Suzuki Recalls 2006, 2007 Forenza and Reno Models


Faulty front seat belts are the reason behind a large recall of Suzuki Forenza sedans and Reno hatchbacks. More than 75,000 cars in the U.S. and Puerto Rico are included. The problem seat belts don’t latch properly to the buckle and may pop out under strain. Obviously this is a serious issue, and Suzuki will replace the belts at no cost to owners.

Suzuki has been seeing improved sales of late with the new XL-7 SUV and SX4 hatchback, but neither the Forenza nor the Reno are the company’s finest products; they’re manufactured in conjunction with Korea’s Daewoo. The Forenza is in line to be completely redesigned and built in Japan, while the SX4’s success may spell the end of the Reno.

Suzuki Recalls ‘06 and ‘07 Cars (

By David Thomas | August 6, 2007 | Comments (3)
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Will Daewoo never die? Feel sorry for those that got stuck with such a dog.


I have an 06 Forenza that's been just fine for me. It was an incredibly cheap buy. Sticker was $14300, I got it out the door for $10500. It's not a fabulous car by any stretch, but certainly the most new car I could get for the money. I haven't had trouble with the seatbelts yet but I will check with the dealer.

For those who have this idea that Daewoo is some hodge podge of metal and fluids. Please be aware that GM has worked with Daewoo since the 70's. All Daewoo engines (with the exception of the Daewoo Magnus (Chevrolet Epica/Evanda)/(Suzuki Verona) are Opel engine powered with either ZF Automatic gearboxes, or Getrag standard transmissions. Holden produces the Opel designed engines in Australia.

These are the same engines used in Opels and Vauxhalls for the past 30 or so years, updated as time has progressed. As for the aforementioned Epica/Evanda/Verona/Magnus, that was a Daewoo engine designed with the help of Porsche.

And one last note, an overwhelming majority of Daewoos through out the years had their bodies designed by ItalDesign (like the Reno/Lacetti5 & Wagon variant), or Pinninfarina (Forenza/Lacetti saloon).


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