Brad Pitt's Hollywood Hydrogen Style


Ah, Hollywood. Nothing says environmentally responsible like arriving to the premiere of your summer blockbuster in a BMW Hydrogen 7, as Brad Pitt did at the premiere of “Ocean’s Thirteen” last night. The car is basically a BMW 7 Series that runs on hydrogen and emits nothing but water vapor.

Great photo op, and we’ll even admit this guy is money. Of course, he’s famously known for his former ride, a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon that gets about 13 mpg on a good day. Celeb spotters do find Brad on one type of alternative vehicle frequently, though: The man loves motorcycles.   

(Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images for BMW)

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How much do Hydrogen 7 cost?


I wonder if he has his own hydrogen fill-up station.

I believe the ride was just for the premiere. He probably doesn't actually own a Hydrogen 7 himself. BMW is "leasing" them out to a hundred or so VIPs worldwide. There's no word on what the cost of the deals are. Check out the related links for more info on the H7


I wouldn't put it past BMW for that car to be near the 100k mark.

A gasoline powered 760 Li is $122K

If they actually tried to sell this, think closer to 500K or a million. Hydrogen technology is still way too expensive to sell to the public, even the public in Hollywood.


Ahh!!! I'll pass.

Doesn't this car burn the hydrogen in a normal internal combustion engine rather than creating electricity via a fuel cell? I can't see that costing over 200k. At least not in production numbers.

That's true Little Tom but there are a whole bunch of modifications they still had to make. And It's not being done to a $30K suv, it's a $120K sedan to start with.


Sadly, the hydrogen powered 7 series actually is less environmentally friendly than a regular 7 series.
The energy used to extract that hydrogen almost certainly came from coal or oil. Any time you convert energy types there's a loss of efficiency. The laws of thermodynamics are harsh that way. So using the fossil fuel to extract hyrdogen, which you then burn in that car actually used more of the fossil fuel than just burning it directly to power the car, and therefore caused more polution.
Unless he's got a solar grid, wind farm, hydroelectic dam or his own nuclear generator somewhere, most likely he's accomplished the opposite of what he wanted.


Typical Hollywood liberals showing off their supposed environmental concern and sensitivity. Just publicity stunts, nothing more.

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