New Toyota Tundra Running Into Engine Failures


In some of the first 2007 Toyota Tundra pickups that rolled off the assembly line, optional V-8 engines are failing due to faulty camshafts. The company says the problem should only impact a limited number of the redesigned full-size pickups, but hasn’t yet figured out what that number is. The company sold 37,000 of the new Tundras with the powerful 5.7-liter V-8 in its first three months on the market.

The company is replacing the entire engine of any truck affected by the problem, which stems from a part built by an outside supplier. So far, 20 trucks have reported the engine failures, and Toyota is actively tracking down the vehicles at risk. When we get more information about the investigation, we’ll post it here.

Toyota Fixing Engine Failures in New Tundra truck

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By David Thomas | May 29, 2007 | Comments (36)
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Juan Carlos

while toyota's reputation isn't as good as many think, i guess the tundra is really the truck that is chnaging it all, including toyota's reputation. yet another reason why the silverado is a better truck.


Yippie, an opportunity for the "domestics are great, imports a evil" crowd to jump on the bandwagon about again. Hehe somehow I know tomorrow im gonna view this post and see at least 30 different comments arguing back and forth further excercising the futility of preaching to their respective audience. In a feeble attmept to diffuse this bomb of pointlessness... folks its just a truck. Every manufacturer has problems when releasing a brand new redesigned from the ground up vehicle. ALL OF THEM! Don't believe me? Look at a recall list. Point is, if theyre looking into it and tracking down the possible problem trucks, then thats a good sign theyre taking an active role in trying to fix them unlike some manufactures who will take forever to do anything about a problem. At the end of the day the domestics make great trucks and so do the imports. So to the both sides of this retarded coin... deal with it. Which ever truck you own you made the right choice. Good for you.


Phaeton you are absolutely correct. Although I will still visit later to view some of the vitriol. It is amusing yet frustrating at the same time.

Juan Carlos

how you felt for it. funny and cute, and yet pathetic. wait, toyota also has problems? say it ain't so.


I was under the impression that Toyota did everything in-house, and that was one of the primary reasons for their higher quality. I'm surprised that they have outside suppliers providing parts for a new engine. Seems like they set themselves up on this one.


At least Toyota is fessing up to a problem and actively taking care of it.GM would have shoveled the problem under the rug.Remember the X-car brake problem? The sidesaddle gas tank pickup scandal? The TH125 transmission failures? The Olds diesel fiasco? Americans have lost billions thanks to GM...and yet America loves them so...
and its Toyota thats the villan....
Remember the old Corona on Mythbusters? If that was a GM,it would have been a rotted away Monza or Vega.


It would be kind of hard for them to ignore/hid engine failures in their newly minted full-sized truck...especially the long anticipated, top-of-the line engine. Is it possible to look at this without the "well, GM's worse" whining?

Juan Carlos

no. toyota is perfect. they don't make mistakes. and just think had it been the silverado? you will never hear the end of it and never the benefit of the doubt. and do you guys want to talk about the camry and their transmissions? wait, there is a problem with camry's transmission?


Look Toyota's are great automobiles. They have been for awhile now. My RAV4 is simply an amazing car. My old Corolla was one of my favorite cars. GM's are rebuilding themselves right now and they're doing a damn good job of it. I'm loving the new Saturns and I can't wait for the G8, well actually I can but anyways. Do not reference another car of the same company w/o naming them from both sides. Besides this post is about the TUNDRA. Not the Silverado, not the Camry. THE TUNDRA. So please, leave your BS remarks outta here. And DO NOT ever say I prefer anything over anythindg. In my family we own a Jetta (German), a RAV4 (Japanese), and a Grand Cherokee (American). I'm not prejudicial against anyone or anything so think twice before turning this around. Besides I think my next car might be a Tiburon (Korean) =p


All cars are going to have problems the first year they are in the market (in my family we always say, never buy a car the first year in the market, it is expensive and probably has some bugs), so this is not so surprising.

My only concern about this truck is why is being so heavily discounted for a brand new vehicle. Maybe the truck market is not good now?


Toyota had a problem with the Prius too, back in 2005. They quickly remedied the situation. Turned out it was just some software they needed to update. But they fixed it quickly.

To the person who wrote that he thought Toyota supplied all their parts - they never did this. They have many many suppliers. And most of them are American for the Tundra. It's why the benefit of them building cars here is greater than just one plant, because they create jobs at suppliers' companies as well.


I am still going to buy one. Here's my reasoning, I work for a rental agency and we carry Silverado's, Titan's, F-150's, and Rams. We do not have Tundra's or Sierra's, why not you might ask. Smart manufactures try NOT to sell to fleets because it kills Resale value. So the resale value of the Tundra is improved. I drive all these trucks on a daily basis and they all have there strong points and after test driving the Tundra I have to say it is just a better truck for what I need. The 5.7 is a rocket and real world fuel economy is about the same. Sales of the Tundra might be a little lower than the others, but if you cut the fleet sales all of the makes are down sharply. They are begging fleets to buy up unsold trucks, but will not sell us more cars? They are willing to take a hit for the trucks, but are trying to improve their car resale value. All these trucks have issues, some more then others (I have at least 1 in the dealer a week) but thats why they have warranty's. As long as they found the problem and fixed it, thats all I am concerned with. I remember a couple of years ago when our Silverado's were blowing transmissions becuase of bad needle bearings. Over 150K trucks were affected but they never recalled them, they covered them under warranty as they broke. This is why vehicles have warranty's.

I've owned the previous body style Tundra. It was a good truck but it was a very early production model and had problems with the parking brake adjuster over-adjusting the rear brakes resulting in a badly vibrating vehicle. Toyota worked with me on the problem and eventually it was solved. We did go through 6 full sets of pads & rotors in 16,000 miles but we did ultimately fix the problem.

Regrettably, I traded my Tundra for a 2002 Sierra Denali with all wheel steering. At around 1200 miles (still basically new), I started to hear valve train clatter at start up. Took the truck to GMC dealer. We all know what they repeat after me...."We have a TSB on that and it's normal". I insisted it wasn't normal or all the new trucks on the lot would be doing it and they're not! Long story about 3,000 miles GMC replaced the engine. They tried to replace it with a reman but I insisted that I don't think a truck with 3,000 miles on it should have a reman engine in it.....I won.

All the comments about new models having problems are dead on the mark. If you buy a truck in the first model year, regardless of make, you'll experience some problems.


To be fair to Toyota, most new models (especially those with new engines) have some sort of problems, usually more prevalent than existing models.


Maybe they should get a little more of fleet sales. Here in my town the Tundra is really heavily rebated...several k's and it is only a few month old.


The good thing is that Toyota is not trying to fix the engine and give it back to owner and hoping it doesn't have further problem. From USA Today article:

" If a camshaft breaks, the engine will barely work or not at all. Rather than try to fix the affected engines, Kwong said, Toyota is giving owners new ones that are shipped overnight to dealers."


I think we should focus on the name of the bad part supplier instead of brand bashing on Toyota. No brand name of auto manufacturer has gone without a recall. 20 failures out of thousands sold is an extremely small percentage. Compare that to other auto manufacturers and I think we'll see Toyota is still doing great in the quality department.

al ismail

This defective Camshaft issue that the Tundra is facing, is nothing new the last few years for Toyota. All you have to do is look at the latest Quality Metrics for new Vehicles, and you will see that Toyota ranks near the bottom, with the exception of its Lexus brand. This is all happening because Toyota is expanding too fast. They wanted to be # 1 so bad that they are rushing through their Vehicle Development process, and thus jeopardizing their Quality reputation. In the next few months, we are going to hear more and more Toyota Quality Recalls because of their driveto be # 1.


Toyota recalled more vehicles in the U.S. in 2006 than they sold in the U.S. in 2006.

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Give me a break.
The problem is Toyota’s and only Toyota’s. When an auto manufacture blames its supplier base it’s a sign of an Auto company in trouble. Toyota specs the material and the manufacturing process the suppliers used to manufacture the cams. This process has to be proved out and signed off buy Toyota. Ford tried a new process for the control arms for its GT, they started to develop hair line factures in the field, Ford did not blame its supplier for the decisions Ford made, They went back to the old proven process..
20 engine failures out of 30k are major, and the problem my not be as describe by Toyota. The manufacturing of cams is nothing new… Cam breakage are 99% not the failures of the cams, improper lubrication, valve spring pressure, mechanical interference, and other mechanical problems having nothing to do with the manufacture of the cam, cause the majority of cam breakage.. Bottom line they have a mojor problem

In my six years of following the Toyota engine oil sludge matter, I have noted that Toyota SAYS a lot publicly but DOES quite another privately. At least this is what I am hearing from once loyal Toyota owners online.

Sludge was developing in low mileage Toyotas for YEARS. Toyota did nothing. Owners vocalized online to no least not until they ORGANIZED in large numbers and posted over 6,000 posts on Edmund's Town Hall (now renamed and over 10,000 posts on The Complaint Station for Toyota (now defunct thanks to a hacker!).

Toyota limited the scope of the problem by saying sludge happened only in certain models and model years. It callously blamed the owners (and still does!) for neglecting their vehicle maintenance! OK...that makes sense...only certain model and model year Toyota owners abuse their vehicles?

Before the "Customer Support Program for Engine Oil Gelation" (see if you find any remnants of this on the Toyota web site...good luck!) was initiated by Toyota in 2002, Toyota claimed that Toyota owners needed a new engine to solve the sludge problem. With the CSP, suddenly IF the owner qualified (talk about jumping through hoops!), he/she got an engine flush to "fix" the problem IF he/she was lucky!

Some Toyota owners went on to have repeat engine failures--clogged with black gel. Camshafts broke into two pieces in some cases. Piston rods were thrown through the engine block at highway speeds. Emissions control components failed right and left, and some engine fires resulted. No recall has ever been issued by Toyota. The new vehicle warranty has been made void in too many cases to count...WHY? The owners followed the maintenance schedule given by Toyota and still got SLUDGE!

Behind the scenes, Toyota owners are reporting stonewalling by Toyota and NO RELIEF under the CSP...the program that Toyota touts as "generous" and "unprecendented."

Used/previously-owned/certified used Toyota owners get NOTHING by some Toyota dealerships' own admission! You see, Toyota requires EVERY receipt no matter how many different owners! It has directed its dealerships this way even though it said owner could submit at least one per year publicly!

Toyota KNOWS that gathering every single receipt is next to impossible for this group of Toyota owners, doesn't it?!? Yet, it is satisfied because IT will not face the financial liability for this widespread and well-known problem. Bragging about being "generous" and not being so is totally UNFAIR! Some Toyota owners say this is just plain fraud!

Saying something publicly and DOING it are two different things. Until Toyota shows (and WHO is monitoring this anyway?!?) that it actually follows through, I personally don't think it can be trusted at its word alone. Countless Toyota owners affirm this same sentiment, too.

Now, later model Toyotas, most notably the Sienna, are showing up with engine oil sludge at low mileage! WHAT HAS CHANGED? They said there was a baffle change to help the oil circulation. OK...that didn't work! So, what is Toyota going to do about it? Looks like VOID THE NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY AND CHARGE THE TOYOTA OWNER...deja vu?!?

Toyota needs to know that it has yet to *properly resolve* the Toyota engine oil sludge matter. Apparently, it feels that since it SETTLED the class action lawsuit that the problem is in some way "history." Not so!

Toyota claims that it is worried about backlash because of its new position in the marketplace. Hogwash! It knows the backlash will be based on the QUALITY of the product it is providing to the Toyota owners! PERIOD!

Toyota...first, stop minimizing the problems that Toyota owners are facing! Each and every problem seems to be a "very small number," according to you. That's why 3.3 million Toyota owners didn't get that promised letter about sludge, I guess. And, that's why owners report being 12th in line for sludge repairs at their dealership!

I am not necessarily "pro" any particular automaker. We've owned the gamut. But, the two companies most in a state of denial are Tyota and GM...hmmmm, the two working to be #1. Take it from consumers...deny and/or minimize your defects and consumer backlash WILL happen!

Here's to transparency...not just lip service...and honesty in the auto industry. Take responsibity for the issues that consumers report to you and you will be far more respected. Do the opposite and expect the consumer outcry!

Charlene Blake
Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution

(To be fair, I am well aware of the GM head gasket issues. The Oldsmobile Achieva was one of the most worthless vehicles ever made!


Nothing is perfect.


Troy, you are correct--"Nothing Is Perfect"

But, according to Charlene Blake, She insists that anything that isn't perfect should be ruthlessly bitched about--and that her opinion is the only one that matters.
Well Charlene, if perfection is your avowed standard, then answer these questions:

Why do you constantly distort facts when you do your bitching? After all, a distortion is as good as a lie, so why do you always resort to lying to make your case?

Why do you always insist you are being victimized by those who disagree with you?
After all, you ruthlessly accuse others of certain misdeeds, but seldom if ever answer even the most innocent questions about many of the ridiculous circumstances you seem to find yourself stuck in.

Have you ever actually substantiated any of the so called complaints you alledge to be receiving daily? After all, it's quite possible you could be exploited by fraudulent complainers--not every issue you say you hear about can be counted as being truthful.

It certainly appears Charlene Blake's neurotic crusades aren't completely honest and above board, so if they aren't perfection, why insist the rest of the world must meet that standard?
It sounds like a "do as I say, not as I do" syndrome to me!!

John Mason

Frank, are you a lobbyist for toyota or what?? Who friggin cares if Charlene rants about a company that screwed her. If Charlene's rants are neurotic yours are completely illogical.

First off do your research before you complain. Toyota already settled the sludge problem and it covered 3.5 million of their cars.

Second, Toyota has had much longer standing issues then you're seeing here. From 1978 to 1991 ALL of their straight six engines blew head gaskets FROM THE FACTORY due to undertorqued head bolts and a faulty head design. Go to a supra board and ask about the blowing head gaskets. In short do some research before you mindlessly state your unbacked opinions.


To John Mason:
Charlene's rants are clearly neurotic---and that's an understatement.
It is a well "backed" and widely held assessment of her countless rants.
Sorry to tell you this is most definitely NOT illogical, mindless,or unbacked.
My opinion is my opinion, and however you consider it, what I've said is truthful and factual, and many, many others hold the same opinion and have stated so--frequently.
Ask anyone who has even remotely questioned Blake's propaganda on hundreds of sites around the web, and suffered her insults.
I hold no allegiance to Toyota, other than I do believe they make decent products--as good as or better than most.
And they sure do sell more than anybody else these days, so that has to speak to a strong public acceptance.
That said, I do take issue with folks like Blake who abuse the truth, manipulate, distort, and intentionally mislead people with alarmist rhetoric for no other reason than to inflate their ego.
Charlene Blake does just that, and has done it relentlessly for years--on mny subjects.
She fancies herself as an activist.
She is not, by any means.
On the contrary, her forte is propaganda, nothing more, nothing less.
And she isn't very good at it either!

R. Mitchem

To John Mason,

Did you say all staight 6's blew head gaskets? I guess I was just lucky. I owned two, a 1981 Cressdia and a 1985 Supra. The Cressida was a great car with over 160.000K with no engine problems what so ever and the Supra 258.000K no blow head gaskets or any other engine problems.


Nice truck.. and the 10k discount is even nicer...



eddie valos

Yes Jess you are correct..American cars start to break down long before Japanese cars..look at the consumer reports track records...really, go buy a consumer reports magazine and you can see the difference in reliability...The Caravan with its ever popular trans and electrical problems,well all the dodge vehicles have numerous elect. problems,computer failures, they start on fire..Fords as well, they cant build a good trans to save their life!!!!

John Ward


The real causes of the Toyota specific issue are still unknown, and there has been a tremendous amount of speculation about it over the years.
I disagree with Charlene Blake's narrow focussed assessment of the sludge problem.
She blames Toyota exclusively, where in fact the issue is a complex one with any number of possibilities.
Her frequent appearances on the net are characterized by generalities and politicized rhetoric which appear to be thinly veiled attempts to raise alarm by innuendo and inference.
When pressed for facts and verification, she craftily avoids these challenges, and when she does respond, it's always with more alarmist rhetoric.
The absence of factual and verifiable evidence in any of her remarks is conspicuous; it certainly doesn't point to credibility.
While I hesitate to use the term 'lies' in describing much of the rhetoric she liberally dispenses, I must say it seems she does take some pretty wild liberties with the truth!!

WOW! We do have an abundance of Windsor, Canada residents who are speaking out about my Toyota engine oil sludge VICTIMS campaign!!

While some are busy implying that there is no known cause of Toyota engine oil sludge, many more VICTIMS are coming forward...with newer model Toyotas and sludge!

Do you suppose that Toyota is peachy-keen OK with the fact that the exact cause has not been narrowed down? OR...does it KNOW the real culprit and is hoping it doesn't come out publicly? Could it be related to the emissions control system? Does it have to do with the super hot engine in these vehicles? Could it be the result of quickly lowered TBN level in the oil in these engines?

My guess is that Toyota is just fine with the "guessing game" associated with the engine oil sludge problem. It was very interesting how Toyota pointed its finger at the owners in such an admonishing way (see "Special Adjustment Policy" or SPA and later the "Customer Suport Program for Engine Oil Gelation"). How quickly the loyal Toyota customers became PRIME TARGETS! You can read how these customers felt about this on my "Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution: Engine Oil Sludge" web site.

Isn't it unbelievable that Toyota said that there were only 3200 sludge-affected owners? Anyone ever ask Toyota HOW it came up with that number? After all, almost that number of Toyota sludge victims have managed to find my Toyota petition! Something is very fishy about the original number, and I am not alone in that sentiment. How is it that a corporation can be permitted to give such a number with no public explanation?

There are still plenty of unanswered questions. the meantime, all the history of the Toyota owner SLUDGE VICTIM postings has been erased slowly from the internet! Coincidence OR well-orchestrated plan???

You be the judge....

Charlene Blake

John Ward

Well, well, my, my---Charlene speaks!!(but with forked tongue--as usual!!)
Charlene continues to rely on her charateristic veiled "inferences" which "sort of" accuse without any factual basis.
The lady seems to thrive on "pointing fingers", doesn't she?
Well Charlene, if it's "hints" at subterfuge and illusion are what turns you on, how about a few directed at you........such as:

There are a TON of unanswered questions about the veracity of your much touted "petition".
For example, Why so many blank spaces (over 600!!) where no signature exists, yet you often boast these blanks are part of the total numbers?
How do you explain the FACT that none of the phone numbers accompanying signatures don't work?
How do we know that ANY of the signatures are verified as real when anyone can sign on as often as they want with phony net addresses?

Why have you NEVER responded to questions about many of your allegations....allegations which continue to this day to be questioned, but never answered?

Why do you continually single out Toyota for certain problems existing throughout the auto industry and are problems All other automakers most cases more so than Toyota?

Why do you constantly post creative fantasies dealing with websites being "hacked" by corporate(spelled 'Toyota') skulduggery, when in fact most, if not all,of the websites you point to simply dies of old age and lack of interest.

There are a great many more of your so called "claims" that remain unanswered, but as you say in your comments (above)...."is this coincidence, OR a well orchestrated plan".

We ALL "be the judge" Charlene, and in the face of your pathetic attempts to create illusions for us, you have failed miserably!!

Gidania Pilartes Santana

"To Charlene Blake..........I empathize with those who have experienced sludge through no fault of their own, whether it be Toyota, Chrysler, Saab, BMW, Mercedes and other makes who have in fact had far more sludge reports than Toyota.
Why you have singled out Toyota as the single villain in an issue which affects virtually all manufacturers is bizarre.
Not only have you chosen Toyota as your prime target for "vengeance", but you distort facts, make wild amd unsupported claims, misrepresent, and last but not least you insist that EVERY story about sludge is Toyota's fault.
You must be blind to the opportunism you indulge in by accepting literally every tale of woe as gospel without the slightest attempt at verification.
Your petition is an example of the blatently dishonest way you present your case.
None of the names there are checked, and most are very clearly being planted to plump up the stats by cut pasting old history, and repeating many stories from old websites.
Not only that but you have blanked out more than half the names in your work...WHY??
Are you hiding something, perhaps the truth?? Charlene Blake, you are a fake and a blatant liar..and I suspect on the payroll of some competitor.
You are not the least bit credible in any way!"

Jennifer Caine

I am a Toyota owner and I have signed the petition. Now, you have verified one person on that list! I live in Mobile, Alabama and I wish I could find Ms. Blake so I could thank her personally for starting that petition. When you buy a vehicle and you think you are buying a reliable vehicle that will last and it doesn't come close to what you expected, then you will be as angry as we Toyota owners with sludged engines are. Just for the record, my husband sold Toyotas for 4 years and we thought what a lot of others thought. These are one of the best cars to own. NOT!!! I hope the day never comes when YOUR child can't breathe and you are panicked to get her to the ER and your vehicle isn't driveable! That is what happened to us on January 20, 2009. I had to get a friend to come pick us up and take us to the hospital. When we arrived they took my baby straight back and admitted her! She was there for 5 days! Now maybe, just maybe, you people will shut up about the petition signatures being a HOAX!!! My number is 251/607-7507. Call me if you want verification! By the way, I have my oil change receipts and Toyota won't even let me show them. All they do is DENY PAYING! Truthfully, I don't even want the car anymore and I will NEVER buy a Toyota again (and we have owned 4 Toyotas in the last 15 years). None of the others gave us this problem. How ironic! (But none of them were on the list of vehicles built between 1997 and 2002 in the settlement agreement)


I bought 2007 toyota v8..I have been going back and forth to my local toyota and I ask over and over again for the past 30,000 miles,,,they tell me they don't hear anything..its normal they said in the report for my truck to have tapping..I asked them if Toyota hd any Issues with the Camshaft, they said NO! I looked on line and my vehicle has a big Issue with CamShafts..they lied! I just called and blasted them....I will get my new engine!

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