay in braking while going uphill. Chrysler will reprogram the computer that controls the antilock braking system.

The company is also recalling more than 72,000 2008 Dodge Avenger sedans and Chrysler Sebring convertibles due to faulty front door latches and locks. There were no reported incidents from that recall.

Notices will be mailed out in coming weeks, but owners can call 800-853-1403 for more information.

Chrysler Recalls Nearly 300,000 SUVs to Fix Brake Problem (The Detroit News)

By David Thomas | September 14, 2007 | Comments (10)


Ken L.

Here we go again..... Didn't they just recalled something a few months back due to engine issues? If so, why didn't they just try killing 2 birds with 1 stone to save their customers' the trouble of having to bring their vehicles in yet again?


Well the brakes aren't failing just a programing glitch. These will probabily become more common for all auto makers ie computer glitches. At least Dodge/Chrysler is being proactive to complaints.

Troy in Ft Walton Beach

This sparked a question that popped into my mind. How much real world testing time in general, do manufacturers actually put into vehicles before they are produced and released to the general public?


I just dumped my 06 JGC as it was the most unreliable vehicle I have ever known. Between the recalls and poor dealer service it was enough to force us to cut our losses and trade it in. My wife and I could not be any happier with our new Honda Pilot. We will never, ever, again purchase a Chrysler vehicle. Now I understand why people are happy with Japanese autos.

Amuro Ray

This is why we should all just buy imports the american market is failing. All Domestic Defenders are wrong.

Amuro Ray

Man, nice one...using my name to try to do brand bashing. The above comment is NOT made from the regular Amuro Ray, as you would have probably realize that I'm against those idiots, who always make statements without any proof or support, and unfortunately, happens to be domestics supporters that loves bashing the import brands all the time.

One more thing...for that person who wants to be like least do it 100%. Learn how to write in proper English!

"This is why we should all just buy imports the american market is falling." Do you realize how many mistakes you've written? The proper way to write the sentence is "[T]his is why we should buy imports only beause the the market share for american auto manufacturers are falling."

The american market is NOT falling, beause there's NO SUCH THING as american market as an index for going up or down. 2 verbs in one sentence without a separator.

Don't be a moron and try to be someone else. You are just a lame person with no gut at all. If you are a domestic supporter, than I hope you aren't a representation of all domestic supporters in this blog.

P.S. It's easy to know who you are - the blog master needs only to look up your IP address - based on the time you post...if YOU are educated enough to understand what I mean...and BAN your IP address from posting on this blog again.

Amuro Ray

Sorry a couple of typos up there (spell checker didn't catch)...

"happens to be domestics supporters that love bashing the import brands all the time."

"[T]his is why we should buy imports only beause the market share for american auto manufacturers are falling."


Immitators please note: Amuro Ray never says anything that doesn't take up at least 5 paragraphs.



I know i would not be happy with my car at all if it was being recalled all of the time. That includes the Japanese cars. There were 10-yes, 10- recalls from Toyota last year. To me, that is not a reliable car. Just because a manufacturer says that its a "recall" doesnt mean that it is not a problem with the vehicle. If you are the person that is bringing your car into the shop every couple of weeks because the tire pressure light keeps going on and is replaced frequently, then that is a problem with the car, and also turned out to be a recall.

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