Automakers Could Axe CD Players in New Cars


Just like 8-track and cassette players, CD players in new cars may be heading towards that great big option list in the sky.

A vice president from Siemens VDO automotive electronics supplier says advances in digital music, cell phones and the growing demand for portable devices could have CD players disappearing in most vehicles by 2012, according to an article from The Detroit News. Deleting the CD player would give automakers more room in center consoles to offer advanced multimedia options and other features.

There’s no denying that digital music compatibility has been on the minds of automakers. Just about every other new car has an auxiliary jack for an MP3 player, and advanced systems like Chrysler’s MyGig and Ford’s upcoming Sync have voice recognition (Ford) or electronic file storage capabilities (Chrysler).

We’d like to know what do you think; could you do without a CD player in your car?

Carmakers may delete CD players (The Detroit News)

Chrysler's New Built-in Hard Drive (KickingTires)
Ford Sync: Hands-free Phone, Text and Music (KickingTires)

By Joe Bruzek | June 8, 2007 | Comments (28)
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Definitely! Whenever I get into my Charger the first thing I do is plug in my iPod. I hardly ever use CDs anymore especially since it is much easier to control an iPod though I wish it was integrated into the car's system.

Wish I had the option for the MyGig system though when I got it. It has some cool features.


I stopped listening to Cd's period about three years ago when I got my ipod. I hardly buy cd's any more and I have three different ipods. I just wish new cars come with adjustable holder for mp3's.


Well I enjoy my "old fashioned" CD player. Don't even own an ipod or anything of that sort. I think the CD player will stick. Unless the cars actually start to COME with the ipods.


While I've never had a CD player in my car to begin with, I much more prefer mp3 connections (or in my case, a wireless connection). CD's, for me, limit choice and take up space; mp3 players, on the other hand, offer much more variety and occupy less room.
This has me thinking, by 2012, technology might indeed deem CD's obsolete, but Blu-ray anyone? I'm not exactly sure, but can't Blu-ray hold music as well? Or by 2012, that'll be obsolete as well, lol.


That is obsurd, the CD player isn't going anywhere. I think Nic is right, maybe and just maybe if the cars are standard with an implantable ipod thing, then the CD won't go anywhere. Morons.


"That is obsurd, the CD player isn't going anywhere. I think Nic is right, maybe and just maybe if the cars are standard with an implantable ipod thing, then the CD won't go anywhere. Morons."

Isn't going anywhere? That's what was probably said about VHS, cassette, and 64K Internet connection--sure they're there, but puh-leeze. Times change...if it means by 2012 getting rid of 700 MB CD's for more compact, yet higher capacity items, then by all means rid the CD and implement better things (or just make it standard and out of the way--like cassette players are positioned today; but as if this wasn't happening already)


Cd's have much higher sound quality then mp3 players, Cd's will be here ah while.

CDs do have somewhat better sound quality than MP3s, but it's not a huge difference. In a car, with road noise, engine noise, cheap speakers, and horrible speaker enclosures I don't believe anyone can tell the difference between CDs and MP3s.


If the car's display can show the song title and artist not only in English, I agree that the CD player could be gone.

Matt K

I think that either there will be a new medium created or that plain audio CDs will be phased out in favor of MP3 CDs which hold 700mb worth of songs (around 120-170 songs depending on file sizes). Sure, iPods and the like are becoming more popular, but not everybody has one or is up to date on the technology; and it is for this reason that CDs or some form of it is still here to stay.

I have an MP3 player, but I don't favor using it in the car over using a CD in the dash, as fiddling with the player alone causes driving distractions - at least you can control the CD player with the steering wheel. I do however see those in-dash hard drives becoming more popular with people uploading CDs and MP3 player content, that'll make things easier for all of us and turn the car itself into an entertainment hub/form of transport.


I like having a CD changer but honestly I mostly use my radio and I love satellite radio also. I think built in hard disk storage and or ipod support would be great. I need an ipod though!


Some manufacturers take pride in the sound quality their system produces. One example that comes to mind would be Acura, that has DVD-Audio capabilities coming standard in (most of) their models and the sound system in the MDX is by far one of the best I've heard in a car.

You definitely can't top that quality with MP3s. There are other formats out there other than MP3 that may come close to CD quality but I've yet to see a car or standalone player that supports them.

So until a solution to address high quality sounds comes along, I think car manufacturers will still include a CD (or DVD) player.


People it's already out. Just go to and one voice technology is voice recognition for the car. All you simpley have to do is speak to play and song or call somebody and you can send email by voice also many other things. You do the dd. karl


sorry the web site is


With an MP3 CD player (which will hold a hundred songs or so), I find little need for an iPod input. I use my iPod only when I'm walking about.


CD/MP3/DVD Headunit with USB/Ipod inputs on the face palte would be optimal IMO. Technology is reasonably priced and available aftermarket today. The area that needs improvemtnin the car as far as audio quality goes are the stock cheapy speakers and weak OEM amplifiers. Better mid/high speakers and some real low frequency transducers would be ideal. So called Premium OEM soundsystems pale in comparison to after market systems that are often priced much lower than stock entry level OEM offerings.


In case you people don't know, iPods dont come with cars (yet anyways) but hard drives DO!! It can store all your music like an iPod or mp3 player.



I agree. Now, If OEM's made an ipod like clone for their cars, they would be waaaay overpriced. A 200.00 Ipod ("premium sound digital management package --- PSDMP" would probably be the acronym) clone would cost 8-1,000.00


It will most likely start out as an "option" like the CD player did when all cars still had standard casette tape players, that way the CD player will still be standard but the extra mp3 crap will be optional until it gets cheaper and cheaper and possibly CD player phases out and mp3 standard, or the cars just come with both.


I still don't own any digital player and occasionally buy a cd. I don't think the cd player is going anywhere for the next decade. Like someone else said just have the adapter on there. The time to change over when ipods and all mp3 players become dirt cheap. Remember some cars still roll with cassette players:)


MP3 CD is in both of ours cars. One from the manufacturer, one aftermarket. I love this option. I just leave a set of CDRWs in both cars giving me hundreds of songs. I don't need to worry about taking the ipod or anything with me, plugging it in or hiding it. I don't have to worry about the brand of mp3 player, is it going to get stolen or if it is compatible. I would miss my mp3 CD deck. DVD capacity would be the biggest upgrade I would want.

Mike Spadaro

What about those of us who DON'T have iPods, hmm? Axing CD players sounds like a bad idea to me.


I love my CD player! In fact, I think I actually need one now in my cars, much like I need air conditioning and a V8 RWD B.O.F. four door Ford sedan.


I think that this is the way for the future in general, when it comes to media. I believe that we will see pretty much all forms of media, be it DVDs, Games, Music CDs, vanishing within the next 10 years or so. Its such a waste of time/materials/space... to use that stuff, when it can be stored digitally.


I can do without a CD. I have a USB connection on my radio and I use keychain memory loaded with mp3s to listen to books and music. Dumping the CD and adding RAM would really free up dash space and allow design versatility. CDs were great while they lasted. Now it is time to move forward.


You don't need an Ipod. If you have a computer and software to rip CDs into mp3s the aforementioned USB interface can be used to play music. CDs in cars will go the way of albums. Everyone said albums would still be around but once CDs became halfway popular albums virtually disappear from stores. RAM is the way to go.


I don't use my CD player much, or my cassette player ever, both came standard in my car. I typically only listen to the radio. I would REALLY prefer to have built-in satellite radio with lifetime membership included in the purchase price.

Doesn't anyone still enjoy the thrill of buying a new album? Its not just music, but the artwork and the physical medium that I just love. I hope CD's never go away or if they do, at least some physical medium taking its place. IMO, digital music players are part of the reason the quality of new music has suffered. (Although, it started before they came out.)

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