Weekend Athlete: 2007 Acura RDX


I took the RDX to my favorite triathlon, just over the border in Kenosha, Wis., followed by a weekend of camping at a state park another three hours away, so for once the car and I both got a good workout. The RDX was a nice companion, but not spectacular as a cargo vehicle. It doesn't offer more space or utility than others I've tested, so it's not the new champion, but there are some interesting twists to it.

For starters, someone at the triathlon said it looked fast. It is. Especially with Sport mode engaged, there's enough oomph for passing and maneuvering on the highway. The best part is the whistling of its turbo — I could not get enough of that.

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Rating: 6.5 out of 10

It wouldn'€™t be my first choice for a car to take me to a race ... unless I were late, in which case the RDX would scoot right to the top of my list. But I write Weekend Athlete, not Boy Racer, so the RDX gets a 6.5. It'll take you to a race or campground quickly, and it's a lot of fun, but it's not overwhelming as a utility vehicle. 

With a base price of almost $33,000, I really can't say it's something a Weekend Athlete wants to put on the shopping list. If you'€™re a Weekend Athlete, you don'€™t need to spend all the money to get all the niceties and luxury features the RDX has.   


brad P


Your Weekend Athelete blog is great. You are saving me alot of time shopping. I like the RDX but the MPG is too low for my consideration. Do you have any plans to review the RAV4 from the triathelete perspective?

Hey, thanks for reading and I'm glad it helps.

Yes, as a matter of fact, we just got a Toyota RAV4 in the office and I will be reviewing it soon. So look for a Weekend Athlete review here in the coming weeks.

Bill J.

William Ochowicz

I love your reviews for the weekend athlete. I am a Category 2 level masters cyclist and my wife is competing in her 4th Ironman Wisconsin this year. We are looking to buy a 2008 SUV and I have looked at the rdx and ford edge. Will you be reviewing the Land Rover LR2 soon? That is high on our list and was wondering what your thoughts about it are for the weekend athlete.

Hey, thanks for reading and, man, that's great you're a Cat 2 and your wife has done multiple Ironmen, that's seriously awesome. I'm very impressed.

As for the LR2, I don't see it on our schedule of cars that are coming to us any time soon, I'm afraid. That doesn't mean we won't have it some day, but looking ahead the next couple of weeks, it's not coming our way. It’s still fairly new, so I haven’t even sat in the SUV to even hazard an educated guess as to its athlete capabilities.

Sorry I couldn't help on the car, but I hope the racing goes well for you two.

Bill J.


Is that a frame pump I see on your Specialized?... totally nullifies the entire article :)
2 letters and a number.... CO2

Joe Blow

"If you'€™re a Weekend Athlete, you don'€™t need to spend all the money to get all the niceties and luxury features the RDX has."



My husband and have a 2002 MDX, we waited for the RDX as I wanted a smaller car. The dealer said the turbo would be fine as long as we didn't push too hard on the gas to start with. It needed to build up to accelerate. We took it for a test drive and had to pull out into heavy traffic. A truck came bearing down on us, my husband by instinct hit the gas peddle. We barely avoided a mis-hap. The dealer said, "Oh you have to gently accelerate as it's a turbo". I don't feel this is intuitive and therefore not safe.

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