U.S.-Bound BMW 1 Series Revealed


The Internet has been abuzz with news of a pint-size BMW hitting U.S. shores, and the official news and photos are finally here. The 1 Series, while a two- and three-door hatchback overseas, will come to the U.S. as a two-door coupe in the spring of 2008, followed later by a convertible.

The coupe will be offered in two trims, 128i and 135i. The 135i will be powered by a 300-hp twin-turbo six-cylinder engine, the same unit as in the 335i coupe and sedan we tested last year. The 128’s 230-hp six-cylinder is also the same unit that powers the 328i.

Unfortunately, we don’t have pricing information and can barely speculate as to what it will be. A wild guesstimate would be a range of $25,000-$35,000 for a fully equipped 135i, which BMW says will outperform the Porsche Cayman S.

The 1 Series will come with iDrive if buyers opt for the navigation system. Most buyers will be happier with other technology offered, like Bluetooth and an optional USB port. 

We’re amazed this model is actually in existence; even with such a high enthusiast demand, we still think the price will determine the 1 Series’ success.

BMW 1 Series Photo Gallery

By David Thomas | July 2, 2007 | Comments (10)
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Ken L.

135i powered by a 300hp twin-turbo 6, available in convertible form and Cayman S beater for cheap? I’d buy it! This reminds me of the old 2002s. Let’s just hope BMW price it right so that the masses can afford the 1 series now that the 3 is out of reach for most. BMW’s got a hit on its hand.


it kinda looks like its from 2002..but its nice, if it would start around 25k it would be a great value...not to start competition but i've heard rumors that cadillac is making a coupe version of the new CTS...any news?

This car looks good & sounds good by what BMW's saying, M1 anyone?

BMW blatantly admits this is to recapture the thrill of the old 2002s. They decided the two door coupe would introduce America to the 1 series instead of the Euro hatches because of the 2002s impact on the US when it debuted.


Looks like a warmed over version of the previous 3 series. Old platform + new face= More profit for BMW. sLICK...

it's built on the 1 series platform used in Europe. I don't believe it shares much with the old 3 series at all.


Ugly in general, but it looks worse as a coupe than as a hatch. Typical that the US does not get the hatch, but hatch seem more popular these days...


I think with the likely chance that the EPA will impose tighter fuel economy rules based on CO2 emissions, the US market could see the 123d version of the new 1-Series coupé by early 2009. Imagine 200 bhp and a really high torque peak from a turbodiesel engine! Driven reasonably fuel mileage approaching 40 mpg could be reached.


You're right Dave...

One of the interesting things during my time with the 335i coupe was that it got mileage in the mid 20s even with my "spirited" driving around the city. I would think with the lighter 1 series it would get near 30 mpg. But yes, a diesel would be great as well if more start coming stateside.

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