Batman Can Crash Lamborghinis Too


Last week the news was all about the Chicago Bears’ Lance Briggs crashing his Lamborghini, but just miles away in downtown Chicago some hooligans were crashing not one but three Lamborghinis. That’s the report from’s Iver Walkoe, who looked out his window one morning to see the scene captured in the images you see here.

Some back story: The crew of the next Batman movie has been all over the city (even right outside the offices) filming next summer’s surefire blockbuster, “The Dark Knight.” Now we know there will be at least one scene in which a dark gray Lamborghini Murcielago – roughly $300,000 – will be crashed. We’re guessing by Bruce Wayne, who piloted a Lamborghini roadster with two memorable passengers in the first movie.

Check out more photos below of the scene unfolding. There’s one demolished Murcielago on the left, one with cameras on the right and a third out of picture. A brand-new and completely unharmed Bentley Continental GTC was also spied nearby, but we’re not sure if it’s in the movie or is just Heath Ledger’s new personal ride.

By David Thomas | September 7, 2007 | Comments (9)
Tags: Pop Culture



WOW! He smashed in to a big Dodge Ram 3500!
Poor Cars >:(


Note: legs out passenger window...hmm


O NO! The Lamborghini is mad, it's eating him!


Was there. Duelie Ram smashed pass side of Lambo, Lambo hits Blk. Suburban. Legs hanging out are the rescue workers checking on stunt driver. He was ok just shaken. The story is the commisioner is in the suburban with the Joker. Batman is in the Lambo. The Lambo has a full NASCAR type roll cage. They only smashed one Mercielago. Oh Well.


Very nice photos...


Not to put a rain on peoples parade but i doubt these are full lambo's just a shell on a cheaper chassis, this is common on movie sets when a high end car needs to be crashed, such as in XXX:2. the lambos would not be a good idea anyway because they dont do well at the slow speeds that stunt are performed at.


is it me or does that more like an R8 eating the man. (examine the tail lights and exhausts )


"Murcielago" is the Italian word for "bat," by the way...


Actually, these were fully loaded Lambo's given to the production by Lamborghini. Two Lambo's were prepped with roll cages for the crash scene, but after the first take (and destroying a $330k car), we decided it was a good enough take to spare the second Lambo. A third Lambo was used for driving sequences without a roll cage, but wasn't on the set for this sequence.

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