Volvo Adds Turbo to S80 Lineup


We were mightily impressed with Volvo’s all-new S80 when we tested the V-8 powered AWD version a few months back. At the time, the only other engine offered was a 235-hp six-cylinder, with front-wheel drive. Now, Volvo is adding a turbocharged version of that six-cylinder, which produces an impressive 295 hp and 285 pounds-feet of torque paired to an AWD system. The V-8, for comparison, produces 311 hp and 325 pounds-feet of torque.

No pricing has been announced for the new model, called the S80 T6 AWD, but the current six-cylinder starts at $38,705 and the V-8 AWD starts at $47,350. It’s easy to assume the new T6 will fall somewhere between those two figures. No on-sale date has been announced.

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By David Thomas | May 9, 2007 | Comments (5)
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Now if they put it in the Lincoln MKS that would be cool.


"...the current V-6 starts at $38,705..."

V-6? I-6, maybe, but Volvo hasn't had a V-6 in recent memory.


Well, according to Volvo (, it is indeed an I-6.

I swear I didnt' put V-6 in there. Sorry. Fixed.

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