Three-Row Crossover Faceoff


It’s one of the fastest-growing segments in the market: Three-row crossovers have come along to take the place of traditional truck-based SUVs in the heart of suburbia. put three of the newcomers head-to-head-to-head to determine which tops this new field. The GMC Acadia, Hyundai Veracruz and Mazda CX-9 all proved to be excellent people-movers, but only one could win the Faceoff. See which one we picked, and let us know what Faceoffs you’d like to see in the future.

Cars.comparison: Three-Row Crossovers



Not to be biased, but I drove the CX-9 and it shifted hard, especially when there a recall on that? I would have considered the mazda but the exterior didnt seem as solid as the acadia, probably from the extra weight as noted. The backseat is easier to access also.

Juan Carlos

and how would the cx7/ford edge and saturn outlook/buick enclave figure into this?

Juan Carlos,
The CX-7/Edge are two row crossovers so they wouldn't fit into this faceoff. The Outlook would be the same as the Acadia on almost every level. We have the Enclave in our fleet right now so I can't say but it would probably be similar.


It looks like these new full-sized CUVs are all pretty much the same, without one clearly standing out from the others. They seem to play musical chairs when it comes to winning comparisons.


I left GM vehicles behind when I drove my first Honda in the late 80's and haven't looked back since. With that said, the Acadia has my attention. GM has moved it's interiors out of the 80's and finally has something with the Acadia. The fuel economy is impressive for such a large vehicle and the rear hatch opening seems to be the best designed for loading larger items. It doesn't seem as rounded as the Hyundai or Ford.. I mean Mazda's.

Another plus is the guage cluster. It looks simple and uncluttered.

I hope GM stays out of the 80's with it's fresh updated interiors so the Acadia doesn't follow another bad 80's trend. One hit Wonder.

When my Honda wears out I just might look into a GM vehicle.


So, I'm looking at these to buy used. Which one of these is the best option for the least amount of money? I'm looking to spend 14,000 and don't know where to start I just need a third row seat that is safe.

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