Brad Pitt to Remake 'Bullitt': Car Guys Everywhere Cringe


Hollywood loves to remake the classics, mainly because there isn’t enough original thinking in that town to produce interesting new movies. OK, maybe we’re just venting because we’ve learned that Brad Pitt will soon reprise Steve McQueen’s legendary role of Lt. Frank Bullitt. The original “Bullitt” movie featured arguably the greatest car chase scene of all time. 

Pitt has a thing for remakes, hot off his third appearance in an “Oceans” movie based off a Rat Pack original. The “Bullitt” movie has been in the works since 2003 but is being rushed into production before a possible strike by the Screen Actors Guild. 

We’re obviously car and movie buffs here at, and we just released our second list of the top 10 movie cars of all time. While the “Bullitt” Mustang is No. 5 on the list, we’d probably rank that car chase Numero Uno. If you’re as riled by this news as we are, leave a comment below.

Brad Pitt's Bullitt (Monsters & Critics via Autoblog)

By David Thomas | July 5, 2007 | Comments (42)
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A Brad Pitt remake of Bullitt is like a Fiero based 250 GTO replica.

The original chase was so good because of how real it was – notwithstanding how many hubcaps the Charger had. It didn't have camera tricks or many special effects; it had a guy (McQueen) who knew how to drive. CGI just doesn't compare.

I assume Buillitt will have a Mustang, but what could the bad guys drive? There isn't a new car on the road that's half as menacing as a '68 Charger. Would they have a Magnum SRT8? A black Pontiac G8 GXP?

What about the cartoonishly evil senator? Who could be as awesome as Robert Vaughn was? Samuel L. Jackson? Christopher Walken?


My only shred of hope left is that they leave LeMans and Grand Prix alone, jeez, the idea-mill needs a jump-start.

I assume they could use a new Dodge Challenger which would be menacing enough I would think.


There’s really no way to make the chase any better than the original, so I bet they’re going to use new cars, instead of the `68s, to mix it up. Isn’t Ford supposed to be coming out with another special edition Bullitt Mustang?

The Challenger would be a suitable replacement. They just better use real cars (no CGI), actual car sounds from each car, and Brad Pitt better do some of his own driving. Also, no dialogue during the chase.


Some classic films like Bullitt don't need to be
cheapen by a remake. Brad Pitt doesn't come close to Steve McQueen, who could drive rings
around him. The only thing that is intriguing about a remake is which cars would be used for
the chase scene? I guess since a "bullitt" Mustang was in produced a few years ago, Pitt's character would drive it. What would the hitmen drive? A Charger SRT8? a Challenger? or how about a Camaro?


Unless this "remake" comes out spectacularly well, which is highly unlikely, I have 2 words for everyone to consider and cringe at:
"Vanishing Point"

Juan Carlos

isn't ford coming with a 700hp mustang? at least a shelby.


As I person who is 16, I think that remakes of far older movies are great. Considering all the advances in technology and movies I am sure the car chase will be great. Especially seeing Transformers yesterday, everything looked so real and the new Camaro is awesome. I saw, either use a new Camaro or Challenger for the bad guys! All black!

Mike Spadaro

I demand to know what idiot in Hollywood thought this was a good idea so that I may personally punch them in the face.


Brad play the role of Steve....yea right! Brad can't act, and probably can't drive a race car. He should stay close with Angelie and let her do the talking/driving for him.


and one more move like Cruise . Pitt want his days of thunder, he think he can carry a movie and stop collecting flops at the box office .
the assface want to be Tom Cruise using McQueen. Pitt's life evolve around Cruise, amazing! professionnaly and personnaly, he does all the same moves!

see the Pitt and Babel boards on rottentomatoes, we mentionned everything.
Next Pitt is going to play a politician because Tom Cruise is you know...

David Zachmeyer

Brad Pitt? Boo! The obvious choice to play Frank Bullitt is Anthony-Michael Hall. Not joking - he's a dead ringer for Steve McQueen and a pretty good actor. Check out 'Dead Zone' and you'll see what I mean.

Brandon. W

I hate this new trend Hollywood has adopted of remaking the classics for the pure and simple reason that their completely out of ideas.
Instead they have to ruin proper films that used proper actors with talent.
Many would agree that Bullitt is the definitive car chase film, and in respect of the memory of Steve McQueen, they should leave his version as the one and only Bullitt film.
Besides, these modern cars are no match for the classics, in many respects the older cars are often faster, louder, more powerful than their modern day equivalents and any remake using new cars and crappy actors would be cheesy. The new Bullitt Mustang is said to be less powerful than the original, will weigh much more and won't make the right noise because of Ford's cost cutting.
Many true muscle car and Bullitt fans i'm sure will boycote the new movie in an act of disgust to show Hollywood exactly what we think of this poor attempt of 'creativity'.


I cant see San Francisco allowing a flat out car chase up and down their streets with todays liabilities and insurance costs,so this means CGI and actual chasing on back streets and alleys.Any jumping would have to be computer generated.Heck,why not computer generate "new" 68 Mustangs and Chargers as well as a "new" Steve McQueen and Robert Vaughn,and to heck with Brad Pitt.A movie like that would probably do far better than pretty boy Pitt trying to step into a legends shoes.Today,McQueen might consider Jason Priestly somewhat of a contender (due to his racing background),but never Brad Pitt.Even Bo Duke (John Scheider) would be a better choice due to his General Lee experience on Dukes.


I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I heard Bullitt was going to be remade with Brad Pitt. No matter who gets the title role, it's going to be absolute garbage. But Brad Pitt makes it especially gay. Hollywood will do ANYTHING for money, so I guess I better be prepared for all my favorite classics to be milked for every last penny and run into the ground.

Ronald Weaver

I don't care what people say. Brad Pitt will make a HORRIBLE Bullitt. I had already thought this through because I knew they would think of making a Bullitt remake sooner or later and the only person i have seen in Hollywood they could Possibly (and i stress that word)use as McQueen is Band of Brothers star Damian Lewis.


probably be like - gone in 60 seconds remake

some movies are better left alone....

miguel cueto

i think it´s more convenient to put daniel craigh (new 007) as frank bullitt because he´s very looks like Mcqueen than brad pitt. when i saw casino royale i was thinking i seen bullitt 2 lol =P.
well thats my coment.

I cant believe that Holly-Weird is going to even make an attempt at a remake of " Bullet" ... Just leave it alone. Its a classic movie with classic cars. There is no way HollyWeird is going to do it Real Time. Steve McQueen,Bill Hickman and the stunt men of "Bullet" were the real deal. Remember the Biker Laying down his bike about 6 minutes into the chase? I think that was Zeik Evens. It was real time, real fast and no helmet!!! Hell I don't think Zeik was even mentioned in the credits. And what about the scene through the Marina district? Over 100mph and an unknown car & driver comes out of no where. Making for a real time obstacle! Get the DVD and watch the extras on making the movie. Brad Pitt maybe many things but is nowhere near the level of McQueen & the entire stunt crew. My web sight is listed. I build & race cars some are on the page.

Mike D

wow people are dumb.... a new film of this would be so badass because all then new technology... new music, new cars.. nothing in the entire world is better then the new mustang...... new everything.... this would be amazing, they dont make enough car movies now a days.. they remade gone in 60 seconds.. that was perfect the new one OWNS the old one in every way shape and form.... and the chase was perfect. so stop being stubborn and if you dont want to exist.. dont worry about it.. for the people that would love to see it are the ones that should be in here....

Sarah Tinkham

Hey, I love Brad Pitt....he is a great actor and he would probably do a very good job. However, Dennis Craig is pretty much the spitting image except he is taller, and taller is always a plus for the macho guy movies.

Sarah Tinkham

Sorry, I meant Daniel Craig (007)

Joe Shmo

Why are there so many guys that think they are critics with something to say. All these guys that get put down have entertained us all. They all have done good acting jobs and maybe they have bombed out but it's entertainment and a lot of people pay the bucks to see them at their craft. There seems to be a lot of guys that don't like Brad Pit. Pit has done a lot of good roles just like Tom Cruse. And these guys that think remaking a Bullitt movie is a sin they need to get a life.

Hi guys I like this comment "Brad Pitt doesn't come close to Steve McQueen, who could drive rings
around him. The only thing that is intriguing about a remake is which cars would be used for
the chase scene?"


With him at the wheel,this is bound to be the "pitts"...
Like the remakes of Vanishing Point and Gone in 60 seconds,nothing is sacred in Hollywood,and nothing is ever like the original.Pitt couldnt spit shine McQueen's shoes,much less Barry Newmans or Toby Haliki...



Bob Carroll

Daniel Craig would be the perfect actor to portray Frank Bullit in the movie remake.

Bob Carroll

Daniel Craig would be the perfect actor to portray Frank Bullit in the movie remake.


Shame they couldnt computer generate McQueen in a new Mustang in the chase,like the Ford commercial years ago.A computer generated McQueen is a million times better than a real life Brad Pitt.


I agree with the other posters here:
Daniel Craig would be great as the "new" Bullitt.
Pitt just doesn't have the necessary chops, so to speak, for this remake (IMHO).

68 bullitt

na,brad pitt,shouldnt play bullitt,i think steves son chad mcqueen should play him,and it should be a original,car chase and not i cgi,they should use a 2008 bullitt mustang and the new challenger,now that would be cool.


Bullitt remake-yes! Brad Pitt...heck no! Besides Jay Leno...where have all the real Hollywood car guys gone????

Mat Damon as Lt. Bullitt and Ben Affleck as the Robert Vaughn character would be perfect. Use the new Mustang GT,in green of course, and the Dodge Charger RT in black. Race the hell out of them on the streets of San Francisco and you've got one winner of a movie.


whet ever became of this??

Hello,I like the comment from other posters here "All these guys that get put down have entertained us all. They all have done good acting jobs and maybe they have bombed out but it's entertainment and a lot of people pay the bucks to see them at their craft."


I think the most important aspect of remaking this movie has to do with the actor they choose to fill Mcqueen's shoes - Brad Pitt is not that actor. I personally would prefer Tom Cruise US actor.

S. McQ

Leave it alone.

Red Sails

As long as Pitt does not speak during the chase
As long as they use original Mustangs and Chargers (Hollywood is full of them)
As long as the chase is through the streets of SF
Pitt better do some of his own driving
Actually Dan Craig would be a better Bullitt
better be 2 baddies in the Charger - and I mean mean looking guys
As long as There are no special effects "AT ALL - NONE"
They "MIGHT" pull it off.

junior bernart

a remake of bullitt sounds great.hope they do an impressive chase with a new mustang and charger. please go for it mr.pitt


Come on, you have to admit there are kids these days who have never seen the orginal and would probably go to see the remake because of Pitt. I bet it will be a big box office hit. Gone in 60 seconds is a remake of a 70s movie. Bet you didnt know that.


Personally they shouldve used the new james bond guy... he wouldve been my first and only choice..

Mark Grady

I got it all figured out, Chad McQueen as the baddie and some other guy as the shooter, driving a dodge Challenger Str8 Hemi 600H.P. and Daniel Craig playing Steve McQueen driving a Bullitt Mustang through the streets of Sam Francisco and Robert De Nero playing the Robert Vaughn part. It would not only be a great movie but could be a cult classic just having Chad McQueen reprise the role just for participating what do you think

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